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Both subscribers and nonsubscribers get to listen to the full, uninterrupted version of this important program as Whitley and futurist Daniel Pinchbeck discuss the changes that are unfolding all around us, from the rise of dictators and demagogues to the unexpected intensity of climate change.

On a weekend when a hurricane that the National Weather Service is describing as ‘astounding’ is hitting the US, the show makes important listening, precisely because it is about what we can do about our own future and how powerful we really are if we put our minds to it.

Rather than bemoaning our fate, Daniel goes deeper, exploring innovative solutions to the crisis that range from changing things like the nature of money to engaging with spirit in a whole new way.

This thoughtful, exciting, uplifting programming about the multiple crises facing mankind right now is not to be missed!

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  1. Really glad to see you
    Really glad to see you interviewing Daniel again Whitley, it’s been too many years since you first had him on Dreamland. That first interview you did with him was powerful, and directly impacted my spiritual growth!

  2. So sad, all that wordiness
    So sad, all that wordiness ends up nowhere.

    1. I agree, Heather, except for
      I agree, Heather, except for ‘sad’, ‘wordiness’, and ‘nowhere’.

  3. I can hear the full download.
    I can hear the full download. Why are you all complaining?

  4. Sounds great can’t wait…as
    Sounds great can’t wait…as always, my profound love to you Whitley 🙂

  5. I’m not sure I agree with you
    I’m not sure I agree with you Heather…some interesting answers to improving our future on various levels were discussed but of course getting from hypothetical solutions to workable examples is where our challenges really lie. I havn’t read any of Daniel’s books but I would hope practical solutions would be expounded upon there.

    1. I agree Sherbet, I think
      I agree Sherbet, I think Daniel has some good ideas, but I don’t think he’s coming from a strictly problem/solution mindset. What I got from listening is that our attitudes and beliefs can be either our problem creators or our solution finders, and that when our attitudes and beliefs change the solutions will automatically present themselves, and moving our planet out of peril will be seen as a challenge, even an adventure.

      1. Hi Steve, that makes sense.
        Hi Steve, that makes sense. It is easy to extrapolate today’s problems into unfolding disasters but it is often overlooked that innovative and creative solutions often evolve from and necessitate being truly embedded within that problem…so assuming as you say, that the correct attitudes and beliefs are then present, maybe we should be more willing to trust that our future selves will find a way through regardless. I am not suggesting that we all just sit back and pretend nothing is happening but relaxing a little may help the subconscious work out some solutions. It’s like driving…you can plan a trip to the Nth degree, thinking through all the potential problems and how you might deal with them, making yourself tired before you have even begun (goodness knows, I am often guilty of that kind of thinking)…or you can just set off, and see what happens on your adventure, trusting that whatever may occur, you are capable of making the necessary adjustments to keep heading in the right direction.

  6. The last time Whitley
    The last time Whitley interviewed Mr. Pinchbeck, as I recall, he gently excoriated Whitley for being too “doom ‘n’ gloom”, and Whitley, as I recall, took great exception. That show, it appears, is not in the archives…..

    1. Yes I do remember that
      Yes I do remember that interview. It was very out of character for Whitley. I have not listened to this interview yet but plan to on an upcoming road trip.

    2. That show is in the archives.
      That show is in the archives. Within even the description to this show above they include a hotlink that takes you to all previous Pinchbeck interviews. It is listed there.

      Here is a direct link to make it even easier:

  7. True, I don’t think anyone
    True, I don’t think anyone can deny, as intractable as they appear, our problems are self-created (in a collective sense), so to think of ourselves as helpless in the face of problems we ourselves created is simply a logical fallacy, but it also means we can’t look outwardly for solutions, we have to look within.

  8. Readers, be sure and click on
    Readers, be sure and click on the “Insight” tab…….Do not miss this.

    1. I don’t see an insight tab,
      I don’t see an insight tab, where is it?

  9. Hi Steve, I was surprised
    Hi Steve, I was surprised that the mobile version of the site doesn’t have a quick link, or some other means to navigate to the ‘Insight’ page…as far as I can see you have to change to the full site, where it sits as a tab under ‘Home’.

    1. Thanks, I finally found it.
      Thanks, I finally found it. It seems more a philosophy of paranoia than of spirituality, in spite of the inclusion of a path to ‘freedom’. Ultimate Control is simply not synonymous with Ultimate Reality. It Gets Old. I don’t find the Church of I-Gotta-Get-Outa-Here in the least appealing intellectually, let alone spiritually.

  10. For those who are having
    For those who are having difficulty logging in… read the address bar(or whatever it is called) and delete anything after “.com” . Then click the to reload the page. You may need to do this after you have logged in as well.

    The programs are well worth the extra work to download and listen. I have found this has made me quite aware of my expectations (of the speed and ease of doing things). I forgot what it was like “before” … and appreciate all the more what we have.

    This was a terrific show! I am glad you had this interview. There is a lot to think about – most especially looking at what each ( Daniel, Whitley, myself, the comments…) bring to the conversation.

  11. Come on, it’s pretty simple
    Come on, it’s pretty simple how we can improve life for ALL … one idea is to simply turn the cities, the towns, the land GREEN with food gardens, herb gardens, flower gardens … if you provide GOOD HEALTHY FOOD for anyone who wants it, how much would that help? What if those who are homeless now didn’t have to worry about feeding themselves, or could use some simple medicinal plants like lavender and sage … they could also become the gardeners for the community — or whatever role suited them in the growing process — mygosh the possibilities are absolutely endless. We could also establish bee colonies, and on and on…

    But then, Monsatano wouldn’t like that. Amazon, who is about to takeover organic food sales, WOULDN’T LIKE THAT!!! These nasty sociopaths, along with many others, want us controlled by food scarcity.

    Come on, what if we grew hemp as a society? So many problems would be ultimately solved, just as far as energy, that our world could become a real paradise again.

    And if we cleaned up our waters, how many jobs would that provide?

    Not to mention the more communities who are self-sufficient in food and water and shelter, in their own local economy … well, all of us could enjoy a much higher quality of life.

    1. Hi Sangelika, I think that
      Hi Sangelika, I think that was kind of Daniels point, that the solutions themselves are not really complicated, they’re staring us in the face in the form of the problems to be solved. Every coin has two sides, and everyone knows it. As long as we perceive the problems it’s easy to conceive the solutions. It’s really the willingness to solve them that is lacking, and that lack of willingness can have multiple sources; the self-interest of those who benefit from the current state of affairs and the apparent balance of power in their favor, lack of awareness of the problems themselves in the majority due to distraction, the cultural inertia of an habitual world-view which is blind to the problems, the same inertia that resists change even when the problems become obvious, etc. All of this points to the fact that the real problems are not outer, but inner, in our consciousness. The outer problems are really just the symptoms of the inner problems. They manifest as a natural consequence of our state of consciousness. Recognizing that clearly is an important first step to addressing the cause, and not just the symptoms.

    2. I agree, food is hugely
      I agree, food is hugely important and a good practical place to quickly start improving your life.

  12. Great show reminding me of
    Great show reminding me of how important it is to do “the work.” Thanks.

    Also, keeping my fingers crossed for the STORIES FROM A LIFE series to continue.

    God Bless

  13. “So sad, all that wordiness
    “So sad, all that wordiness ends up nowhere.” So very true Heather!

    I agree with Mr. Strieber about a higher consciousness trying to reach us, but Ayahuasca is not the way.

    This higher consciousness is always trying to reach us but we are still stuck and not much further than from the time the Communion book came out in the 1980s.

    I believe that the reason we have not evolved much and keep going around in circles is that for the majority of the time these UFO experiences are coming from lower type beings. We have this desperate hope that we are going to get some transcendental knowledge from them, when in fact it would not be to their advantage.

    Just like in the spirit world, there are all kinds of beings in the universe. A higher form would never interfere in such a traumatic way or try to rule our daily lives. There are higher beings out there, no doubt, but it’s a very subtle thing. They would not interfere in such an obvious way.

    We have all read the Communion Letters, etc., most of us have had some encounter as well, and no one has to tell us that there is some high strangeness indeed. But we are going to have to go back to our own self to get the answer.

    A life of synchronicity should be something to strive for to help us into the next paradigm.
    How to get there? The first step, Mr. Strieber has already suggested. Meditation on calming down our body and stopping all those monkey thoughts.

    Because no matter how eloquent or important we think that our thoughts are we are not going to get to the next higher vibration with them. They are great to solve math problems, but not for this. For at least ten minutes a day lets just quiet down. This was suggested lifetimes ago, and it’s still relevant. It’s a hard thing to do indeed but If we can’t even start with that, we are then definitely doomed! lol.

    All those countless words are written and documented on UFO experiences! Yet, a ll we have really learned is a connection with traumatic childhoods and UFO experiences.

    I think that the connection is because universe wants to indeed help. When a child that has higher vibration because of past lives, or whatever, seeks help in a very desperate way, there is a sort of beacon that is sent up to the helping hands of the universe. It is noticed. Some kind of SOS.
    This will attract beings, higher beings and unfortunately others not so high. Once they see this beacon, the child is seen. Never to be quite the same again, and hopefully will get assistance for the rest of his/her life. Or not, depending who answers.

    Meanwhile, all these different UFO experiences will always be like a puzzle with a million shattered pieces. Shiny like a penny, but apart from the need to document them, never to be solved, until we can reach a higher vibration for understanding, but boy, do we waste time on them.
    We are here to learn, hopefully, reach a higher vibration and visualize our reality. Everything else just details.

    “Organize your reality according to your strength; organize your reality according to your playfulness; according to your dreams;
    according to your joy; according to your hopes –
    and then you can begin help those who organize their reality according to their fears.”

    1. Hi Lily, your interpretation
      Hi Lily, your interpretation of Heather’s statement is quite different than mine. I saw it as a critique of the interview itself and of Daniels ideas, and that’s why I disagreed with it. You apparently saw it as a critique of the world’s lack of response to such ideas. Whichever it is, I hope Heather returns and expresses her ideas more fully.

      I sympathize with your point of view but I’m not sure it’s justified. Evolution of consciousness is not something you necessarily see an immediate effect of ‘on the ground’. It’s a movement from within to without, and the outer change comes last, not first, so looking for outer effects first, or too soon, is likely to be disappointing and discouraging.

      Regarding the UFO phenomena and the beings behind it, your impression may also be biased by the same mechanism. Whichever role they play, benevolent or hostile, it is a role, and not a responsibility, as you yourself said. If they are benevolent and seek to push us forward, we still have to be willing to move forward. If they are hostile and seek to distract us, we still have to be willing to be distracted. In either case, the responsibility is ours, not theirs.

      Assuming they’re hostile because they present a puzzle without a solution may also be an error in judgment. It could be, as you said, just an effort to distract, but it could be also an effort to open our otherwise closed minds to questioning basic assumptions about reality that are not serving us well. In the latter case offering us the solution along with the puzzle would be kind of self-defeating.

      1. I’ll dispense with the
        I’ll dispense with the ‘wordiness’. Reality (and the visitors, whoever or whatever they are…) is Mr. Miyagi.

        1. “I’ll dispense with the
          “I’ll dispense with the ‘wordiness’. Reality (and the visitors, whoever or whatever they are…) is Mr. Miyagi.”

          Cosmic, they are teaching you well…you’re a riddle wrapped in an enigma. LOL.

          1. Wax on, wax off. And don’t
            Wax on, wax off. And don’t forget to breathe…:-)

  14. How soon is now? Sooner than
    How soon is now? Sooner than soon. No malice Daniel, just humor.

    I realize, Daniel, that your title is not meant as a literal question, but to spark introspection. Soon is the reality closest to now, is now in its approaching form, and in symbiosis with the literal now. As such, we can read one from the other, and take action based on that information.

    In their symbiosis, we can choose which is the determinant of the other. If we choose soon as the determinate, we lose control of the now, if we take control of the now, soon follows and reflects our choice.

  15. Hey folks,
    I apologize in

    Hey folks,
    I apologize in advance for my negative view. I have deleted/not posted several negative posts that to me, didnt add any value. This time, not so much.
    So sad, all that wordiness ends up nowhere.
    Posted by HEATHER

    In my opinion, Heather is spot on. Maybe worded in a way that may put off. It was direct.
    – we know blah blah, we know blah blah. Sure, we COULD know, but as the point was made, demagogues and rediculous politics will derail any sensible things Pinchbeck may put forward. This is the reality of it.
    – WWII & focused global effect..there isnt ANYTHING physically preventing us. Its doable? Yes, yes it is. When you are facing a despot with global designs to control humanity… sure. easy peasy. We all KNOW to what ends the political/financial machine are willing to go to retain control. How do you stop that?
    – drudgery jobs… plebs have a perchance to riot…cause they are bored? Let them go outside and look around.
    I have nothing against Pinchbeck. He has a great vision. I believe if we could institute some programs in a gentle manner, it COULD be a reality. To me, he is a guy standing on any random street corner in the heart of NYC wearing a sandwich board. On the board is written great and powerful truths. All there to see, but the great herd of rushing humanity pushes passed him without a second thought. what is required and will mostlikely happen is a full collapse of the system. Life as we know it will end before ANY mass group of people will do anything together.
    Like a certain major petrol company investing in climate change research in the 70s & 80s KNEW what was up. “I’ll be long dead by the time that happens.” research coming to light now.
    Popular radio talk show host(s) that can only poo poo climate change as is going to happen the following Monday AFTER Harvey stomps on south Tx. “Here come the environmental kooks out of the woodwork. ” When you have politicized science, who are you going to believe. (grain of salt moment) All this happened 26k years ago before the 2nd destruction of atlantis. the twins wanted to hold power till the last possible second.
    (I dont have the real statistics) Millions had to die(Dr. E)

    I apologize for the rant. I am usually not so negative, but this hits a nerve.
    I do love you guys.

    1. Harley, would you prefer it
      Harley, would you prefer it be too easy, rather than too hard, knowing we do not value what is not earned? Is that the basis we should strive to build our future on? Should we pray to Heaven to indulge our weakness, lighten our burden, or instead for the strength to bear whatever our future brings? Of course there’s resistance, because change is never easy. If it were, no positive change could ever stand secure either.

      Harley, I didn’t mean to come across unsympathetic, this is for you, my friend:

      1. Its all good, Steve44.
        I dont

        Its all good, Steve44.
        I dont take things here personal or as a slight. we all have a point of view that may not match up completely. I just dont like being the …
        nattering nehbob of negativity.
        Thats why I prefaced the comment. Personal note: i play an online game where I do deal with “individuals” that go out of their way to insult.
        I “think” that we all understand the herculean effort required to make meaningful change. I just had a moment of “thats nice, but…” Its a reality. i also get the idea that an easy victory may not really BE a victory. I’ll check the links and thank you in advance for taking the time to put em up.
        I think we are family here.
        Gobekli tepe

  16. Whenever I start to overthink
    Whenever I start to overthink I tend to go in circles. Insight is done by meditation. I try to remind myself of the quote: “Do not confuse understanding with a larger vocabulary.” Sri Yewkteswar.

  17. We are in race against the
    We are in race against the composition of the oxygen in the air.

    Please more studies on impacting intelligence via the air….WTF?

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