A historic Dreamland moment: Jim Semivan returns with a recording of the first-ever question and answer between a CIA Officer who is also a close encounter experiencer and members of the public. First recorded as a subscriber Q&A, we feel that this extraordinary event deserves wide public exposure. It is proof that experiencers have sophisticated insight into the real issues and are well capable of participating in a productive dialog about what close encounter means.

This unique show is part of Dreamland and Unknowncountry’s ongoing process of going deeper into the close encounter experience. We are committed to exploring all viewpoints without drawing any final conclusions about this very complex, subtle and powerful experience. It is, by far, the most complex thing that has happened in the modern world, and probably in all human experience. The questions you will hear asked in this show are proof that the close encounter community is capable of meeting the challenge, and that we can lead the way toward solid, clear understanding of the experience and how to use it for the benefit of mankind.

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  1. Two observations:
    When the show began and through most of the show Whitley was in a mirror universe of what we normally see. Was this a test?
    Secondly, A lot of frustration was relayed trying to understand the dimensions bleeding over each other.
    I do not remember which Life After Life book by Moody this story took place in, the 1st or its sequel but he related a story about a young physician in WW II who got sick on a train while heading for duty with the Army.
    The train was stopped and he was transferred to a hospital. The young doctor to be woke in a strange hospital room. He sat up and stood by the bed. A body with a cover over its head was were he had lain. A hand with a graduation ring was hanging by the side of the deceased person.
    He realized that the ring was his and he
    was dead. His reaction was to run through the walls and through the front doors of the hospital.
    A being of light grabbed him and took him on an out of body tour. He was shone a world on top of the world we live in.
    He saw souls looking in windows of homes. He saw drunks passed out on the street with souls trying to enter their bodies. He was shone a stairway to heaven and told it wasn’t his time.
    He then was led back to his body that had been dead for over a half hour. He was told that his lot in life would be saving alcoholics.
    Then he awoke.
    My memory of that story is over 40 years old so it may be slightly inaccurate. The memory held a couple of truths for all of us to remember.
    One, we live in a multidimensional universe that sits on top of each other. Also what we do in this reality is payment on what we experience in the next.
    In this story, the young physician, finished his time in the military and became an advocate for the care and treatment of alcoholics.
    It seems that a lot of the strange interactions that we experience on the other side may be a bleed through of dimensions.
    Purgatory surrounds us.

    1. Do you mean to sat that our normal dimension IS Purgatory? Just to say, the dimension of time does exist in Purgatory whereas “eternity” implies an eternal present, which would seem to be a pre-requisite to real happiness, as well as the dimension God is in is timeless

    2. That NDE story was by George Ritchie, who later became chair of his department as a professor at the University of Virginia at Charlottesville. I think his book was “Return from Tomorrow.”

  2. Whitley’s video was reversed at the beginning and end, as it has been in recent weeks, though not in the body of the program. I don’t know why, but I expect it’s just the way his video feed happens to be set up.

  3. Having participated in the subscriber video room, and asked questions of Semivan, there was more this time around that I was able to listen to more objectively. I confess to a load of skepticism with the initial interview and subsequent video chat, but my views have changed somewhat. Last week I was with a group that talked with Laird Scranton, and I have had several interactions with him via email and Zoom chats for the last couple of years. The dichotomy between Semivan and Scranton is stark. Without stating that someone is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, I see layers that are both and neither. It is more like they live in different worlds, different realities. I will give an example…

    I have seen orbs for years. I have never felt threatened by them, just observed, and I actually startled them the first few times I observed them in my work environment (kind of, “She can see us! Whoa!”) Semivan had a take on orbs that was more than benign, and also not to be trusted. Scranton’s take on orbs is more as messengers. A case for each of us having a major hand in how our personal reality is perceived, along with that reality shared with others is becoming mind boggling. We see it everywhere from politics, society in general, to countries, regions, religion, and spiritual beliefs. We are being tasked with creating reality in ways that were not apparent 100 years ago. Something is not headed our way. It’s already here. What do we do with it?

    1. I love your comment here, Cosmic.

      “What do we do with it?”

      I will take a stab at answering this question.

      Speaking from the heart of my experience, I believe it is possible to both find, and follow, one’s own dharma in this impossibly miraculous existence of ours, in a way that can serve as our own personal and most satisfying response to the reality of this ~

      “the most complex thing that has happened in the modern world, and probably in all human experience.”


      That complexity is never going to ease up. It is infinite layers upon layers of reality. What changes is knowing our dharma. Our own design.


      This dharma, as we know it ever more deeply, becomes the perfect diamond clarity and simplicity that we can offer the universe in response. Our own song.

      Find it. Sing it. It is everything that will ever be yours.


  4. Loved the format. Hopefully it will be continued as an occasional Dreamland show.

    I often wish that this phenomenon was just another civilization we encountered without all the paranormal aspects. It seems like we’re all part of a test to see if we’re ready to move to another level of reality. The skin walker ranch events seem to be a microcosm of what’s happening. Especially intriguing is the “catering” of experience based on who you are. The observer effect of quantum physics seems to be on full display.

    1. I’m with you Stan, on everything you said! I’ll just add the question, “are we who are the aware ones expected to lead others in our small, or large, circles to a higher awareness? Without preaching? I, for one, have gradually and occasionally, brought the subject into the conversation throughout 50 or more years and what I am experiencing with my circle of friends and family, is a slow, but gradual, interest and curiosity that replaced absolute revulsion of the subject during these last 40 to 50 years. They don’t seem to regard me as a “nut” or a “curiosity” anymore but actually look interested. How long it has taken for the multitudes to recognize this very real mysterious phenomenon and that it is okay to take a scientific interest in hoping to solve it someday.

  5. Just to add to the mix. A few days ago, a crop circle appeared under Rumours. It is a BEAR. Today after listening/watching DREAMLAND, I was wondering what Edgar Cayce might have said about our planet being a planet of emotions? Before I even got that far, the following came up on the web. THEN, I REMEMBERED THE BEAR. Is this ONLY a synchronicity or might there be more to it/a message? Perhaps those entities from the Ursa Major Constellation?

    “Arcturus is the highest Civilization in our galaxy,” –Edgar Cayce

    The word Arcturus is Greek for “Bear Keeper” or “Guardian of the Bear.” The Great Bear belongs to the Ursa Major Constellation.

    Who Are the Arcturian Race? What Edgar Cayce Had to Say | UFOHolic


    This first crop circle of 2022 is located under RUMOURS
    The 2022 crop-circle season begins with a “BEAR”! 

    This new crop-circle season seems to have begun on April 18, 2022 with the simple, schematic image of a “teddy bear”, drawn in yellow oilseed rape near Sixpenny Handley. (((It appeared close to where two “star” crop pictures appeared on June 4, 2018 or June 21, 2020:)))




  6. Thank you, Whitley and Jim, for another excellent interview. I especially appreciate comments by both of you, related to the importance of aligning ourselves, at every level of our daily lives, with what we sense in a deep way as Goodness. I am reminded of a beautiful quote (p.5) from Whitley’s book ‘Master of the Key’: “He said, ‘I am here on behalf of the good. Please give me some time.’ The word ‘good’, the way he said it, exploded in my heart like an emotion-packed hydrogen bomb. It wasn’t just the tone, it was the look that melted across his face as he uttered it, an expression of love so strong and so absolutely impeccable that I just gasped.”

  7. I think the guest does not properly understand religion or Faith.

  8. I greatly enjoyed and appreciated this Q&A with Jim Semivan. I’d like to add one more thought, tying together some of Jim’s words, with Whitley’s presentation about “The Visitors in the Trees” during the Rice University conference (that video is not to be missed), and my thought on dharma, above.

    Jim says this,

    “When it visits us, when it comes to see us. it may well come in a mask and so what is our job? Is it our job to look at it and say ‘you are deliberately screwing with me’ Basically you come and you show yourself, you cajole, you deny, you entice, you sometimes tell the truth, you heal, you may inadvertently cause problems for me, there’s so many things that you are but you never go home to meet my parents, you never formally introduce yourself. It makes me very, very angry because when people talk about the phenomena, they don’t talk about that aspect. It’s supposed to be a two-way street – I hoped it would be a two way street”

    and this,

    “Looked at from face value, really what it is, is a jokester, a bit of a trickster and you see that a lot in the phenomena. You can’t ignore that. You can’t ignore the deceitfulness of it and what it does to us without any warning. Sometimes it just shows up – I am not happy about that. I’ve got zero explanations from them I’m very upset when I think about it. I want an answer and I don’t have one. There are numerous examples of people who have engaged the phenomena very seriously and did not come out on the winning side at all”

    (thanks to David Haith @wotzitt on Twitter for the transcript excerpts)


    If we take the account of The Visitors in the Trees at “face value”, then who, or what, exactly, would Jim ever expect to take home to meet his parents? How would that ever work?

    We hear in this account Whitley relates a story of escalating, and absolute, high strangeness. With some associated “not on the winning side at all” outcomes – short-term and very intense illness, and long-term stress.

    But we also hear, in Whitley’s analysis, another story. A story about Holy the Firm. And, I would say, a story about finding our dharma.

    From my link above, there is this definition (and lots more besides – I would highly recommend exploring that link, and its connections)

    “The word dharma has roots in the Sanskrit dhr-, which means to hold or to support, and is related to Latin firmus (firm, stable).[21] From this, it takes the meaning of “what is established or firm”, and hence “law”. It is derived from an older Vedic Sanskrit n-stem dharman-, with a literal meaning of “bearer, supporter”, in a religious sense conceived as an aspect of Rta.[22]

    In the Rigveda, the word appears as an n-stem, dhárman-, with a range of meanings encompassing “something established or firm” (in the literal sense of prods or poles). Figuratively, it means “sustainer” and “supporter” (of deities). It is semantically similar to the Greek themis (“fixed decree, statute, law”).[23] ”


    I would hope it’s somewhat obvious – from following these threads to their conclusion – that taking the Phenomenon home to meet one’s parents isn’t ever going to happen. The thread is only meant to lead inward, to meet, heal and answer our fears, and then outward, to bring forth our individual and unique song of freedom into the world, and to collectively bring humanity out of our long wilderness, and into the light of an entirely new existence.

    At that point the Phenomenon will be gone, for we will have entirely become it, and grown into our own, unique expression of it, in this vast community of Being that is our Cosmos.

  9. Jim – “I have to walk away from this for awhile. I need a couple of weeks where I just don’t deal with this.”

    This is important to me. The awareness of, and first hand experience with, whatever the hell this is, can be unbelievably taxing. It is literally distracting to the point of a mental and physical shutdown.

    My wife is just now starting to ask some of the questions I began with decades ago, and the anxiety that it has caused her is very real.

    Maybe that’s the process: someone engages the phenomenon, then others become involved thru their second hand exposure. It certainly fits in with some of the reports that say we are to decide for ourselves what this is in order to avoid, what Whitley calls, cultural appropriation.

    1. Hi IKnowWhatISaw ~

      I think you are referring to cultural colonization. Cultural appropriation is different and doesn’t apply here. (The ‘dominant’ culture being the visitors, and they aren’t in need of appropriating human culture)

      Of course, the problem of cultural colonization is very real in this situation – and being appropriately mitigated for, it would seem, in a whole variety of ways.

      But yes, the reality of ‘unbelievably taxing’ is important. I made a long comment earlier today and then when I edited a word and resaved it, the comment disappeared. I reposted, and that one disappeared, too. Hopefully, it won’t appear twice. 🙂 If it does not appear at all, I will try reposting again later.

      The gist of my comment was a combination of ideas from Whitley’s presentation at the Archives of the Impossible conference, Jim’s comment about the lack of a formal introduction between the visitors and humans, and dharma. There’s a lot of neat threads that come together there, IMO.

      1. Correct. Thanks for catching my error.

        This Dreamland is put together well, IMO. As I have said before, if you don’t know something, own it. I was glad to hear more questions than answers.

        The obvious fact that this reality has been part of so many lives, and has subverted the control of governments and religious institutions, seems almost blase coming out of the mouths of “official recognition”.

        Yeah, we know, and we’ve known that you knew. Now do better, because glossing over the uncomfortable truths that hid this for so long doesn’t serve anyone’s best interest. Though I am glad to see this unfolding, and hopefully there’s a rhyme to the reason for its slow reveal.

  10. This was outstanding! Loved the questions and honesty.

    We need to come from the heart, love,kindness and compassion.

    Thank you Whitley and Jim!

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