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Rick Strassman did some of the most important scientific work into the hallucinogen DMT in history, and now he’s back with an explanation for the strange otherworldly but consistent visions that his test subjects reported seeing.

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Next week on Dreamland: Uri Geller.

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  1. Rick Strassman, this is a
    Rick Strassman, this is a truly thought-provoking interview….. I am wondering If DMT is manufactured in our lungs, could this be the reason that breath is always stressed during/in most meditative practices?

  2. Or perhaps it is manufactured
    Or perhaps it is manufactured in the brain from the blood that flows into the cells carrying additional oxygen from the increased respiration rate.

    I recently finished Graham Hancock’s 2007 book SUPERNATURAL: Meetings the Ancient Teachers of Mankind in which Hancock examines Rick Strassman’s DMT research in depth. I am looking forward to listening to the interview to hear what new information has been determined about human experiences when naturally occurring DMT triggers an encounter as differentiated with trips on concentrated DMT.

  3. I had posted this on the
    I had posted this on the subscriber page but would like to post it here as well…..

    Andrew Collins and Greg Little call in from the road–they’ve just finished exploring one of the most isolated and mysterious Mound Builder sites in the Americas!

    Greg Little and Andrew Collins…..I LOVE how spirit moves in such an awesome way. How does it do that??? Today I listened to the follow up interview regarding the interview from a few weeks ago. It was about Indian Mounds, giants in the earth and the ancient bones of these giants. Well, a short time ago I received a phone call and was asked to checkout a website just sent to my e-mail. WAAAY to synchronistic and I really laughed. Not only was the e-mail about a young high school student but he is almost 7 feet tall. BUT the best thing about this is he is from Cameron, (West Virginia). Stay with this amazing quest, surely you must be on the right track. By the way, my caller had no idea that I listened to the program a few weeks ago or of today’s follow up interview.

    Meet Logan Routt, the 6’11”, 220-pound quarterback at Cameron High School in Cameron, West Virginia.

  4. Carollee: That’s an
    Carollee: That’s an interesting speculation. Air is a very ethereal substance and can be converted to energy very quickly. I would not be surprised if the pineal gland and the lungs are spiritually connected at a fundamental level.

    “With one breath, with one blow, you will know, synchronicity”…..”Sting

    1. Mace…..Here it is.

      Mace…..Here it is.

      The Police – Synchronicity 1

      Jung, who was the founder of Analytical Psychology, first introduced the term synchronicity in 1930. His principal essay on this subject “Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle”

  5. Thanks Carollee.
    Thanks Carollee. Remarkable.

    Regarding the interactive nature of the DMT experience, it may be that this type of experience lies in close proximity to unitive consciousness, without being entirely within it. It may dip or delve into the unitive consciousness from time to time, yet it does not transpire entirely within the framework of unitive reality. Until the unitive confluence is reached, there is room for willful interaction between opposites, flow and development. The can be unitive “moments” here, that occur briefly. Within the actual unitive consciousness, there may be primarily circulation rather than willful interaction. This suggests a grey area, nearby the Unitive reality but not completely saturated with it. There are many mansions.

  6. “Why is there air?”

    “Why is there air?”
    Bill Cosby

    Air is ‘ethereal’ as are we. The lungs and pineal are connected spiritually as is ALL. Focusing on the breath is the reminder that we are both living beings and nothing or ‘no thing.’

    A really great laugh includes taking lots of deep breaths, as does singing. They both open us up to experience, joy, and connectedness. Sting reminded me of Bill Cosby and ‘Why is there air?’ That may only be a synchronicity to me, and that’s cool!

  7. Cosmic: but air is of a
    Cosmic: but air is of a differing density than matter. The lighter density may act as a trigger in meditative states, activating spiritual awareness. Everything may indeed be spiritually connected, but some coordination is required to facilitate the merging of entities of differing densities. Air is more ethereal than matter because its gaseous form is of a low density. Our bodies tend to exist at a higher density, closer to the Earth, and heavier. Not to say that our bodies cannot transcend that condition. Also, our consciousness can reach into other states of being.

    These densities are simply niches, different energy states that exist in a density continuum. Air is like a gossamer joke that enters your body, gets you to lighten up and laugh. I’m sure Bill Cosby clued into that on some level. Air provides an illuminating contrast to a circumstance of higher density. That’s one reason why it is delightful.

  8. This show is absolutely
    This show is absolutely fascinating. Thanks for it Whit and Anne!

  9. The reason classical
    The reason classical information cannot travel faster than light may be because it has not been tempered correctly. Information can remain discrete, separate, within its own niche. Most classical information is this way, and this state may be a liability when confronted with surpassing the speed of light. If the information is connected with and dissolved into the Unitive consciousness, barriers will fade away. This may enable information to travel at faster than light speeds. Once information has “melted” into the unitive consciousness, it may be empowered to cross distances instantaneously.

    The difference between bits of classical, mechanical information and informational bits in the brain can be significant. The information in the brain can dissolve diurnally into the unitive field, while classical information, with its restrictive limitations, rarely does. Certainly, classical Information does not connect with the field deliberately, with intent. It may do so randomly. The regular exposure of the brain’s information to the unitive field (located in consciousness) differentiates it from classical information.

    Classical information is discrete, separated information. Unitive information is information that has merged with the Unitive field. Unitive information is information that breathes, exchanging energy with all of the greater environment. Classical information is a dead, sealed off island. Unitive information merges with the Unitive field fully. No divisions remain.

    Unitive: characterized by or tending to produce union. That’s the dictionary definition. Imagine that there is an astronaut in space, he is in communication with mission control. The circuit for his radio can be either “open” or “closed”. If he is interacting with mission control and the circuit is open, there is a unitive relationship between the two. If the circuit is cut off, he is separate and disconnected. Basically, this is just a metaphor for unity, such as the other metaphors I related. There are states of information which are more open to communing with the outside environment, while there are other states of information that are closed off and compartmentalized. When information dissolves fully into the unitive state (state of unity) it blends into a state of superposition and oneness with its environment. Indeed, the unitive state is another realm that exists “subliminally” in the background of normal existence on Earth. It exists at the confluence of objects, energies, and information. At this point, teleportation, telepathy, quantum entanglement, and psychic phenomena become feasible. It is most likely possible to send out faster than light signals to other stars or galaxies using the unitive information model, one simply has to make sure that the circuit is open. A human’s energy systems can merge with the Unitive state, once a person aligns the energy chakras in the body in a balanced way. Bringing the energy from two hemispheres in the brain together (left and right) achieves the same goal. This occurs at the interface of the corpus callosum. Although people may not have noticed it, it is possible to go inside of the Unitive field. One’s perception changes within this zone.

    The unitive field is where quantum entanglement may occur (think of quantum entanglement as a situation where Yin (-) and Yang (+) particles are attached to each other, cancelling each other out, creating a unitive field).

  10. I remember reading an article
    I remember reading an article back in the 60’s that stated that there was a substance found in human blood that was similar to psilocybin……never heard much after that.

    Now, this show was dreadful. Exactly what did he say? There was hardly any info. My husband became so bored ,he counted how many times Strassman said “you know.” Gosh, I wish Sir Laurence Gardner were still around. he presented so much information in 30 min it was a virtual feast!

    I find the “biblical” references annoying. It seems people never stop trying to adjust ideas to the so called “biblical narrative.”

    Of course they were ingesting all kinds of substances. Prophets. oracles, shaman were know for this practice.

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