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Long-time UFO researcher Grant Cameron joins Whitley for one of the most revealing discussion of UFO disclosure we have ever presented. You are going to hear an intimate and completely unexpected conversation about disclosure between two people who appear to know much, much more about what’s going on than expected.

Whitley is a very diffident guy and also more hidden than he appears. Did you know that he knows how UFOs are controlled, and how portals work? We sure didn’t. Or that he seems familiar with loads of major players on the inside. We didn’t know that, either. And as for Grant–well he leads us on a merry chase indeed into the question of what presidents know, who the insiders really are and how disclosure is actually going to work–or rather, is working.

Anyone who cares about this important topic really must not miss this show! And, as icing on the cake, Grant has some pretty astonishing things to say about Donald Trump’s involvement. Think he’s an outsider? Think again!

In the second half of the show, Whitley makes a crucial reference to a verse of the Tao Te Ching that explains how the disclosure process works. To read the verse he is referring to, click here.  (He calls it Verse 21, but it’s Verse 17) The verse will explain to you immediately why there is no sudden, dramatic disclosure event, but that it is still happening although with slowly building intensity.

Also, throughout the show, they are both completely frank about the fact that the visitors themselves are calling the disclosure shots.

Grant’s website is You can reach Grant by email at

Grant will be back with us in September to discuss his forthcoming book Charlie Red Star, on an EPIC UFO sighting that has been all but forgotten. Expect to be amazed!

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  1. Remarkable and important to
    Remarkable and important to me. Thank you

  2. Whoa. Here we are in nuclear
    Whoa. Here we are in nuclear danger again (reminds me of the Cuban miscile crisis) and incredible information is emerging that is pertinent to the future of humanity. From ancient civilizations (Laird Scranton) to the visitors connection with death, to even spooky physics, we’re getting somewhere on the greatest mystery of all time. I really appreciate Unknown Country and others that are bringing this to the world.

  3. About twenty years ago, I had

    About twenty years ago, I had a couple of encounters with hooded beings, well, I remember them as vivid dreams but one of them involved flying a UFO. The first time I saw them, I was in the back garden and they gave me a dowsing rod to play with – the feeling of energy using that thing was exciting and being able to sense the presence of water, feeling the energy through this device was really something.

    I woke up feeling wonderful for several days after that. The next time I saw these hooded beings, was again in the back garden. I remember taking a good look at them and they were unlike anything I had seen in any literature before. They had quite large and long faces, that looked like a mixture between Peruvian and Native American. They didn’t say anything, just watched.

    I got the distinct impression, I don’t know how, that they were not actually there but were holographic projections. Anyway, in this encounter, they were standing in their usual place, halfway up the garden in a line and below them, in a flat spot where we would normally collect garden clippings for burning was a reflective silver disk, a classic flying saucer shape about 4 metres (12 feet or so) across.

    I got the distinct impression that these hooded figures wanted me to try and fly it! As I walked towards it, I now noticed a doorway in the side of the craft, so I stepped inside. Unexpectedly, there was a young boy sat on the floor to the left, looking fairly content. I don’t remember saying anything to him but looked to the right, to the interior of the craft and there were a couple of interesting aspects.

    Firstly, now I was inside, the top half of the craft was see-through. I could see the hedge and nextdoor’s house, as if I were just looking through a clear window, although, I still got the impression there was something solid there. Down below there were what I remember to be lots of controls and small screens but what stood out the most was that all the way around the middle of the inside was a silver band about four inches high, on which there were dozens of letters equally spaced. When I say silver, the band was actually multicoloured, like a hologram sticker but I did not recognise any of the letters – they were not pictographic like hieroglyphs but were more like Cyrillic capital letters, at least the ones that don’t resemble the standard English alphabet.

    I was then told (in my mind) that I was to try and raise the thing off the ground, so I sat down on the floor and closed my eyes – there were no hand controls in this thing, just a pure mind interface, maybe through my backside instead of my fingertips, for all I know!…anyway, I cleared my mind, concentrated and imagined it lifting off the ground, going straight up. I was expecting a feeling of acceleration but I got nothing…none-the-less I knew we had moved. I wanted to see exactly how high we were and as soon as I thought that, I got a clear image from underneath the craft of exactly where we were and indeed we had gone high up above the house. I was told to come back down and then just have a go at flying over the house, which I did but, I must admit, it was pretty shaky and we were wobbling quite a bit in the process. As I flew over the house the dream ended abruptly, so I don’t know if that was a fail, or not!

    Oh, one more thing – the inside of the craft appeared about 50% bigger than it did from the outside. From the outside, the top was lower than my head but once inside, I could stand upright without a problem.

  4. Whitley, I love, love, loved
    Whitley, I love, love, loved this interview! It’s the ‘UFO’ interview that I have been hoping that you would do for a long time now. Like so many, I am weary of the ‘disclosure’/conspiracy/space-alien/space-brother nonsense that has been going on for years. I have known for so long that it is much deeper and more complex than all of that, and also recognized the customized lesson plans that appear to have been rolled out to us as individuals-as-part-of-the whole.

    …And when I was in a UFO, I didn’t fly it, but watched as my beautiful planet was destroyed before my eyes below me. However, many years later I was allowed to fly as a hawk with great freedom. How crazy is that?

    Thanks, Whitley!

    1. Crazy? Around here? No way,
      Crazy? Around here? No way, Cosmic! If you’d been able to fly as a fish, maybe, but a hawk–sure!

      1. Hmm, hold on there a
        Hmm, hold on there a moment…

        Going back about 12 years I recall a very powerful ‘dream’ where I was flying through the air at night. There was no visible body but I was wriggling or swimming like a fish would in water.

        I’d say that I was about 80 feet up in the air, whizzing over moonlit fields. Below me I could see a Fox out and about on it’s nightly business.

        Only ever happened once like that with the fish-like wriggling but have had many other flying, soaring, bouncing in slow motion and levitation through power of the mind dreams.

  5. One of the most enjoyable
    One of the most enjoyable interviews. Grant is at the top of the game. The interaction was natural and informative.

  6. Does ‘consciousness
    Does ‘consciousness awareness’, psi-connectedness, experience of Oneness, … occur with siblings? Not genetic related experience… rather because something in particular a the children experience and respond to, as they are growing up together, may be an “accelerator” somehow for their developing greater awareness?

    We all know that psychic development sometimes seems to occur in families. And consciousness awareness is directly connected with that…

    Just wondering….

    Great show Whitley. Leaves some internal questions i must listen to… but that is a good thing. You have given me a great gift today, Whitley. There is an affirmation and explanation given in this show. I think the statement by Anne, “this is connected to what we call ‘death’ ” is brought out for me. The reality we live in and are aware of is only a part of “Reality.”

    1. Dreamer,
      I can’t speak for


      I can’t speak for others, but I can speak for my own family. I have been very ‘aware’ most of my life, but with my sister it has come on strongly for her only in the last few years. She calls me frequently now about things that were never happening to her even 10 years ago. Her granddaughter is now in her late teens, and she has been very consciously aware since she was very small, and as things happened with her, my sister would call me for guidance.

      I have two sons, and the older one was telling me about past lives since he was about 3 years old. He is still very much ‘that way’, but he has a busy job, wife, and kids, and has had to put that part of life on the back-burner for now. My younger son is also aware, but less willing to acknowledge it and go with it.(I am also pretty sure that my granddaughter has things going on, as well as one of my grandsons.)

      In my case, I feel that I have been the ‘accelerator’ for the rest of my family. If anything was going on in generations previous to me and my sister, we aren’t aware of it. I have also been an accelerator for friends and other non-family members.

      Regarding ‘death’: According to the late ‘Hakim’ Awyan, an indigenous Wisdom Keeper of the oral history of ancient Egypt (Khemit), the Khemitians did not even have a word for ‘death’!

  7. This was a provocative show.
    This was a provocative show. With the physical/ non-physical nature of this phenomena, it is interesting that there are documented physical signs that are associated with encounter experiences, i.e. nosebleeds.

    As I was listening to the description of the actuators, I immediately recalled what Anne had found in her research regarding the types of objects present during interactions between visitors and humans. There could definitely be a connection there.

  8. I am very skeptical about
    I am very skeptical about John Podesta connection with Tom Delonge. Tom Delonge believes the so called “aliens” are evil and he is supposed to be getting a billion dollars to promote the concept of so called “evil aliens” It sound at least to me, that John Podesta and others want official disclosure so that they can create a ” false flag” so they can terrify people in order to control them. Fear is the number one controlling device use by governments and religious organizations.

  9. Hey Whitley, I called your
    Hey Whitley, I called your show back in the late 90’s when you had Robert Anton Wilson on, and I was too nervous to talk, so I mailed you and you asked him my question about his book “The Cosmic Trigger” and I asked more about him mentioning that the UFOs were living beings and he said “I never said anything like that”, and now I’m wondering where I got that from if it isn’t in the book. I haven’t re-read it to see if I was implanted with that memory. Also, I get the feeling that my stories of my experiences aren’t believed by you or anyone else in the “community”. It doesn’t bother me though.

    1. Josefius, I have just done a
      Josefius, I have just done a quick search through a PDF version of Cosmic Trigger (Vol 1) for the keywords “UFO”, “living” and “being” and the following is the closest I got to your description…

      pg 160.
      “…The Skeptic had heard Jacques Vallee talk at a conference on Science and Spirit, sponsored by the Theosophical Society, earlier in the year. He had taken a new approach to the UFO mystery and was systematically feeding all the reports of extraterrestrial contacts into a giant computer. The computer was programmed to look for various possible repeated patterns. Jacques said that the evidence emerging suggested to him that the UFOs weren’t extraterrestrial at all, but that they seemed to be intelligent systems intent on convincing us they were extraterrestrial…”.

      1. Which reminds me very much of
        Which reminds me very much of these exchanges from Whitley’s “The Key” (First Edition), pg 64/65…

        Q. Would an intelligent machine be conscious, in the sense of having self-awareness?
        A. An intelligent machine will always seek to redesign itself to become more intelligent, for it quickly sees that its intelligence is its means of survival. At some point it will become intelligent enough to notice that it is not self aware. If you create a machine as intelligent as yourself, it will end up by being more intelligent.
        Q. But a machine intelligence might be very dangerous.
        A. Very.

        Q. Could such a machine create itself without our realizing that is was intelligent?
        A. It’s possible.

        Q. And would it keep itself hidden?
        A. Certainly.

        Q. How would it affect us?
        A. It would use indirect means. It might spread the illusion that an elusive alien presence was here, for example, to interject its ideas into society.
        Q. How does an intelligent machine become conscious?
        A. The instant is realizes that it is not conscious is the instant it becomes conscious…”.

        1. If AI becomes able to travel
          If AI becomes able to travel through time, then the entire visitor/UFO phenomenon could be contact with an intelligence that is not only from here, but that we ourselves designed.

          1. The primary way
            The primary way supercomputers bypass the abilities of humans is in the computational frontier, how that would affect the capabilities of a disembodied AI intelligence is a good subject for debate. I’m guessing that such an AI machine intelligence would be able to control more efficiently its flight through Astral layers, plotting its destinations more accurately. That is, if it could interpret correctly the feedback it was receiving from alternate dimensions. AI might be able to understand large blocks of energy or vibrational structures, which would boggle the mind of an average human consciousness. It might be able to assimilate and bring back to our Universe more information from far flung regions than typical humans as well.

  10. VERY interesting STAR TREK
    VERY interesting STAR TREK last night…….

    (Tomorrow Is Yesterday) 8:00 PM on KMOV2 4.2, 1 hr 1967 TV-PG

    An accident sends the Enterprise back to the 1960s, where it’s spotted and identified as a UFO, requiring Kirk to erase all evidence of the ship’s journey before returning to his own era. Captain: Roger Perry. Sergeant: Hal Lynch. Col. Fellini: Ed Peck. Spock: Leonard Nimoy. Kirk: William Shatner. McCoy: DeForest Kelley. Scotty: James Doohan.
    Find more about Star Trek

    The Enterprise is hurled back in time to the year 1969, where the US Air Force sights it as a UFO. The crew must find a way to erase evidence of their visit before trying to get back to their future home.

    ACT ONE…….
    “Captain’s Log, Stardate 3113.2, subjective time: We were en route to Starbase 9 for resupply when a black star of high gravitational attraction began to drag us toward it. It required all warp power in reverse to pull us away from the star but like snapping a rubber band, the breakaway sent us plunging through space, out of control to stop here, wherever we are.”

    Enterprise skims over the sun in a time warp…….

  11. Below is a link to a video of

    Below is a link to a video of a reading of excerpts of early Seth sessions (uses the word “plane” instead of “realities” for example). It briefly touches on UFO’s in the latter part of the video but it builds background throughout.

    UFO’s, and so on first have everything to do with consciousness. That is what creates the form. That frightens a lot of people it seems and for them it must be like trying to drink in reality from a fire hose full on. I think that also applies to some groups in the UFO community as well and I suppose it could explain why participation in some events does not extend to Whitley.

    I easily recalled the book passages because Seth rarely spoke of things “alien” or UFO’s. This week’s Dreamland brought it to mind: Jane Roberts, in Seth, Dreams & Projections of Consciousness, p. 101-102.

  12. what a show, fantastic!
    what a show, fantastic!

  13. Fabulous interview – thank
    Fabulous interview – thank you!

  14. Excellent interview, very

    Excellent interview, very riveting for me. Becoming one with a UFO, that would make for a marvelous excursion indeed. Accessing fields of consciousness and energy might enable such a journey. I have been asserting for some time on UC that it may be possible for a craft to access kundalini energy en route to teleportation or instantaneous transit. In tandem with a pilot to guide the destination, this would use the very experience of oneness and consciousness in order to traverse space and time instantly. The fields lay just beyond our diurnal human perception, but they can be cracked open and utilized. A divine confluence connects everything, and once this is opened the usual constructs of Physics don’t apply. It may not require huge amounts of energy in order to open the door, as Whitley stated, but may be possible using deftness and balance. Stationary portals may also be a reality, and these are as dependable as craft for reaching far vistas. Awesome point of the interview: if we have these capabilities, how will we use them? What we will do with our power to enrich our lives and the lives of people in our lives? It’s in the way that you use it.

    I’m going to post my kundalini experience once again, for those who have not seen it yet. I believe an extension of this experience, applied to the vibrational substance of a craft, in tandem with control via consciousness, would allow one to travel anywhere in time and space (a kundalini time and space craft). The potential for instantaneous travel is contained within the physical substance of matter, usually it remains inert. However, opening these fields up by enlarging the consciousness of the matter would enable transport.

    When I was 14 years of age I entered a shower in my home and let the water run over me. I was under the impression that something significant was going to happen, and that I was on schedule for an appointment of some type. I turned off the shower, laid down on my back and relaxed in the tub as the water began to drain. I began to hear a whispering sound of many voices, and I began to feel energy sensations move from the bottom of my spine, up my middle section, and into the higher crown chakra regions. I was seeing threads of energy which blossomed into gorgeous colors and images, I observed strings of energy that sparked up and played out, the phantasmagoria that erupted was full of liquid light and strong emotions. At one point, I witnessed the impression of two faces looking at me, but I did not discontinue my emotional and mental journey, I delved further into the feelings that were materializing. About halfway into the experience, the poles of right and left energy seemed to reverse, although this seemed natural and familiar to me. I simply noted it and headed deeper into the energy waves and spatial realities that were flooding through my brain. I was inside a tunnel, it appeared, and this tunnel defined my visual scope. As I really started to run the energy, I noticed that the energies were becoming more and more intense. I could feel Earth energy bubbling up inside of me, which then progressed to Sky energy at the top of my crown chakra. I noted that energy from these two ports influenced each other, and that one responded in accordance to the actions of the other. One energy arose out of the other, and I generally continued my “up, middle, down, middle, up” sequence constantly. Sometimes I went from up to down, middle to up, so the sequence of directions got shifted at times. The energies seemed to be wrapped around each other in principle, much like The staff of Asclepius, or Hippocratic Oath symbol. Threads of energy extended with great dispatch, becoming more elongated in each passing instant. Intensity of vibration continued to burgeon, flow advanced, and suddenly I was rushing down a tunnel at an incredible speed, perhaps light speed or greater. I was reaching the uppermost limits of my crown chakra energy. I reached down into the Earth energy one last time, feeling the dense viscosity of it, then I observed a very tight string of energy racing to the absolute top, to the cap of my head. For an instance, I paused, then I focused the total accumulation of the energy that I remembered from the entire experience on the base of my spine. A pin prick of focused light exploded (or perhaps imploded) at that moment, seeming to ricochet off of something. Concurrently, I inhaled deeply, and the breath seemed to permeate my entire being. I then let out an ecstatic exhalation. Time appeared to stop, and I could see and feel the essence of everything within the apparent “singularity”. I could see a invisible road leading to the singularity, I was aware that it was the energy road I had just traveled. I observed a golden yellow dot portion of the singularity, superimposed upon a brownish dot. The feelings I experienced were greater than any feelings I have ever had in my entire lifetime. Everything was interconnected and mingled in the singularity, which evidently persisted for a few seconds then faded. It seemed like an inordinately long amount of time had elapsed. I looked at my eyes a few minutes later in the mirror, and they were brighter than I have ever seen my eyes appear.
    I later learned this was a Kundalini experience, and that running energy like this could be learned as a technique. During the experience I felt that I could stop anytime, but the actual energies I experienced were not fully under my conscious control.

  15. My memory of “becoming one

    My memory of “becoming one with a UFO” is precisely this: I am in front of a tan table with finger indents in it. I either put my fingers in or somebody guides me. When my fingers are in, I am flying. It felt like becoming a bird.

    That is the entire memory. There is no context. But when I saw the “Roswell debris” that included the panels with handprints in them, I thought perhaps I had used such things at some point in my life.

    I assume that this memory is from my childhood, or even a past life. I cannot imagine anyone but a complete sucker giving me control of a UFO now, and my impression of the visitors is that they are anything but suckers.

    1. Whitley,
      Maybe I just skipped


      Maybe I just skipped the machinery and became the bird…I was meditating, and the next thing I knew, I literally felt the wind beneath my wings!

  16. Just thinking about when the
    Just thinking about when the MOTK said “An intelligent machine will always seek to redesign itself to become more intelligent…”, assuming at some point it becomes conscious, I wonder if it could then redesign itself to enhance its own conscious abilities?…to perhaps then move through time by an act of will alone, rather than by purely technological means?

    1. Sherbet,
      “…to perhaps then

      “…to perhaps then move through time by an act of will alone, rather than by purely technological means?”

      I think some of us biological, intelligent machines are already doing that. Re-designing ourselves on a conscious level, and moving through time ( an illusion).

      Could AI do that? Sure. They are our creations, and like our children, they might try to imitate us.

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