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Diane Brandon is an intuitive counselor who discovered during the course of her practice that there are people who are born remembering their spiritual origins and, often, entering and being in the womb.

In this edition of Dreamland she describes her discovery and the book she has written about it, Born Aware, and we also talk to Cynthia Larson, one of the subjects of the book and also an author and broadcaster, who tells us not only about her memories of coming into this world, but of a “past life” that was lived in the future!

This show is a wonderful journey into some unknown areas of the spirit and spiritual knowledge, so be sure and join Whitley, Diane and Cynthia on a delicious and provocative adventure!

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  1. Under hypnosis, I went to
    Under hypnosis, I went to when my mother was pregnant with me. I did not want to be there and my mother did not want to have me as she already had 3 children who were a handful. I went in and out of the womb and tried to convince her to stop smoking – to no avail. The hypnotist told me that a large percentage of her clients also did not want to be here but were made to come. An unhappy childhood ensued with a rebellious adolescence and early adulthood where I made some ruinous decisions. I do not regret any of it as it has taught me a great deal and allowed me to have a degree of empathy with others who have had the same sort of experience.

    1. Thank you for sharing your
      Thank you for sharing your experience, Munna–I am Cynthia Sue Larson, the one who felt like “Whoops! Wrong planet!” so I totally relate. It sounds like you’ve had a strong spirit right from the start, which seems to have served you well, as you’re able to see what you’ve learned. I’m glad you’re able to empathize with those who’ve had similar experiences.

  2. Hi, Munna, thanks for sharing
    Hi, Munna, thanks for sharing that. This is Diane Brandon. I feel your is a significant retrieved memory, which shows the mature awareness you had as a soul before coming in. It’s an awareness to hold in.

    1. Diane and Cynthia,
      I enjoyed

      Diane and Cynthia,

      I enjoyed your information and stories! As a person who has been living highly unusual and varied experiences my whole life, it was great hearing similar stories that resonated with my own ( Both backwards and forwards through ‘time’, which to me is a construct to experience in the physical). Among other things, I am also aware of many ‘other’ lives being lived, their influences on me, as well as my influence on them. While so many of these things cannot be proven, your discussion provided validation for me nevertheless regarding some of my own observations about reality.

      Whitley, thanks for having these two ladies on ‘Dreamland’, and appreciation also for the interview last week with Sonia Barrett! While I do not know anything for sure, and continue to question it all, I do know that these 3 individuals and I are working on same or similar frequencies…Whatever that means! 🙂

      1. Thanks for your thoughts!
        Thanks for your thoughts! This is Diane Brandon. Your feedback means a lot and your experiences are intriguing. It sounds and feels like you’re in nice touch with what I term the Higher Soul Awareness, which has allowed you to transcend the confines of the human persona. It also evokes for me the plasticity of time. Rich experiences!

  3. Thanks for a really
    Thanks for a really interesting show! I have no memory of my birth or time in the womb; but, I too have felt that most, if not all, of my life I didn’t want to be here. What is curious about this is that I had great difficulty in being born. I was born by Cesarean section and, according to the birth report, as the surgeon applied his scalpel to the uterus it “practically exploded” and a “living, lustily crying infant was delivered”. As I understand it, such uterine explosions are rare and life threatening to both mother and baby. I wonder, of those who really were born aware and felt that they didn’t want to be here, how many had complications at birth?

    1. Hi, Vinny, thanks for sharing
      Hi, Vinny, thanks for sharing your experience! I do feel that one doesn’t have to have been born aware to have that feeling of not wanting to be here. People who are intrinsically spiritually oriented (as I term, Innately Spiritually Oriented) also often have this feeling, even if they can’t remember the other side consciously or clearly. Yours is a great question about whether those born aware may have had more complications at birth. At present, I don’t have an answer. I know that my birth wasn’t a difficult one; however, I have an account in my book from Alan, who had a difficult one. These variances, I feel, may have to do with what we are to experience in that lifetime. That said, I’m working on a follow-up book to “Born Aware” and should incorporate that question into the interviews!

  4. I really resonated with Mr.
    I really resonated with Mr. Strieber’s experience of “speaking with the sun” when he was young and agree that it is a being.
    In my experience, the sun has helped me in almost a friendly way all of my life. I had an intuition of it once telling me that it was also evolving just as we do, and it was “polishing itself.” This humorous picture came to my mind: A polished great sphere.
    As always, a great show.

  5. I have a question. If Cynthia
    I have a question. If Cynthia had an experience of AI-controlled dystopia 500 years in the future, may we collectively alter that dire future by our actions over the next few centuries? But — congratulations to her and the other souls that broke free.

    1. I guess that’s the problem
      I guess that’s the problem with monkeying with time…how do you know the actions that you thought might avert an event, don’t actually end up being the ones that precipitate it? But if we can change the future, forget the next few hundred years, that might be too late…best to start now (the butterfly effect and all that)…initial small changes could translate to huge differences in the future.

      1. As corny as this sounds, we
        As corny as this sounds, we have a chance to change the future, each and every minute—NOW. We all need to strive to simply be kinder, more mindful human beings. Every little act of kindness towards others, nature, and our planet makes a difference, and my experiences indicate that changes in thoughts, deeds, and actions ripple down into the past as well as now and into the future.

  6. This show was awesome I want
    This show was awesome I want to kind of tell my Kundalini experience to you all I have been looking 4 shows on in womb experiences I’ve been frantic for 2 days looking over old shows and look what was on all the time this was very awesome to me I have a very interesting in womb experience I visited a house with my mother when she was 7 months pregnant later when I was in this world I remember the experience down to where each piece of furniture was and that my mother drop $0.27 under a washing machine I told the story to my mom and aunt and they knew this event had occurred because of the $0.27 it gave them something to think about before they would go to eternity thank you Professor Whitley for all of the good you do

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