In this shocking and powerful edition of Dreamland, exogenetics expert Bruce Fenton deals what in our DNA leads him to believe that we have been genetically altered in the past, almost certainly by advanced races for unknown reasons. Then his wife Daniella tells us of her own life in close encounter and her shocking case of a disappearing pregnancy that was confirmed by medical examination.

Whitley Strieber once said that “this is what evolution looks like when it is happening to a conscious species.” If ever we have done a show that confirms this, the is that show. Exciting, amazing, heartbreaking and wondrous. Be prepared for a truly extraordinary journey.

You will not hear anything like this anywhere else. is the first organized node of contact between mankind and other worlds, and this show is a perfect example of what that means.

You can visit Bruce and Daniella on their website, They will be joining us on June 6 at 11AM Pacific in the subscriber video room for a discussion of their work. Daniella offers readings and other services at

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  1. Holding you in my heart, Daniella. Bless you for sharing so intimately with us.

  2. I think I need to re-read ‘American Cosmic’… but some of what I understood after reading that, was the incredibly blurred lines, the huge cross-over between some intense religious experience and the UFO phenomenon. And that the huge mystery around and influence of religious artifacts, is also reflected in the physical mystery that is presented by certain UFO related artifacts, which also seems to evoke a similar sense of dealing with the sacred, by those who study it, that is also prevalent in religious circles.

    And so, if sacred mystery is actually present in both areas of study, is the mistake of the military to just think of it in polarising terms of good and evil? As it seems to me that their propensity to understand it in religious terms is partly understandable, given the research of Diana Pasulka.

    1. I just wonder whether the two sides of these profound experiences, the seemingly technological on one side and the seemingly spiritual (religious icon) on the other, come from the same unknown source and our interpretation is just a function of our conditioning? Or are they genuinely from two different sources, both equally unknown and mysterious to us, rightly or wrongly assigned as sacred by some but both capable of profoundly changing lives?

      1. “I just wonder whether the two sides of these profound experiences, the seemingly technological on one side and the seemingly spiritual (religious icon) on the other, come from the same unknown source and our interpretation is just a function of our conditioning?”

        My experience is they both come from the same unknown source – The One. We can think of it like this. There is an Operating System of the Universe. (That the Lead Designer put there – it is Her Mind, after all)

        Aside from the most basic “unconscious energy” programs like the Laws of Nature as we have understood them so far, most of the rest of this UniverseOS is various forms of Conscious Energy.

        Let’s say for some reason you wake up at 3am and walk out into your yard to discover a small alien craft quietly parked, with a door open. You work up the courage and slip inside, and you find a single empty pilot seat. Attached to this seat is a note. And a small manual.

        “Wanna fly? Just read this manual.” When you start reading and understanding the first few lines in the manual, you feel your currently conditioned mind starting to go into a kind of total-excitement-slipped-out-seizure. At first it feels really good – sweetly chilling and delicious. Super mystical.

        But there is an edge to it…

        You calm yourself. You reaaally want this experience. You read another line, and another, and then you feel something powerfully deep inside your mind abruptly rising up – ripping, roaring up – screeching bloody murder like a beast from Darkest Hell about to become unchained.

        You jerk the manual away from your eyes, and drop it back, dangling on the chain attached to the seat.

        The next thing you know you are waking up in bed, hours later, wondering about the fading moments of a vivid and bizarre… experience? Dream? …Nightmare? And then it’s gone.

        The matter of conditioning is very important.

        From A New World, where Whitley is referencing a conversation with the MOTK:

        “Conscious energy is not like unconscious energy, the servant of those who understand its laws. To gain access to the powers of conscious energy, you must evolve a relationship with it. Learn its needs, learn to fulfill them.” I then asked how to do this. He replied, “By first realizing that you are not cut off. There is no supernatural. There is only the natural world, and you have access to all of it. Souls are part of nature.” He also said that it was part of the electromagnetic spectrum and detectable as such, but also that it isn’t passive and will decide whether or not it is to be detected, and the degree.

        1. Here’s another thought on the power of conditioning. If you were a goat herder in 450 AD, watching a caravan crossing the Sahara, your first thought would not be, “Those camels were manufactured in camel factories.”

          Nor would your second, third, fourth nor fifth thought.

  3. Its june 5 2020 today.
    I wish everyone to be well. But the forced seperation between us, the control and the masks is getting to me.
    I went to the pharmacy today. Ya know, standing on red stickers with little feet and words saying STAND HERE 6ft…..etc.
    That poor person who has allergies.
    (I overheard the script) The masked, fearfull eyes looking at this poor person at the pharmacy today. Sneezing with runny nose means your a deadly threat we guess?
    Everybodys suspect and it stinks.

    I think more people should get thier information from and
    Coast 2 Coast.
    I miss reading the body language from the face.
    I cant be the only human feeling like this.
    Ok rant is over.
    Peace to all. Love to all.
    WE are ALL ONE


    1. Maybe I’m just tired but I read that last line more than once as
      ‘WE are ALONE’.

      1. The central place of truth is the heart. You’re there. Congratulations!

  4. As much as I appreciated the interview I wish there had been new info on hybrid humans. I just don’t feel that we learned anything new.

  5. Thank you for a fascinating and touching show. I’m intrigued with Bruce’s comment that “astronomers say that large bodies cannot be captured by Earth’s gravity ….the idea of one being in orbit and breaking up….isn’t this a techno-signature?” The elephant in the room here is our own relatively large moon. It is in an orbital “dance” with Earth and is not a techno-signature…….or is it?

    1. I’ve heard both sides of the argument regarding our moon…it has been suggested using planetary models of the early solar system, that the current Earth / Moon system is consistent with there being no moon originally… and that early Earth was struck by a body of similar size to Mars. The resulting imact is supposed to have coalesced into the Earth and a smaller tidally locked body, that we now call our Moon… so according to that model, the Moon is not actually a moon but rather a small planet, made of essentially the same stuff as Earth.

      On the other side, there is the suggestion that the Moon is a hollow, artificial body, brought into orbit from elsewhere… Maybe to stabilise the Earth’s weather systems and maybe for some offsite parking and private accommodation… who knows?!

      But both are consistent with the Earth not being able to naturally capture a roaming moon, so take your pick!

  6. There are the ET’s who are considered good in the sense of being for us: the forces of light or divine knowledge.
    And there are those who are considered evil because they are against us, not having our best interest at heart: the forces of darkness or ignorance.
    That is exactly how the good and evil angels or messengers have been described.
    The good or enlightened angels tell us that we are children of God, as divine extensions of the benevolent Creator. While the evil or ignorant angels are constantly accusing us and don’t believe we are God’s innocent and even divine children.
    So we get messages from both sides, and it is left up to us who to believe.
    Those who don’t even believe there are good ET’s or angelic messengers are believing what the dark forces whisper in their minds. As do those who don’t believe we are children of God. As well as those who don’t believe there is a God, let alone a good God.
    Ultimately even the seemingly “evil” ET’s or angels are working for the good of all, even thought they are not aware of that. But also they are children or divine extensions of God.
    As has been said: “The devil doesn’t know for Whom he works.”
    Our experienced separation from God seems very real. But so seem dreams.
    This is a virtual reality.
    The ego is an illusion.
    God is our true Being, our true Self.
    The process of awakening to our real Self brings with it great marvelous positive changes in our experience. And that is manifested in symbolic signs like hybridization or the elevation of the self to the Self.
    From earthly to heavenly. From human to divine.
    The transformation has been called “Deification.”
    Plenty of Information on it can be found:

  7. Powerful, disturbing and moving account from Daniella. While listening to her speak, I kept wondering if there was any limit to the strangeness of this greater reality that Unknowncountry showcases. But as strange as Daniella’s account sounded to me the sincerity in her voice, so apparent, left little doubt that she was indeed relaying yet another glimpse into a universe that we are only beginning to put into a proper perspective. To Daniella and to Whitley, I can hardly imagine your losses and the agony of not knowing. I pray that those losses were in furtherance of a greater good. I suspect they were.

  8. I got to thinking about the comment on members of the US Air Force believing that an invasion threat was immanent and that demonic forces were behind the phenomena they were seeing. If you stop and think about it for a minute, the first part of their assessment seems to be a bit odd. In my humble opinion, someone would have taken us over long before now, when humanity was in it’s technological infancy, before it had polluted the earth’s water and air and gained the ability to defend itself. Maybe the visitors like an ocean filled with plastic, depleted fish stocks, and an atmosphere filled with who knows what. Maybe what they are really looking for is a good fight with a worthwhile adversary. Somehow I highly doubt it.

    Now on the matter of demonic forces, we only have to look back in history and the response of the church to technological advances. A perfect example is the development of the glass lens and its use in the telescope and eye glasses. These were initially viewed as demonic creations. If you delve into the history books you can find examples of those who said that attempts at human flight were demonically inspired. Come on fly-boys, it’s time for you to realize that human flight is not natural and never will be. Remember the immortal words of Mel Brooks who said,
    “if God had meant us to fly he would never have given us the steam railway locomotive”.
    Rickety Man

    1. Further to my comment on how past discoveries were perceived by those in authority and how it might relate to us today. In 1676 Antoine van Leewenhoek discovered micro-organisms through the use of the microscope. He was using a new technology to see into a world previously unknown to humanity. Micro-organisms by themselves are neither good nor evil, but their influence on the human body can be beneficial or harmful. Some live in a symbiotic relationship with us, such as gut bacteria, while others can be deadly pathogens leading to our demise. By observing and studying them we have come to a better understanding of our relationship with them. If I were to make a bold comparison, maybe we should look at our relationship with the others in a similar manner. Some may be of benefit while others are not. The latter, whatever they are, might as well be considered as demons if they lead to our demise or negatively impact us.
      The challenge before us then is to determine which ones are beneficial to us and which are not. We need to actively work towards understanding what we see so we can better respond to it. I think back to Whitley’s frequent comments about us working on ourselves to build a strong soul. Just maybe our ongoing effort to build a stronger soul is the tool tool we need to help us discern what it is we observe as we peer dimly through our own microscope. I believe that a strong soul will be a resilient soul; one that continues to move onward and upward. A soul possessing great love and compassion and without fear of the unknown. Whitley, I am not a religious man in the traditional sense, but I know that building this soul needs continual effort and I take your words to heart. I look forward to your upcoming book about Jesus.
      Rickety Man

  9. In a sense I feel the ancient ones (Annunaki) have let us down as a species for which they SHOULD/DO have much invested. So, if believed, we were bred from a race with SERIOUS AND LOTS of anger issues. How do we NOW navigate the waters in these extreme and changing times? I listened to this interview a few days ago and believe one of the things discussed was, something like…….silent GENES/DNA(?) being altered/ activated/maybe re-activated. WOW! TO THAT. 

    I was also thinking, is most of humanity living their lives like a ship without a rudder or sail? Lacking a sense of direction?

     BUT then…….

    “Interestingly enough it was a ship built without a rudder or sail that safely carried Noah and his family through the biggest storm our world has ever known.”

    A few interesting websites.


    Ancient Aliens: Alien Messages in Our DNA

    I received the website below from a friend last night and want to include it. (Stop Trying to figure it out, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths. ” – Proverbs 3:5-6)

  10. The Fentons are quite remarkable, and the information that they present is as well. I want to also thank Whitley and the Fentons for the very open discussion that many of us experienced in the Zoom meeting on Saturday. They were very forthcoming with detailed answers to our questions and, and their depth of honesty was like a breath of fresh air! I’ve ordered a copy of the book and I look forward to reading and learning more on a topic that, maybe not so coincidentally, I have been studying in depth for the last few months.

    This is a strange time, but one that I feel despite some fear, is one that many of us have been waiting for in the wings ,and now the real show is ready to begin…

  11. Whitley, thanks much. Bruce and Daniella,
    Wow, this was cool. BUT…. i have a question: Also paraphrasing the statement from the lion king: “Remember who you are. ”
    How do “we” know? Someone knows… but if you’re told, who do you believe?
    (I hear the tapping of a finger on a wooden table)
    From the comments, there were some “nails struck on the head.”
    Thanks again,

  12. I appreciated the interview very much. I would hope the military grows out of infantile ‘good – bad’ duality. I would assume there are many species in the galactic community and many agendas, as well as different agendas among members of the same species. This makes analysis very complex, but dumbing it down to stereotypes is juvenile. Realistically speaking: Some race or collective owns Earth and we are the animals living here. They are engaging us in increasing depth. I agree they are offering ‘A New World, if we can take it’. Humanity needs to grow up and start taking serious nurturing steps for the biosphere which supports us. We have a long way to go in growing up as a species.

    I was disappointed at the ‘giant glass ship’ myth. Tektites are well understood and there is minimal controversy. The strew fields having well defined ages and cannot be attributed to one source. Turning natural phenomena back into myth further confuses an already complex situation and makes people doubt the validity of everything said.

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