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Over the years Trish and Rob MacGregor have made some wonderful contributions to Dreamland, from their first show on the secrets of synchronicity to this current program, where they tell about an explosive experience with Anne Strieber that happened right after she died, then go on to discuss her and Whitley’s astrological charts and how they became the team that they were and are.

Anne participates in the show, asking and answering questions in some very unexpected ways, and there is an amazing segment about Father Malachi Martin and the still-hidden third secret of Fatima. Go figure!

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A note from Whitley Strieber: “Anne asks numerous questions and makes comments in this show. As she always advised, I continue to hold such things as channeling in question, but when she “comes through” it is so original and spontaneous that I am just accepting it for what it is: something lovely and marvelous.”

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  1. Whitley, i listened to this
    Whitley, i listened to this show quite a while after i heard and wrote my original post to Jeremy’s show with Andy.

    I was stunned when i listened to this show because it seemed as if i was anticipating this show by the “stream of consciousness” i wrote there. I removed that post and rewrote my response to Andy. Here i am writing something of my original post…

    I daresay, we all resonate where we feel we “belong” … the need for community is belonging and has been a central “need” for me. I do not know why i always felt different even as a child.

    Perfection isn’t making no mistakes, it is being who i am & accepting that is enough.

    Understanding and accepting the part of me where fear makes it’s home within, reduces the fear somewhat.

    Recognizing my negative tendencies (being judgmental, impatient, etc) have led to: forgiveness for others matches forgiving myself, acceptance comes from knowing i am more “like” than different from everyone.

    The “outer” search for meaning pairs with going within.

    No one is an island… belonging is an inner truth lived in the physical world.

    Life is the process of coming to myself, who i am, how i am, why i am here… growths so tiny and dearly earned, are gifts beyond compare. I did not “cause them to happen.” Rather, i was open enough to be able to accept them. And i still have far to grow…

  2. Whitley, this is a great
    Whitley, this is a great show. So much in it… thank you, Anne, and your guests. Preparing us for a time nearly upon us…?

  3. Hi Whitley,
    I want to thank

    Hi Whitley,

    I want to thank you and Anne so much for these talks and reflections. They are so incredibly heart-nourishing and illuminating. I’ve done enough study, concerning the predicament of the ‘veil’ (NDEs, Mediumship, etc.) to believe for myself that you are truly in communication with Anne. Your beautiful conversations with each other, through the veil, remind me of those of Edward Stewart White and his wife Betty White. This is something I’ve struggled with, these communications, in terms of if they are really real, or some sort of unconscious projection. However, there is such a resonance of truth and an expression of alive individuality and authenticity – beyond anything we can determine as provable or label as rational – that I find myself well and truly on the side of faith, that this is real. Easter and the celebration of the resurrection is all the more meaningful and close at hand, by way of this program and your tremendous generosity. Thank you! And, Happy Easter.

  4. It doesn’t matter if they are

    It doesn’t matter if they are “really real” or an unconscious projection. The energy comes from the question, not the answer, and the best answers lead to even better questions.

    Ain’t the universe wonderful? It’s fun to be.

  5. for me one of the real
    for me one of the real messages is that the universe, and hence our lives, are much more alive, dynamic and wonderful than we commonly suppose. Moving toward God through taking on the mind of Christ is a beautiful way to live and probably more beautiful than can suppose.

  6. Grandmother turns into a
    Grandmother turns into a mantis? I always felt the talk about that the visitors being with the dead was a mind game. It never made sense. If someone you know came back from the other side to see you, don’t you think they would have more of a reaction than just stand there next to an alien????

  7. I wish Whitley would release
    I wish Whitley would release a book of the letters he received. I know there was one with a couple dozen letters, but to release volumes of all the letters would be helpful to the UFO community.

    1. I heard there were nearly a
      I heard there were nearly a quarter of a million of them…even if you just wanted to put them all online, assuming two minutes each to scan, working solid eight hour days, I estimate it would take over a thousand days to complete! Despite the logistics of it though, I think it sounds like a great idea.

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