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An amazing interview with Rey Hernandez, one of the founding directors of the Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters. Rey opens up about the stunning 2012 close encounter and series of follow-on experiences that drew him into what has become his life journey as a director of FREE.

The close encounter experience is evolving. As Rey points out, in the 1980s 38% of witnesses regarded their experiences as very negative. Now, 85% see them as very positive.

Listen as Whitley and Rey discuss the journey that experiencers have been on from the initial shock of realization to, in most cases, an ongoing and now rich relationship with this mysterious presence called ‘the visitors.’

Their amazing conversation covers such topics as consciousness and why it is beyond anything we have as yet guessed, and the profound connection between death and the dead and the close encounter experience.

Why is close encounter happening?
Where is it going?

Don’t miss this incredibly interesting discussion.

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  1. Love … love is our Domain.
    Love … love is our Domain. This is what we as humans, bring to the Universe. I feel this is something these creatures may have never experienced before. It is a very rare and precious commodity that cannot be found outside of our being.

    That is the reason all these entities are so interested in our welfare. Only the human species can generate this Love that all other creatures crave so much. We are so important to them because they cannot experience this without us. They are in love with us, and, like any lover are afraid of seeming vulnerable and not worthy of our reciprocation, that is why they end up being their own worst enemy.

    I salute these brave beings who know that we and they, can by symbiosis, vastly expand our experience of life and what it means to have a relationship with another.

    They need us and they want us; as once they have a taste of what WE can offer them they will always want more. As do we…

  2. What a terrific show. I spent
    What a terrific show. I spent all week over in Ireland and Scotland and when I came home Friday I was running on empty.

    Shuffling out of bed Saturday morning, I listened to the show while making breakfast and started to feel Human again. Hearing Mr Hernandez’s awe inspiring account recentred me and earthed me back toward balance.

    This is why I’ve listened to Dreamland every Saturday morning for 16 years. It restores me. I could feel joy emanating from the heart of this interview. Thank you.


  3. I am so glad that this book
    I am so glad that this book was discussed! I brought it up in another thread on ‘The Experience’, hoping that this interview was coming down the pike. I purchased this book as soon as it was published and I have not been disappointed (I’ve already ‘tabbed’ pages in the book for quick reference.)…And I am looking forward to Volume 2…

    This is just one of two very remarkable books that have been published this year, and both are very much about connection and consciousness. The other book is ‘Real Magic’ by Dean Radin of IONS. ‘To the Stars Academy’ has had lots of publicity and ‘buzz’ in terms of disclosure, but these two books really get at the heart of the matter.

    More to come…:-)

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