Sonia Barrett is a visionary. In this show she offers her wisdom and insight about how life actually works and how to make it work for you. It's not so much self-help as insight into the hidden realities that govern our lives. The show begins with a discussion of the current political turmoil and its relationship to the disclosure process, but not in terms of political ideology, but rather the energies that are behind the situation. And this is just the beginning of this fascinating show.

The second half of the show becomes an intense discussion as Whitley realizes that her ideas can have a powerful effect in his own life. It's like listening in on one of her counseling sessions and it is riveting.

She had appeared numerous times on Dreamland and has always offered a unique and powerful vision. Long before the Matrix was released, she came to understand the ways in which reality actually IS a matrix of programs, and how to affect the way they run in our lives. She shares her very latest insights in this show.

Sonia's website is

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