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Sonia Barrett is a visionary. In this show she offers her wisdom and insight about how life actually works and how to make it work for you. It’s not so much self-help as insight into the hidden realities that govern our lives. The show begins with a discussion of the current political turmoil and its relationship to the disclosure process, but not in terms of political ideology, but rather the energies that are behind the situation. And this is just the beginning of this fascinating show.

The second half of the show becomes an intense discussion as Whitley realizes that her ideas can have a powerful effect in his own life. It’s like listening in on one of her counseling sessions and it is riveting.

She had appeared numerous times on Dreamland and has always offered a unique and powerful vision. Long before the Matrix was released, she came to understand the ways in which reality actually IS a matrix of programs, and how to affect the way they run in our lives. She shares her very latest insights in this show.

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  1. Sonia Barrett is the Best!
    Sonia Barrett is the Best! Her viewpoints and especially her advice to you always feel to be spot-on. I gleaned much from what she told you in the Subscriber portion, and hope to apply it.
    She’s a delight, a treat! Thank you so much, Whitley.

  2. RE this being a prison
    RE this being a prison planet: the key out of this prison is the Hermetic Art of alchemy.

  3. BrotherMark: That reminds me;
    BrotherMark: That reminds me; What ever happened to Whitley’s trip to Italy where he was going to visit with an alchemist and report back to us?

  4. Chauncey: Regarding the trip
    Chauncey: Regarding the trip to Italy, Whitley mentioned it, in a comment on last week’s Dreamland…

    “It turned out that he wanted more privacy than I thought. I am so sorry about that. Suffice to say that he is not a practicing chemical alchemist, but has an enormous collection of alchemical incunabula and is a real scholar. I hope that I can get him to come on Dreamland. He is quite fascinating.”

  5. Of all of the people that
    Of all of the people that have been on ‘Dreamland’, Sonia Barrett is the closest to me in philosophy and how I see and experience reality. In just the last few days, myself and others of us have also advised on another thread that Whitley stop expecting the visitors to help him ‘get there’. Thank you, Sonia! One important thing she does have that I don’t have is the gift of explaining it all so well. All that she says also explains how some of us have frightening experiences, while others of us don’t, as well as the wide variety of experiences.

    I am very aware of ‘The Matrix’, and before I even had a name for it. And, yes, I feel that death is part of THIS matrix, which leads me to…

    BrotherMark: I feel that the Hermetic Art of Alchemy is jut one of a set of tools in the toolbox, and a really good one at that.

    This episode of ‘Dreamland’ was chock-full of useful information that anyone can follow, understand, and apply in day-to-day life or to the Grand Scheme of Things.

  6. It must have been 1 to 2 feet
    It must have been 1 to 2 feet tall. I remember black claws on one of its hands. It was wrapped in strips of white cloth. At the beginning of the encounter I thought I saw parts of a face through the cloth, but later I dug through the cloth to find a Grey’s face. But synthetic and mask-like. And it was filled with so much exstatic energy that it was almost too much. I had the impression that the cloth was reducing the amount of energy coming through. To have touched it, bare skin to bare skin, would have killed me from too much energy.

  7. Cosmic Librarian, I agree!!
    Cosmic Librarian, I agree!! Now when is Ms. Barrett going to start having her books in Audio? I would love to listen to The Holographic Canvas or A Journey of Possibilities.
    Also, let’s ask Ms. Barrett to help us step into a reality where Mr. Striebers website runs perfectly all the time! Anyways, great show guys!

  8. Wow! The shows on
    Wow! The shows on Unknowncountry have been getting better and better….each week better than the last! How is it possible? Thanks Sonia and Whitley!

  9. This lady has been on before
    This lady has been on before and she is really interesting. Personally I feel that we are sort of food but not in terms of ingesting. Our energy is of use to what ever is around tends to use that energy. There are entities that use our energy if we are in pain or agony.

    I notice that someone used prison planet. There are many planets such as this one. These planets use pyramids just like this one.

    There are also entities that use that energy if you are positive and happy.
    If you think about it we are made of atoms and these are not solid Therefore we are for of living in a matrix.

  10. You speak of electromagnetic
    You speak of electromagnetic “spin” and frequencies forming realities. Listen to The Experience this week. Steve, the subject, speaks of feeling he is “spinning” at a different speed as he enters an alternate reality. Is it all just frequencies and “spin” which determines what reality we see and experience? Maybe our brains are programed to certain frequencies, and all is just running programs? Thoughts?

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