Sychrosecrets author Trish MacGregor has been a regular guest on Dreamland and Unknowncountry for many years. She has been an astrologer since the 1990s, and on her blog,, she publishes monthly astrology updates, and today she shares with us her reading of what the rest of the year may bring and how the current COVD-19 pandemic might unfold. You can explore Trish and Rob MacGregor’s books here.

Next, we follow Joseph Farrell’s discussion of geopolitics with a deep dive into the mysteries of the hidden economy, why Jeffrey Epstein was arrested and the victims of his infamous Lolita Express apparently turned over to some other blackmailer–at least, so far there have been no arrests even though both his Manhattan townhouse and his island villa were equipped with video systems that recorded the illegal activities going on there. Catherine discusses who may be involved in controlling this evidence, and what that means. Beyond that, she goes deeper into the hidden evil that appears to be more and more in control of our world. This is a very provocative and controversial interview–but then again, this is why we turn to Catherine. She will put right out on the table things that others refuse to accept, or even to face.

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  1. Thank you Catherine and Whitley.

    Great, great interview. I suggest people read “The Master and Margarita” as well. Wonderful book, one of the best of the 20th century.

    As Malachi Martin told us, at least 85% of our corporate and political leaders are demonically possessed. That is true of the entertainment industry as well. The teachings of Jesus Christ are the answer. Jesus did not create Christianity. He showed us the true potential of the human spirit.

    In 1995 I dated a British architect who was one of the four members of Archigram, an extremely influential group of architects. For Christmas that year Michael gave me a drawing that included the Shroud of Turin and an image of Linda Ronstadt with laser beams coming out of her eyes. The interesting thing was that Linda had long dark hair like mine and I have had light come out of my eyes in a similar way on several occasions. Michael had made this drawing fifteen years before we met and had no idea that my life was so mystical when he gave it to me. I have also had light come out of my solar plexus and attach on to another person. We are electrical beings. To quote Walt Whitman,

    “I sing the body electric…”

    Whitley is so correct. Once we understand the Resurrection, we cannot be controlled. Happy Easter. Very powerful time of year. Easter and Passover.

    May we all use the chaos of the primordial soup we are in to co-create and manifest tremendous new ways of living with ourselves and each other.

    1. How does Malachi Martin purport to know that 85% of corporate and political leaders are demonically possessed?

    1. People can and do have severe and sometimes fatal reactions to vaccines. They always have. Even with recombinant ones where the machinery for the pathogen to copy itself are not included in the vaccine administered. It is not at all unusual to feel ‘under the weather’ for a period of time following the administration of any vaccine. Which is unsuprising given it does take metabolic energy to construct and mount an endogenous immune response and cell memory pathways.

      The ethical difficulty varies between offering a medication and a vaccine with potential serious consequences. In that the latter is administered to populations and usually to populations that are not in a position to make informed consent such as children.

      My take on Kennedy’s position is that he is espousing the reasonable opinion that the MMR vaccine is not safe enough.

      My personal opinion on the ethicity of MMR vaccine administration is based on the dodgy situation where individuals like myself had the choice of paying for a tetanus booster vaccination or get it free under the PBS packaged with MMR.

      I would already have been immune to the MM bit of MMR. The R component was a waste of time as I am not a teenage girl and should not have been energy less and lethargic for four months from a tetanus booster.

      1. Author

        I felt pretty miserable after I took my second Shingles vaccine injection. Many people do. But the payoff is that I am now unlikely to get shingles. Worth the risk, IMO. I do think that human trials have been hurried along in some cases, but overall, I’m a pro-vaxxer.

        1. I have already had shingles. Yet, there’s a push for all of us to get a vaccine, regardless of if you have it, or not. I’ve asked several physicians and pharmacists about this, and one woman on FB who claims to work in the field of epidemelogy. The responses I’ve gotten to my question–“If you have had shingles already, why would you need the vaccine?”–have been met with answers all over the board. Only my GYN, whom I trusted implicitly to have my best interest at heart, said that I do NOT need the vaccine if I have already had shingles. So, this is a curiosity to me. You’d think that if our medical personnel know as much as there is to know about vaccines, why so many answers to such a simple question? I’ve chosen not to get the shingles vaccine at this time, as I just cannot see a rational reason for it, given that I’ve already had it.

          1. I worked with vaccines for several years, including adult vaccines. I did lots of research on shingles vaccine because I also had lots of questions about it. In a nutshell, you cannot get shingles unless you have first had chicken pox. As a matter of fact, if you have never had chicken pox, you can get chicken pox from being exposed to a person who has shingles. ( Ask journalist Barbara Walters ) The virus that causes chicken pox is a type of herpes virus that stays in your body in a dormant state for the rest of your life unless something like stress or a compromised immune system re-activates it as shingles. The vaccine is just like the chicken pox vaccine, except it is ramped up by 4 times. When they first came out with shingles vaccine, there was a shortage of chicken pox vaccine (varicella), leading to big problems in getting kids adequately protected against chicken pox! It was nuts! There is much more that went on, but suffice to say that it is one vaccine that I still have issues with, and I am very much for vaccines in general. And…it does not prevent shingles for everyone. And, you CAN have shingles more than once. My mother has had it twice. I could write a book about the issues presented by this vaccine that are not well known…

          2. Author

            Sometimes they get stuck in the spam folder along with all the dark glasses ads and the wonderful news about our website from Nigeria. Sorry about the delay!

      2. My major issue with her was warning against the COVID-19 vaccine even before it gets here, essentially warning of health consequences if you do.

        I’m not so naive to think our government hasn’t tested on us, but this is going a little far. Its really easy to cast judgment when your decision isn’t the one making the big decisions. Does she really prefer playing roulette in game of chance when thousand of lives are at stake? She offered no valid arguments for her anti-vax statements. Those movies are not valid evidence against whats known in the scientific community. Stick to economics.

  2. OK…I could swear I heard the Catherine Austin-Fitts interview in the last week or so, but not the Trish MacGregor interview. Haven’t listened yet to this show, but are ya’ll sure that you didn’t already post the Fitts interview?
    This is beyond deja vu!

  3. Author

    The Katherine Austin Fitts Interview was posted briefly, but we took it down because we wanted to give her a chance to review it in view of all the things that have happened since the interview. She did so and felt that it holds up quite well. So we have posted it this week for the full week.

  4. Whitley, I’m thrilled to learn that you are writing a book about Jesus, and I feel it’s a perfect tie-in after years of experiences with this other reality.

  5. This was a powerful show, Whitley.
    I am writing about John Trudell (Santee Sioux) who wrote this:
    We know the predator
    We see them feed on us
    We are aware
    To starve the beast
    Is our destiny
    (From John’s poem NEVER TOO LOUDLY, in Lines from the Mined Mind: The Words of John Trudell)
    John discoveries became our discoveries. A mining operation: that is what John called it. He didn’t just mean corporations digging diamonds and ore, or oil extractions and new pipelines on our reservations. He meant mining us, mining us humans. Imagine human emotion as a power supply. We are food. We are a battery. People who become aware of this mining do not allow persecution to create strong emotions. His words: “Protect your spirit because you are in the place where spirits get eaten.” This predator needs and feeds off human suffering. They cause it.

    1. THANK YOU; Very profound. I see this period in USA history as a detox. Whatever your predilection, vices or addictions, the self-quarantine orders place your pursuits on hold– forcing you into withddrawal. Another perspective is Gia is self-correcting. Unfettered capitalism and depravity of the Harvey Weinstein/Jeffrey Epstein/Catholic pedophilia/pillage of Africa & the Amazon-type have led to this cleansing or blowback. Gia is resetting the clock for survivors. A third take, on this Palm Sunday: For all the wrongs, we are witnessing a “vengeance is mine, saith the Lord” moment.

  6. We planned all this Back Stage. To evoke in our human selves here the beginning of paying more attention to our inner Life and real Self. As humans we would have to increasingly live as if in a monastery on a spiritual retreat. One of the things we were to become more conscious of is that human existence is very temporary. And situations would come up that would make us look for answers and solutions that are not originating from this world, as worldly solutions would not work. And we would become more aware of our existence in this world depending on forces beyond or minds and above human understanding. Besides that we would become conscious of our essential equality, as life and death are so for all, regardless of riches or poverty, race and religion, politics and all the rest we might have identified with. And we would make changes in society we otherwise would not have made. The key solutions are based on unconditional Love, and the Light of becoming conscious that Divine Love and Light is what we are in truth, below and above the human mind.
    Against that the powers of darkness -not knowing their and our intrinsic God given Divinity- will not prevail.

    1. I plan to listen to the audobook; thks so much for recommending!

  7. Stop vaccinating and this pandemic will be just the beginning of multiple pandemics. Vaccines do NOT contain heavy metals. Google it, find science based medicine. Like most things, the poison is in the dosage. I also think if your religious you will see all things thru that lens of belief. Humans don’t need demons leading them to do the wrong thing. Ignorance, selfishness and ego takes care of that.

    1. Hopefully everybody doesn’t believe everything they find on Google haha

      1. Hi, I would like to receive feedback about why my post was removed.

        1. Author

          Something disappeared? Can you let me know what it was? We haven’t removed anything and the only other way for that to happen is if the poster does it.
          Could’ve been some kind of glitch. If so, I’d like to have it checked out.

  8. After I heard Fitts say that impeachment was a distraction, I tapped out.

    I also remember a previous interview with her, quite some time ago, where she seemed to refer to Trump in very complimentary terms. I remember thinking at the time how out of touch her opinion was.

    I hopped over to her site and she has draft letters objecting to the quarantine.

    Um, how many people are dead now?

    That’s the last Fitts interview I’ll ever subject myself to.

      1. Thank you for replying, Whitley.

        Perhaps Ms. Fitts should just stick to economics?

        Stay well, we need you.

        1. During the intervw –abt 1:05:00, she said parhrasing she’s Republican bc of her opposition to govt land ownership, or something like that. IMO, she’s likely a strict, unwavering free-market Capitalist — rugged individualist; nothing must interrupt commerce.

      2. I was probably one of the first to hear the CAF interview because I listened before that period when it was taken down and reposted. She is very smart and definitely on top of much regarding financial matters and how so much of it works. But…I have listened and paid attention to other things she has said regarding politics, vaccines, and a whole host of other matters, as well as interviews outside of ‘Dreamland’, and have heard enough to understand that the direction where she wants to go is not at all in line with the path that I feel is in the best interest of the soul of this country—or the world. As an interview, I find her intelligent and interesting, but I do take step back now regarding much of what she says.

    1. I, too, remember Fitts presenting as pro-Trump, in the past. She does freely admit that she is Republican. I notice that she seemed to have tamped down on the “pro-Trump” opinions in this show. Like most things, I think listening to Fitts is an exercise in separating the wheat from the chaff. While I am certainly not going to shut someone down simply because they are Republican, I feel that I must draw a line with anyone who continues to defend this man at this point, given what all we have discovered about him via the impeachment process. So, I listen, and honor my gut with how much is on target here.

  9. Right now I’m trying to find out how to volunteer with Meals on Wheels. I think we had better start to seriously look around at whom in our midst is vulnerable and do something a tiny bit aggressive about that. Put out a flyer in the neighborhood with your phone number if you are able to help someone, for instance. I will walk a good many more miles tomorrow to see who is out and in distress. People are very scared and some people are getting swept aside.

  10. Eye-opening interviews! Thks, Whitley! At :55 min, can anyone recommend titles of the movies about parallel systems/govts that Catherine and Richard Dolan believe exist? Thk you.

  11. Really great interviews! I’ve seen patterns of astrology since I was in my teens as well and so much of what she said bring a lot of bells for me. I was glad there was a link since I like to follow astrological trends on her website. Catherine’s interview I really found really interesting. I wonder to what happened all the evidence Epstein had after he died, in my opinion was murdered. The control files I’ve known about for quite some time and the secret invisible funded base also made a lot of sense. Back to the $5,000 toilet seat! Vaccines are always a really touchy subject for a lot of people, and since I work in the medical field I have a little different view. I see people calling really early in the season to get a flu vaccine in August for instance. Nobody stops to think how much money Pharmaceuticals are making selling flu vaccines, and then insurance companies are paying the bill for those. Scare Tactics are always used and you rarely ever see anything about providers encouraging their patients to work on making their immune system healthier and be more proactive that way. I’ve seen people have all kinds of horrible reactions to vaccines. My best friend years ago was trying to have a child with her husband and got a vaccine. It was for Rubella I think. Within two weeks she was in chronic pain, developed later Guillain-Barre syndrome or then it was called chronic fatigue syndrome. Nobody believed her first until they saw her very severe decline. She had a very successful therapy practice which she had to shut down, her husband left her and divorced her and her parents wound up taking care of her. I saw her go downhill through all this and couldn’t believe it. Unless you’ve seen some of these vaccination horror stories firsthand it’s just another odd complaint on the news. These things do happen. Big Pharma and the Deep state are just dancing hand-in-hand to the banking system and the power system. Anyway fascinating and really interesting information! Thanks again Whitley and happy Easter I’m looking forward to your new book!

  12. I’ve checked out the issue with Lieberman. It seems he just flat out lied to the FBI and DOD about his involvement in the Thousand Talents Plan of China’s, and took money from them…and lied about that too. Yes, he’s involved in nanotech research. I guess one (conspiracy) theory could be that he was going to help the Chinese learn how to infect humanity with nanotech via a vaccine for the SARS-Covid-2 virus, but I just can’t go there at this point in time. There was another female guest on Dreamland in the past several months who asserted that we are already infected with nanotech. I remember her statement, “It’s in your BRAIN!” So, if we’re already infected, why put it in a vaccine?

    I wonder if anyone knows if Fitts is a proponent of the QAnon conspiracy theory. Wouldn’t surprise me, at this point. As Empress2218 said, above, maybe Fitts should stick to economics.

    1. Crow Girl…Log in to see my comments to you about shingles vaccine. It cannot be seen unless you are logged in, although I don’t know why. It’s posted in response to your and Whiltey’s mentioning shingles vaccine. All the replies are not showing up unless you are logged in.

      1. I’ve noticed that happen with some of my comments, only to find them also appear when not logged in, a day or do later.

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