Dr. John Alexander is one of the great adventurers. Not only has he been to a hundred countries, he has traveled extensively in the undiscovered country of the mind and the paranormal. Whitley says, “John is one of the most intrepid adventurers I have ever known. He has had every kind of extraordinary experience there is to have, and studied them all! He’s also been just about everywhere, including some of the wildest and most dangerous–and powerful–places on Earth. Most of them, actually.”

So come with John on a journey of high adventure, starting with the UFO/UAP enigma and going via the Skinwalker Ranch to the land of the shaman in Brazil, and from there to some extremely unusual martial arts masters and their amazing abilities!

One of our all time great adventure episodes! (The image on the right depicts John at Mt. Everest Base Camp in Tibet.)

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  1. I haven’t listened to it all but his non answers were more telling than his actual answers

    1. Author

      Give me an idea of some of the things that came off as non-answers.

      1. The only one that really springs to mind for me, is when you asked him about an interesting experience his wife had, to which he pretty much said “You’d better ask her about it”, even though I’m sure he must have known the details.

      2. I terms of really answering questions regarding God of John and chi, the responses really didn’t say much or diminished the criticism. John of God is really a controversial person with some strong accusations against him. Frankly they were glossed over as nothing to really see here. As far as chi, whenever I’ve seen actual MMA fighters get in with them it’s an embarrassment. I guess you have to believe in Chi for it to work against you. Instead of really answering so we can understand a subject it kind of becomes a side show discussion.

  2. Whitley, you asked John if he knew anybody besides Bob Monroe who could go out-of-body anytime they wanted. There are many such people. William Buhlman, who has also taught at Monroe, is one of them. I’d highly recommend his book, “Adventures in the Afterlife.” Jurgen Ziewe is another author and astral explorer — look at his “Vistas of Infinity” book and video on Youtube.

    1. Author

      I guess I’m frustrated that I can’t do it on my own. And yet, when it does happen to me, it is a completely clean break and the experiences have been extraordinary, so I guess I shouldn’t complain. But I’d still like to do it on my own.

  3. Very interesting conversation, thank you.

    Whitley, I often wonder if you are familiar with Dolores Cannon‘s many books and her evolution of discovery. There are so many areas of overlap and I would love to see those worlds come together.

  4. I rarely watch the video podcast, unless there’s some additional visual information to be viewed. That said, both download links and buttons on both versions of the audio podcast, high and low, are still not working on my iPhone. This bug’s been annoying me for a while now.

    Also, I loathe the Apple Podcast app. There are so many better podcast apps in the iOS store, but I’m having a very difficult time finding one that allows me to follow and download the premium (whole) version of the podcast which I pay for every month.

    And while I’m at it, love your efforts to improve the Dreamland podcast Whitley, but please take a few more minutes in post production after every episode and cut the junk out for the premium versions of the podcast. Keep the free versions as you wish, but please edit the premium version down so that all the talk to “Free Dreamlanders” to become “Premium Dreamlanders” is cut out. And please consider expanding your Premium Dreamland podcasts to at least two hours. All too often I feel your podcasts, especially the interview portions with your guests, are cut short. I don’t know if anyone has ever mentioned this to you, but I’m quite sure, every single Dreamlander who pays a monthly subscription, would massively appreciate it.

    1. I agree, it would be great to have a longer show for subscribers… but to be perfectly honest, two hours is a lot to listen to, especially if the conversation needs quite a bit of concentration. Also cutting out the non-subscriber bits could cut it down a little but I’d start wondering even more what they were getting to hear and I wasn’t… I’m nosey like that!

  5. We were unable to use the video on this podcast due to a technical problem, as Whitley explains in the brief video runup.

    1. It probably would have been a good idea to add that information to the Dreamland webpage too.

  6. I have a question about the audio too. Is it just me, or is the audio on the audio stream on the webpage and on YouTube, actually a higher quality than the downloadable ‘high quality’ MP3 link? It is to my ears…but I’m not complaining, just making an observation….20MB isn’t very much these days.

  7. There was a mention of hemi-sync in this interview…which reminded me, that a couple of weeks ago I listened to an interview with Angelia Lynn Johnston (Añjali) and Jimmy Church, where she mentioned an experience she had during meditation. In that experience she talked about putting her fears / her physical body in a black box and then turning around to see something unexpected… What I thought was interesting about that, was only the day before, I decided to see if I could find the hemi-sync ‘Gateway experience’ on YouTube…which I did…and during that Wave 1 audio, there is a meditation section that requests you imagine a black box in front of you and to place all of your fears and your physical body into it and then turn your back on it. Pretty much what Angelia was talking about… so I was just wondering, as part of joining the Defense Intelligence Agence, whether the Gateway experience is required reading / a required course?

    1. Sherbet, I heard that interview with Jimmy Church too…quite interesting…

      Regarding meditation and hemi-sync, several years ago I bought two CDs of hemi-snyc and meditated to them often. I had forgotten about them, but realized while reading your post that I should give them a try again. Since I had a stroke a couple of years ago affecting the left side thalamus (resulting in sensory issues on my right side), it might be worthwhile to see effects, if any, using hemi-sync. (No, I do not expect anything profound.)

      What is the thalamus?

      Suffice to say that I have learned a lot about it since my brain bleed. On my own. Doctors and neurologists have not been much help in the information department, sorry to say.

      1. Good look with the hemi-sync again! I’ve just downloaded the PDF, which looks very interesting indeed. I shall read it this weekend. Thank you!

    2. I have been to The Monroe Institute (TMI) for Gateway program. Its about 20 years of meditation in one week. I wish to return post CV19 but I am not sure what to do next.. heartlines?

      I wish I could just get one OBE.. forced or not.

      1. The first time I got out of my body, where I had 360 degree vision, was when I did my usual body relaxation passes from foot to head, then I took a leaf out of a book I was reading called Remote Viewing by Tim Rifat… in there he described a Russian version of a remote viewing process, that involved imaging a cloud or mist enveloping the body and then imagining that the mist is getting drawn into your brain. Part of that might be to get your eyes to automatically look as far upwards as they can, which always seem to enhance any buzzing or rotating feelings I might have had. Then I imagined popping from one room in the house and then back to my body over and over…. Then it just happened, like I flicked a switch….I was hovering in my bedroom, with a 360 degree view, and there was a strange high pitched hissing noise, or like strong tinitus… it sounded to me like those movies where some poor soul was crawling along the desert on all fours and then looks up at the sun…if you know the noise I mean? I also saw a light being, for want of a better description, right in front of me, that kind of freaked me out. But I felt properly spaced out for several days afterwards, so haven’t really pursued it. I have no idea whether that lot might help at all, as I’m sure you’ve tried all sorts but I hope you get out soon and have a great time doing it!

    3. I guess I’m glad I missed that part because I would not put my body in a black box.

      1. Author

        The Monroe system doesn’t involve black boxes. You work in a “check room,” which is a comfy space fitted with audio. It’s very pleasant.

        That said, when I was a little child, I am pretty sure that I was indeed forced into a black box–specifically, a Skinner Box–in a demented “accelerated learning” program that may have been even more sinister than that.

        I would agree: you want to stay out of black boxes!

  8. 2 different subjects to comment on here, from issues raised above:

    Xavier and everyone, regarding listening on the iPhone to these recordings — is the operating system on your iPhone updated to all current versions and fixes for the iPhone? — just a thought.

    Whitley and everyone — on feeling “frustrated” about being unable to go “out of body” at will. It is extremely likely that those who can do so (go “out of body” at will) are following an ascetic lifestyle, at least to a degree. The prime component of the modern day ascetic is vegetarianism if not out-and-out veganism. On the other hand, even such spiritual adepts such as the current Dalai Lama did try vegetarianism and failed at it, so there you go. There are also some foods that appear to enhance meditation, such as spirulina. I have experimented with spirulina in some recipes, with some successes and some (taste) failures.

  9. I think some distinction needs to be made between spiritual development and occult “technology”. I use the word “technology” on purpose because there are parallels between, on the one hand extraordinary healing powers, occult powers and on the other hand, man-made technology There is no guarantee that a person who has “special powers” has spritual wisdom, anymore than there is a guarantee that the creators of technology have “spiritual wisdom”. Indeed, the lack of such wisdom in the latter is all too apparent as witnessed by the environmental crisis. Likewise, so-called “spiritual healers” are not necessarily “spiritual”. That is to say they are not necessarily in touch with a higher power, which we can call “God”. For that reason, I have no doubt that John of God may have remarkable, mysterious healing powers while at the same time being a rapist. If you take Jeffrey Mishlove’s account of the PK Man, Ted Owens, seriously, he was another who had mysterious powers but was an incredibly flawed-even dangerously immoral- human being. So again, my point is that I think people confound “spiritual evolution” with occult powers or “siddhis” as they are called in the East. The reason they confound the two is that “siddhis” seem to come from an invisible world. Looking at this phenomenon is fascinating. There is nothing wrong with it, as long as you don’t confuse occult thrill-seeking (the great French writer Josephin Peladan warned of “la frisson de l’occulte”) with actual spiritual development, i.e. working in conjunction with God. Anyway, very interesting interview.

  10. I would like to add something to the comparison of the current state of affairs to the late Roman Republic when it was devolving into the Empire around the time right before Julius Caesar’s establishment of a dictatorship. The corruption and greed of the one percent is largely to blame. Farms folded because of debt and where then purchased by the fat, greedy Senators. People moved to the cities, after their families had farmed for hundreds of years, to find work only to find that there was no work because it had all been “outsourced” to slaves that had been acquired by the oligarchs from the regions conquered by Rome. This exacerbated and created more slums and poverty. In fact, Rome was already a welfare state before Augustus took over and began to establish programs to rebuild infrastructure, create public services (fire, etc.) and veterans affairs services. By the time that the dictatorship and thus the empire was established, people welcomed the change because of their oppression and indeed, Augustus, who was careful to never use the title “Emperor” preferring something more like “Father” or “Great Leader”, was very intelligent and well-educated (like his uncle Julius). That is one area that does not resonate today with the leadership in which people seem to prefer the dumbest and least trustworthy, like many of the ones that unfortunately followed Augustus. Essentially, Rome was run by the military after that, with the emperors being chosen by whoever was most popular with the military. It was a military oligarchy one could say (if that is even a thing) and devolved into the kind of debauchery that we associate with toga parties and orgies as well as the blood lust that we associate with the Colosseum events, a product of “peace time” entertainment. So, yes, parallels, but most people don’t trace it this far back, to the first century B.C. This is also part of the reason that Jesus became so legendary and popular amongst the poor and disenfranchised. He promised an after life revolution (sorry, Whitley) in which a benevolent God would make everything better than it was in the harsh world. One more thing is that I am sorry but I have to disagree that technology can increase the carrying capacity of the earth. Maybe, if you want to live in some horrendous sci fi dystopia; but the ecosystem of which we are a part is a much more advanced and intricate technology than we are capable of and clearly, our manipulation of genetic material to change eye color shows that we are not capable of ethically handling what we know already. We would have to consciously and intelligently make better choices for the species as a whole, in a collective as the wise Dr. Alexander says. But, we all know that’s not going to happen because what people do when there is overpopulation and the system starts to tilt, is start using tech to have more babies and get more and more selfish and entitled and probably worst of all, more tribal.

    1. Interesting. I learned a lot and the parallels are remarkable. Thanks.

      1. Thanks for saying that. I too often jump at the opportunity to get in “professor” mode and I probably need to rein that in, but I appreciate that someone listened. 🙂

  11. Whitley, there’s an old Texas saying that I will use here. You make a hundred of both Melinda and John. It’s your gifts that shine through like a beacon……you…..you……you.

    Jimmy Church was interesting and his anger gave so much energy to the show. So many people don’t trust their emotions so they dance around the real meaning. Both you and Jimmy connected and weren’t afraid.

    1. I went to his website and couldn’t deal with all the bling though myself. I like to take things a little more low key.

  12. Author

    Speaking of parallels with Rome, Karen, the parallels between now and its collapse are stunning. Starting in 150 AD, a weather pattern known as the Roman Climate Optimum ended. Climate change was the reason. There followed drought across the entire world, including the Roman Empire, which, by that time, was interconnected with the most elaborate system of roads and sea lanes ever known.

    The drought caused a decline in food availability and subsequent malnutrition, which led to a decline in immune response. This, added to the fact that people were so much more mobile, caused the first pandemic known to man, the Aurelian Plague.

    At the same time, wholesale immigration started as the Huns moved west in search of forage and water, pushing the Magyars into the Germans and the Germans into the Roman empire.

    Added to this was an extraordinary wealth imbalance, which had gotten worse and worse, until something like a half of one percent of the population is believed to have owned 98% of the wealth, by some estimates.

    All too familiar…

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