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Trish and Rob MacGregor return with Beyond Strange—reports of extreme high strangeness that are well documented and often involve trained observers.

Dreamland is about exploring the credible edge of strangeness and this show fits the bill in spades. The reason is that, DURING THE SHOW, Trish and Rob and Whitley realize that one of the phenomena they are talking about occurs all over the world but has never been understood before as a unique high strangeness phenomenon.

In the second half of the show an individual Trish and Rob have been researching appears to tell of her own high strangeness experience involving the Bermuda Triangle—but not while at sea or in the air, not hardly. This experience happened in a car!

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  1. Uncovering that phenomena
    Uncovering that phenomena while we were talking was incredible! Thanks again, Whitley, for a terrific show. We always enjoy talking with you!
    Trish & Rob MacGregor

  2. You guys are great! I really
    You guys are great! I really enjoyed the show. A lot of lightness of being in it. Good contrast to this past week’s events… Thanks for sharing your time and yourselves else with us.

  3. Last week’s clear-eyed view
    Last week’s clear-eyed view of the situation we are dealing with was refreshing, and I agreed 100% with Whitley’s comments for the first time in any interview. Priscilla’s sweetness and light staved off panic, but rejecting information because she didn’t want to know what had happened was not enlightening, or “in the light.” It takes all kinds for this world to spin like it does.

  4. Priscilla’s desire to “not
    Priscilla’s desire to “not know” anything that might have happened during her “missing time” when she may simply have entered an interdimensional portal typifies problems with disclosure. A thorough survey of contactee materials from the ’50s reveals stunning information and evidence contactees presented. In some respects, contactees had more evidence than abductees that proliferated during the ’70s and ’80s. I submit that so much information came out of contactee reports in the decade between 1950-60 that the key to disclosure was the public’s willingness to acknowledge existence of “the other.” Priscilla demonstrated that principle in spades. (This is a fact that anybody can hear by listening to Priscilla’s unabashed desire to close her eyes to what “could” have happened.) In the mid ’90s, I used the Abrahamic archetype of the Promised Land and the Hindu archetype of opening one’s cosmic eyes to render my hypothesis. Acknowledging the presence of ET species inherently challenges mythos of the “elect” and the Promised Land unconsciously woven into American culture. Expectancy that the land owed the American mythology constancy is the flip side of the archetype. The fragile place of the Promised Land in the archetypal mind does not easily tolerate variables. Possibilities of unpredictable space-time portals in the Promised Land must be constrained because they threaten the elect’s hold on the land itself . See Robert Gray’s description of the archetype:

  5. I was glad to hear discussion
    I was glad to hear discussion of moving forward thru time in weird ways, ’cause it’s happened to me frequently and I’ve not heard discussion of it before. One of my experiences, with witnesses, was when I was driving with 2 friends from Oceanside CA to the Orange County Hilton or Hyatt on a Saturday morning in about 2002. We were attending a Caroline Myss workshop and she was VERY clear that no one would be seated late, but would have to wait til the first break. We decided to meet in a parking lot next to the freeway and allowed 90 minutes to travel, tho normally it would only take a bit over an hour. We all got to the parking lot but couldn’t find each other. It was a 20 minute time loss. Then we were in a hurry–but the freeway entrance was closed. It took 15 miles of mucking around backroads to find another entrance to the freeway and then we had about 50 minutes. We drove about 5 miles above speed limit and got to the hotel and dropped the car off with a valet because we didn’t have time to park. When we walked into the conference area of the hotel people were wandering around, drinking coffee, talking to each other. We were still in panic-rush mode and ran into the presentation room, which was empty! We were over 15 minutes early. Our entire drive, once we got on the freeway, only took us 25 minutes. NONE of us has ever forgotten that.

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