First, Mia Feroleto tells us about the Conciouisness and Contact conference which will be held on the Pine Ridge Lakota Sioux Reservation in Wasta, South Dakota during the last weekend in July. There will be a CE5 attempt at Devil’s Tower, and Whitley Strieber, Linda Moulton Howe, Mike Clelland and Barbara Lamb will be among the speakers. To find out more, click here or email or call 802-952-6217.

Then Simeon Hein brings fresh and highly informed insights to the UFO mystery. Well-versed in physics and with years of experience teaching remote viewing in addition to extensive knowledge of UFOs, aliens and crop formations, he is a true renaissance man of high strangeness. Listen as he goes in depth about remote viewing AND explains the physics of WHY IT WORKS. Then follow him father down the high strangeness trail into the world of UFOs and other denied and yet extremely powerful realities.

There is so much information in this show that you’ll want to take notes!

To find out more about Consciousness and Contact, email, call 802-952-6217.

Visit Simeon at Learn about his all-online “resonant viewing” remote viewing course here.

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Next week on Dreamland, NY Times reporter Leslie Kean.

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      1. Mary, yes it does – I was just about to post that and saw your comment when I logged in…it does look like a cartoon representation of a virus to me, although I’m not sure what the bit off to the side is. Mutation? Vaccine delivery? Antibody attack?

        Actually, I have just found this image that looks rather similar, of a Cancer vaccine in action generating dentritic cells (second from the right)…and the bumps around the crop circle image, with a single dot inside, could represent the tumour antigen – and the blob attached to it, the T-Cell…

    1. That’s and interesting one Carollee…it’s so fluid, it almost looks like a cartoon.

  1. What’s very important and should be mentioned, due to the sacredness of the Blackhills and Bear’s Lodge Butte, Matȟó Thípila (“Devil’s Tower”), to the local indigenous peoples like the Lakota, is: has this conference and especially the CE5 been OKd by the local elders? Are you aware that your being there might be viewed as an encroachment by a bunch of “New Agers”?

  2. Author

    I have been told that this is already been cleared. I wouldn’t have mentioned it otherwise. You obviously know very little about me or you would not refer to me as a new ager.

    1. Sorry, Mr. Strieber, you misunderstood me. I don’t view you as a “New Ager” i was afraid the Lakota might view the CE5 participants as “New Agers”. I have read all your non-fiction books, much of your fiction, and respect you greatly. I just think it should have been mentioned in the podcast whether or not the Tribal government and/or local elders have been consulted about going near their sacred hills. Because THEY might view the conference participants as New Agers wanting to exploit/abuse their culture or sacred sites even though that’s not your intention. Especially if they hadn’t been included. So it should be mentioned. (I don’t think it was mentioned whether or not they were).

      1. For example when rock climbers climb Shiprock on the Navajo Nation this is very disrespectful of this holy mesa. The Navajo don’t like sport climbers on their sacred land. Because they come in and climb without having a prayerful attitude and most importantly without getting to know the local people. Ìt would be like someone picnicking in your garden without getting to know you first. But i pray the conference and CE5 organisers are in consultation with the Lakota elders. P.S. if it is then i would love to participate myself (where i not stuck in Germany with small kids and a small budget and no days off available…

  3. Whitley, are you sure we’re so much more than we believe ourselves to be and not a whole lot less? The reason our experiences are so varied isn’t because we’re living in a sort of virtual reality? In my case, I’d call it a well-scripted one, for I’ve had “death-transition” premonitions running the gambit from family members to the renown to military strikes and terrorist attacks. Moreover, I’ve had bizarre apocalyptic foreshadowings spanning the spectrum of world faiths, and all in some way involving books! As one instance among many, in 1980, a friend and I were driving through the desert on our way to Texas, from California, when we came upon a veritable mountain of small black etched stones. On a mad whim at odds with my normally subdued nature, I climbed to the top where a particular pale stone caught my eye. Splattered across its upturned side was a red streak, as if nature had attempted to paint it in a single careless brushstroke. I picked it up for closer examination when, just then, a jet must’ve broken the sound barrier creating a thunderous crack in the sky overhead, which caused me – stone in hand – to go tumbling to the ground. I kept that stone for nearly 20 years, when it vanished from my bookshelf. After a lapse of another 15 or so years, I mentioned the stone to my sister as we were talking about Soulmates. Although I’ve absolutely no recollection of doing so, she insisted I’d given it to her. My sister, a professor at a mid-western university, is also very involved with the Native Americans living there. It seems, one day a tribal shaman came to visit her and as he crossed the threshold of her home, he was immediately struck by a profound vision of an endless plain of dead white buffalo. He insisted his vision was emanating from the stone – my Soulmate – which was now set on her bookshelf, and instructed her to perform a burial ceremony for it in her backyard. This sort of occurrence, repeated again and again throughout my life, has caused me question not only the nature of reality, but the purpose of our being.

  4. Has NO ONE read about all the terrible, terrible decisions made by the Athenians fighting Sparta, and then scant decades later again (!) dreading Philip of Macedon and his successor Alexander? History smashes sociology and intelligence and statistics at every turn. Belisarios, Shaka, Genghis…Konye-Urgench, Smyrna, Jonestown, the Vendée… Dr. Hein and all us tiny buzzing hordes of scholars and journalists say “we” must decide in favor of clear thinking — while any student of any period of history can tell you “WE” WON’T. A tenth of the world population lost to murder and plague in the 20th century. A third of the world dead from the Black Death not even 600 years ago. Try necrometrics-dot-com if you need numbers. The ultraterrestrials keep mumbling the same ineffectual advice to a few scattered millions: Don’t harm the environment, be nice — while “we” deliriously fling both brains and hearts aside, billions of us, committing human-race-suicide. No implementable advice on HOW to survive. Anyone resonate with my pessimism…and prove me wrong?

    1. You raise a very credible point, Loquamur, after all this time, why can’t mankind do better? And why is death central to so many premonitions? And why do the “others” seem so intertwined with our dying? As to at least the last question, and perhaps the others as well, it was answered – however enigmatically – the night my mother died. Though a continent away, in bed asleep, I am not free of guilt. As I slept and dreamt, the “other” graced me with his presence. Back pressed against the front door to my parent’s house, he’d obviously been waiting there for me, yet what a baffling reception. So thoroughly overwrought was this special messenger that I approached closer to console him. Deflecting my concern, he swallowed and forced himself to mumble, “I had to take it so that I could live.” With this apology he stepped aside, letting me enter the house. Inside, my grief-ridden sister instructed me not to disturb our father who was lying in bed, too distraught to speak. A thief had broken in and stolen the wrought iron grate with a rose motif from in front of the kitchen hearth. Though no such grate ever really existed, my mother’s name was Rose. When I awoke moments later to a ringing telephone, I knew my sister was calling to tell me our mother had passed. For brevity’s sake, I’ll end here by saying, maybe the truth isn’t pretty and pastoral as a picture.

    2. Loquamur, I too wish for some more concrete survival advice. Spiritual growth is well and good but not easily recognizable to many of us. Can one person change the whole of the world? I don’t know. Individuals have certainly touched large portions of humanity for good and ill. We humans are not homogenous, we are each in our bubble.

  5. Thank you Whitley for a fascinating Dreamland show. Thank you Mia for making safe spaces available during the COVID-19 pandemic for this upcoming Consciousness and Contact conference. Today’s Sunday LA Times interviews several architects about design changes being made due to the onset of this pandemic, and they mention alternatives to doorknobs, smaller safer workspaces, a re-thinking of room ventilation methods, and much more. The organically raised food menu that Mia discusses using for that conference is so much more supportive of the human immune system than conventional food items; bravo.

  6. Fascinating Dreamland this week. Sadly, the link to the RV mini class was broken and I could not find where one signs up.

  7. I am in agreement with the Lakota creation story that man was born in the Black Hills and went out from there to populate the world. The Black Hills are the heart of America and the heart of the World.

    The conference on Pine Ridge this past July opened an energetic portal and shifted many subtle streams of thought and consciousness for those in attendance and the collective. A big claim for sure but true nevertheless.

    Shortly afterwards, I was introduced to the work of Chico Xavier, a Brazilian mystic who books have sold over 50 million copies. One of our speakers this coming July will be Juliano Pozati who is an expert on Chico’s work. Soon I will be interviewing Juliano on my podcast so that we can all benefit from learning about Chico’s life and work. A true mystic, all of the monies raised from his books was given to the poor.

    Whether you attend the conference or not, through Whitley and Unknown Country you are connected on an energetic level to what happens there. We are all connected. Mitakuye Oyasin in the Lakota language means “all my relations.”

    We are all related and there has never been a time when we have been more closely related with the ability to communicate with each other through the elements. Use this time of quarantine to go within and engage with the powerful life force that flows through each of us in a constructive way. We are in a time of instant manifestation if we allow ourselves a leap of faith to access the required energy to make it happen.

    We’re not alone in this initiatory process of transformation. We have the benefit of walking this path with all souls in the past, the present and future times who have and will walk this road.

    1. Reading the comments here prompts me to remind everyone that we all must go through our own version of the dark night of the soul in order to advance. This is not airy fairy New Age stuff but heavy duty lifting. To interact with reality and other dimensions requires grounding and discernment but we all have the ability to do so.

      1. Exactly, Mia! Well said, succinctly, and to the point… It is NOT easy, and to progress has to begin with the individual. We cannot put our reliance on society or culture to get us there.

        “We have the benefit of walking this path with all souls in the past, the present and future times who have and will walk this road.” They are ALL us, and we are them. There is no separation except those virtual walls and barriers that we have manufactured in this reality, and that includes our concept of time. It is there solely for our growth.

        1. Agree, as well! “The dark night of the soul,” I always loved those words. Saint John of the Cross, to him the sky was the limit, starred infinity being but an extension of our body and our mind being the sprawling womb that embraced eternity’s star child.

  8. Author

    Great comment, Bev! I have often thought that we knew more before we understood so much. St. John of the Cross is a perfect example of that.

  9. “Mysticism” by Evelyn Underhill is a classic book on the subject.

  10. I’m wildly bummed as I originally wanted to attend this conference and spoke to Mia about attending.
    This was pre- CV19… Now I feel I am needed here (ER worker), and I don’t want to be affected by the virus, nor infect Native American population.
    I hope you guys are safe and can keep this going for 2021. Sadly, I also made plans way back in Jan for Lilydale NY but that has now been cancelled.
    Be Safe all…

  11. Author

    I’m so sorry for you, James, but it’s just a miserable situation all round. Next year, my friend!

  12. We are planning a conference for 2021 and I encourage people to let me know in advance if they would like to attend based on the overwhelming response we have gotten since last July.

    I am delighted to share that the artist Mafe Izaguirre, who has an interview on my podcast from several months ago, will be creating an interactive artificial intelligence installation at the Thunderheart Center for the Arts for our conference. The opening will be for attendees and speakers the evening of July 23rd. Exciting stuff.

  13. Simeon’s description of the sensations and observations as felt by the remote viewer (RVer) are interesting. I have often wondered about what sensations the out of body experience (OBE) produces and how one is perceived by others who may encounter the person having the OBE.

    I believe that I have had numerous OBE’s during my life, both while awake and asleep. These experiences are usually quite vivid, when compared to the RVer experience, and the memories are long lasting compared to my normal dreams. I can recall as a child sitting in class and find myself occasionally looking down at myself and classmates. Childhood dreams often involved flying, or should I say moving, at night along the streets in my neighborhood, often just above the illuminated street lights.
    A few months ago both Whitley and Mike did interviews with Christopher Bledsoe in which orbs of conscious light played a key role in Christopher’s experience. As an adult I have had very vivid dreams of moving around the city at night and seeing small balls of light moving about. I have often wondered if my vivid dreams of flying at night was an OBE and were the balls of light I saw other souls having OBEs. Was I presenting as a ball of light to others who might have observed me? I have had a few interactions with souls that I interpreted to be very advanced in that their intensity and brightness was so much greater than any other and the immense love, and at the same time sadness, they shared was almost like it was of whole of the human species for it’s entire existence.

    One night when doing the sensing exercise it suddenly came to me that I should visualize myself as a ball of golden light. At some point in the exercise I suddenly felt myself to be floating and moving along a landscape. I came upon what I took to be sports field with players moving back and forth like what might happen in a soccer game. I moved down to take a closer look and was amazed to see the players dressed in colorful clothing, similar to what soccer or basket ball players wear. The players were slender and agile and could have been human except that their heads were shaped different from ours in that they were like an inverted triangle, being somewhat flat on top. They had something on their head that could have been a helmet. To say that I was amazed would be an understatement. As I moved about the players they began to notice me and become very excited and began to shout and point at me. At that point I became so excited and started exclaiming to myself, they can see me, they can see me. I was then immediately back in my body in bed. To say that I was gobsmacked would be an understatement. The memory of his experience haunted me for weeks, wondering what had happened, was it real, and who were the beings I had observed.

    Enter Mike Clelland and his little boingmarks.blogspot. One day when scrolling through Mike’s hiddenexperience website i took at detour to the boingsmarks blogspot and was perusing his sketches and drawings, which I have come to truly appreciate. You can only imagine my surprise when I came across the sketch Mike did for Mac Tonnies book the Cryptoterrestrials. The sketch was of a group of other worldly beings, one being what I take to be a praying mantis. Put a colorful sports uniform on him, or her, and a protective helmet and I’m pretty sure that would be the beings I saw during the sensing exercise. Thank you Mike for your wonderful drawings.

    I’m curious Whitley, when you have had OBEs in the past and interacted with others, how did they perceive you? Were you in your PJs?

    Take care out there
    Rickety Man

  14. I thought I should note that I have not been able to repeat the above experience with the sensing exercise. When it happened I had no expectations and the thought to visualize myself as a color just popped into my head. Any time I try this now my monkey mind begins to overthink things and gets the better of me. This seems to be a pattern with me in that something incredible and wonderful occurs without me trying and then I can never repeat it. So many wonderful mysteries in life just to keep me on my toes. A side thought – if what I saw was indeed real, and what the beings I saw were praying mantis, then we could say they enjoy participating in sports just like some us do. I wonder if the grays do things like sports or have the concept of fun?
    One other thing, I mentioned my visualization color as gold. I knew I miss-typed the color, not sure why, and meant to change it to orange but forgot to before I was done editing. I have also tried visualizing with other colors but with no results.

    I will have to look into Simeon’s course. Maybe if I took a disciplined approach I might get somewhere. When I was wee lad they didn’t have the diagnosis of ADD or such. My teacher’s notes to my parents always said something like “Ricky is a nice boy but he needs to learn to sit still in class and not talk so much.” Little did they know I was sitting on the ceiling staring down at everyone. Ha – they should see me now!
    Rickety Man

  15. Regarding the Consciousness and Contact Conference: The expensive renovations that had to be made in order to make this 2020 conference safe for all who attend in person are well worth it. So far, estimates of the total duration of the COVID-19 pandemic range from 1 year to 10 years. Therefore, none of us should expect to attend a more normal-looking in-person conference this year, and probably not in 2021, either. The huge degree of uncertainty about precisely when a safe and effective vaccine will be available for any novel coronavirus is just one example of how much uncertainty exists about this pandemic. Mia and Whitley, will you let us know on UnknownCountry if any conference recordings can be made available for purchase after the conference is over? Thank you.

  16. I am delighted to be able to report that Chief Arvol Looking Horse, the keeper of the sacred pipe given to the Sioux by the White Buffalo Calf Woman, will be speaking at the conference. Truly wonderful addition to our activities.

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