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The meteoric rise of Donald Trump has been among the most unexpected events in modern American political history. As this is being written he has a substantial lead among Republican candidates and there is a serious possibility that he will be the party’s nominee for president.

Over the past three decades, Trump has created for himself both real estate and media empires. He is considered absurd, repulsive and demagogic by much of the Republican establishment, but his populist approach is extremely popular among voters, many of whom approve of his outspoken delivery of his ideas and his ability to finance his own campaign without the need for outside money and the strings that come attached to it.

 So, who is this man? We can watch him on TV, attend his rallies, read his books, but how deeply can we really know him.

John Hogue wears many hats, among them astrologer, and this week he takes us deep into the hidden mind of the Donald, based on his astrological chart. Even if you consider astrology complete bunk, you are going to find the insights Hogue has gained absolutely fascinating. And if you think that it bears credibility, you are going to be shocked, even astonished by Hogue’s findings.

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  1. The Tony Clifton comment is
    The Tony Clifton comment is pretty dead on.

    1. While I can see a bit of
      While I can see a bit of Trump in the late comedian Andy Kaufman’s fictional character Tony Clifton, I have always felt George Noory was a lock once I found out he actually sang on stage at UFO events. I thought, ‘Who does this guy think he is, Frank Sinatra?’ What’s with the band and singing at a UFO gathering? No, respectfully, George Noory is Tony Clifton – or at least wants to be. Happy New Year!

  2. John Hogue’s eloquent
    John Hogue’s eloquent comments about Trump and the current, and future, world situation are much appreciated. I’m so thankful for his non-alarmist point of view. Thanks for having him on.

  3. I always love The Hogue!! 🙂
    I always love The Hogue!! 🙂

  4. A balanced presentation with
    A balanced presentation with no bold statements. Very enjoyable.

  5. Thanks so much for keeping
    Thanks so much for keeping the ‘drama’ down and handling this topic with a balanced, light touch. I have read other astrologers’ take on Trump and other candidates, so there were no real surprises here, but John did a much better job of being objective. Trump is very polarizing, and comparing him to Tony Clifton was inspired…Even more inspired when you realize that Andy Kaufman did not always play Tony Clifton. One of Andy’s writers, Bob Zmuda often played the role of Tony Clifton. Talk about duality, and Gemini energy…!

  6. Whitley is right on. Trump is
    Whitley is right on. Trump is an outsider and people will vote for that. The cycle is for an outside party. I have never voted for a Republican in my entire life, but I cannot ever vote for another Democrat ever again either. This is where we stand…

  7. between bush jr and obama –
    between bush jr and obama – people have been scurrying not satisfied with republicans or democrats. people are fed up and have gotten wiser knowing that the politicians paraded in front of us—-we didn’t even get to choose them either. he isn’t any worse than what is there. trump is simply telling it like it is. while all the others are playing “politiican” which means they are a bunch of liars. I’ve watched enough debates in my lifetime to know they stand up there and lie and throw out information that is wrong and then the next day the news proclaims who won the debate. All lies/half truths. These are the leaders we keep choosing. The leaders that are shoved in front of us to make a choice. Trump isn’t playing.

  8. None of the Bush’s are
    None of the Bush’s are Texans. They are politicians that got a foothold in Texas and own a ranch in Texas, but they are not Texans. Likening them to Johnson based on that is grasping. There are other reasons that they resemble Johnson that have more to do with money and who owns them than where they are from.

  9. Whitley – you are SO right!
    Whitley – you are SO right! Its Tony C all over again – When Andy (or Bob Zmuda) would play him – he would use Limburger cheese on his hands – just to add to the repulsiveness – Yep, Trump is definitely Tony C.

  10. Sorry BUT IMHO…I think he’s
    Sorry BUT IMHO…I think he’s wrong. Bernie Sanders is going to take it for the Dems.
    And we’ll all be better off for it.

  11. The John Hogue shows are
    The John Hogue shows are always my favorites! Thank you for having him on the show!

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