In this raw, audacious, and eye-opening solo episode, Jeremy Vaeni tells why “alien abduction” is a hollow term that is, in fact, us telling on ourselves as a society, and why aliens do not exist at all anywhere in the universe. This is part one of two transformative monologues that will revolutionize the way you think about high strangeness topics forever… if you dare.
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  1. Love your stuff. Heck, I think the visitors are cut from the same goblin universe cloth as the Fae, sasquatch, mothman, and so on. Also I hold the heretical view that not all ghosts are souls, some might even be time slips. Where can I find the old Paratopia shows? I first found you on Where Fid the Road ho?

    1. Paratopia is one of 3 shows on my Our Undoing Radio feed wherever you get podcasts. Here’s Apple Podcasts:

      The website is but I haven’t bought a security certificate for it so if you go there you might get a warning about it being a questionable site. What it is is a masked redirect to a carved out portion of

      Maybe that’s too much info, lol.

  2. Can’t wait to hear more! Have always loved your brilliant mind…what’s really going on?!

    1. Thanks! I don’t think we can FULLY know what’s really going on as we are now, but I think by the end of the next installment, we’ll have a chance to approach it from a more realistic angle that will look, funny enough, like a completely unrealistic angle.

      The biggest secrets are kept from us by us.

  3. This is the best show of your doing and one that I think should have been the first for people who did not know about you and where your thoughts on the subject (brilliant. In my opinion) and experiences are and have been, Perfect introduction of yourself and wishing to hear more from you, a lesson in openness and analytical objectivity. I apologize for not understanding your style before… I was totally enthralled in your discussion and painfully aware of my previous lack of objectivity. I want to see and hear more from you. You are exactly what the listeners and viewers need to be exposed to to go further into the journey. Thanks.. I hope to see you ihere next month!!!

  4. You stated you want dialog, so I am spending some time doing so. I jot notes for all shows, rather than listening lightly looking for good stories, I am looking for hints.

    You state we need to be open minded and then speak as if you know facts. My dad taught all his sons to talk like ‘know it alls’, We do not mean it that way. When I first met my current wife as a friend, before relationship, I would say things as fact. When she first got bold enough to contradict something I said with other facts, I would respond, Oh, I guess your right.’ This perplexed her and sometime brought some mocking repeat of my words, but we would laugh together. I got better at expressing myself, but I still come off that way.

    Long ago someone asked me to code a field in an HR database that was a Yes/No named “Foreigner”. Another coder who was born in another country and now a naturalized citizen, stated, “Some people might be offended at being called a Foreigner” (perhaps he himself?). HR agreed and came up with something like “Global Citizen” and management accepted it and I coded it as such. The company was identifying an asset, but the phrasing was not conveying that.

    Perhaps what you want to say is ‘Alien’ is a bad work for the ‘Presence’ and carries incorrect nuance or even insinuations. People might accept the rest of your presentation better phrased as such. There has been ongoing terminology used for the sentient beings engaging us. I just choose to use ‘Presence’, but they are more than just here, they are affecting us as your discussion implies (contrary to a non-interference assumption).

    I will speak against philosophical materialism as a false religion, but must also admit I am conditioned to such thinking as well, but do not consider it a truth of the Cosmos to be defended in every way possible. Living as non-dual Jiva-Mukti is also a theory of mind, I believe it possible, but cannot claim it as my being. We are stuck with words and our language has ingrained conditioning. Experiences which are interpreted as no-self or outside of time are not describable and these words we use all fall short or open the whole experience to false interpretations and questions. Perhaps our need to understand with the mind is what ‘They’ are trying to free us from, to allow us to live with the vast Mystery which is forever beyond our ability to understand with the mind, but that is life.

    ‘Fear of annihilation is where humans are coming from. Fear of non-continuance.’ – We come from many emotions. With the deepest fear, a Warrior steps forth to do their duty. A martyr just cannot stop spouting the truth. What people do for love is profound. What people do in jealousy is disgusting, Humans are extremely complex. Our culture is more than a projection of fear, though that is one aspect of it. We are predatory and fear being prey. We also fear being alone or separate.

    ‘A planet will not allow a species to leave their world if they are not whole.’ – Comforting thought. The Vedas, the Bible, and the Popol Vuh all state there was a war in heaven or conflict among the ‘Gods’ or the creators were not of one mind. War’s over, alls well – NOT: this means there is a cold war in the ‘Heavens’. The biggest flaw in all of Ufology (just an opinion of mine stated as a truth, my bad) is that the presence is numerous species and has numerous agendas. Perhaps we are being cultivated to be smart enough to become a third world factory planet of cyborgs? I do not believe this, but cannot prove it false. I know for a fact about humans, ‘Everyone you meet is not about your highest good’. I do advise Extreme Caution. Approach a Yogini as an arrogant fool and you will get hurt.

    You seem to try and deny the ETH, yet that is the most highly probable truth: there are numerous technologically sophisticated species evolved on numerous worlds (basic math) who are interacting with Earth (observable fact). That is a point which government disclosure can provide and I believe after the ontological shock, humanity will be forced to realize we are being watched as we act like savage fools and hopefully will become more mature and perhaps even civilized. You can’t call people ‘aliens’ and expect them to welcome you in open communication.

    I think one point you raise is quintessential to understanding: many evolved species are like what we would consider shamanic or like crazy Yoginis trying to shock us into ‘waking up’ or becoming fully human which means part of the Earth and not separate beings. They are tricksters and communicate with a theater in the sky and in all interactions. As Whitley so aptly stated, ‘They believe in the Soul’; and for many government and university types, this is a very scary notion.

    ‘The Presence knows us better than we know ourselves’ (Another hypothesis stated as fact). We need to honor their teachings as radical as they are and also identify when we are being conned or used. One can grow from trauma, but that does not mean the perpetrator had intent to teach: yet, ‘waking up’ or being in non-dual consciousness for a moment is extremely traumatic and the Shaman or Yogini might use quite shocking techniques to help one along the Way.

    Yes, as you state, we need stimulating dialog at a higher level.

    1. The biggest flaw in all of Ufology (just an opinion of mine stated as a truth, my bad) is that the presence is numerous species and has numerous agendas. By this I mean they are many with many agendas and intents. Until we have actual pictures of some of them and can distinguish various races, we cannot accurately understand what is happening. If the Elohim Gods (representatives of different species of ET) each took a territory on Earth), then maybe we are part of their cold war?

    2. I’ll just take a couple of these….

      “My dad taught all his sons to talk like ‘know it alls’…”

      Mine didn’t.


      “You seem to try and deny the ETH, yet that is the most highly probable truth:”

      I explained this. Listen again. Maybe start at the 1:13:00 mark.

      It’s not a most highly probable truth when we have common, personal “jokes” happen, like when Whitley asked for them to appear to Anne and they showed up as a bunch of logs bound by Christmas lights making a mechanical sound, hovering over their hot tub.

      The funny thing is, most of us in this ufology thing are quick to spout the notion that if just one physics-defying UFO ends up being of a nonhuman intelligence then that is all the proof in the world. Our laws of physics are wrong and there are “others” (Usually aliens.)

      Now, how many experiencers have to have logs with Christmas lights show up for it not to be aliens? How many personal theatrical events must take place for impersonal space doctors not to be doing it? The surface event is just that. THAT is what the evidence shows. Over and over again.


      “‘The Presence knows us better than we know ourselves’ (Another hypothesis stated as fact).”

      Actually, it comes from personal experience, speaking to other experiencers and fits in with what I outlined above. An example of a hypothesis would be to say there are multiple species coming from other planets who all have the exact same physical and mental characteristics, except for their skin, can speak our languages but prefer logs and Christmas lights for no apparent reason if it’s not personal, and can’t build a ship that won’t crash. You’d think after the first crash they’d have done some quality control assessments. Perhaps they were too busy warning people about the harm we’re doing to Earth to actually clean up their own pollution–who knows?

      If you want to go with a version of that, who am I to argue?


      “Yes, as you state, we need stimulating dialog at a higher level.”

      On this we agree.

      1. Thanks for replying. I am hoping that pointing out your assumptions you can clarify mine. I enjoyed your show. I am not convinced by some of your assumptions though you speak them with authority. Discussion is good.

        I did listen to your explanation of how they actually might be species from other planets, but then said that did not matter, because they are also something like Kundalini masters. They are powerful souls and can weave a combination of what they are and our illusions together and someone ends up seeing logs. Our perceptions in the face of previously unknown experiences, with nothing in memory to relate to, often become bizarre. BUT, just take Travis Walton, who I believe and the polygraphs believe: two ET species, not the ‘grays’. Many other true cases exist amid the nonsense that resulted from Hypnosis.

        The thing is there are many sources of paranormal events. Are we talking UFOlogy, paranormal (ghosts and spirits and ?), or Kundalini and transcendental events. Advanced beings walk in all these worlds, but the dead and ETs are not the same, even if the ETs can function in the realm of the dead.

        I cannot accept that Earth is the center of the Cosmos where all life comes from! Nor that intelligent species are extremely rare (not that humanity can be considered an intelligent species yet). Life is everywhere and the Cosmos is teaming with life, just like the Earth is. It is Luddite to think faster than light travel is difficult. Special relativity is only about optical perception, though many misunderstand and it seems to be a major disinformation campaign to use this excuse.

        Crashes are a paradox, even if we consider that some races of ET are not super advanced. That is the data of disclosure that some of us feel should be all of Humanities right to know. Until then there is just more and more hypothesis about something we have very few clues about. I could hypothesize, but will limit myself to saying: I do believe Roswell was a physical craft with non-human EBEs.

        Who are we and what is our psychic potential? What is our total potential as Consciousness?

        I do assume some ET races have achieved more of their potential that we can imagine. Each ET race would have different Psi, different inner space, yet all souls are Consciousness.

        Final Disclosure is a myth or illusion, humanity needs to survive so that we can start to really get to learning the important stuff for many thousands of years! Keep hypothesizing, I enjoyed your attempts to unravel a few false narratives with different assumptions. Peace.

        1. Author

          The crashes are a real paradox. Years ago, my uncle Mickey intimated that there were crashed disks in storage and General Exon said so specifically. But–what? They crash? Or is that what is actually going on? They think very differently from us and its possible that these are donations–but then you have to ask, what about the bodies, and there are bodies as well as intact and partially intact craft. SO, even more emphatically, WHAT is going on??

          1. Yes, There is even the idea that we have an intact saucer – how would we get that? It does not add up, at least not according to human logic. Makes me even more hungrey for some real data.

          2. “Final Disclosure is a myth or illusion, humanity needs to survive so that we can start to really get to learning the important stuff…”

            I think this rings of at least some truth. Maybe disclosure is that learning process, and the crashes, donations, bodies, or whatever the hell all this is is part of that process. Disclosure isn’t an announcement; it’s a school.

    3. “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players”, as a rather astute playwright once wrote. Although I’m not sure if we’re all following stage direction and regurgitating dialogue from a script, or just ad-libbing.

        1. Cosmic, regarding your previous link…

          To be perfectly honest, the suggestion that so-called grabby aliens would expand into the Universe at near light speed in all directions, I think, is a ridiculous proposition….all to explain why we can’t currently see their world-changing consumption, when we look to the stars. The extention of this, is that once the light from their expansion hits us, the whole sky will errupt with their presence…which again, seems rather far-fetched.

  5. My favorite episode of all I’ve heard of yours. So helpful to get a peek inside your mind to level set and understand your other shows. Please continue along this line for the good of all. m

  6. I appreciated this show and certainly appreciated Jeremy’s candour.

    So much sounded familiar. Light and sound often overlap and I sat listening to every episode he recounted and it brought back so many memories buried by the mundane business of day to day life.

    I was in Somerset (England) yesterday and the energy was quite literally throbbing through the landscape. I’d ask all of you to listen carefully each evening this summer as I have a feeling that a process is unfolding right now. Jeremy’s thoughts are attuned to this direct connection even if he isn’t currently aware of it.

    Losing one’s virginity. Ah yes, such happy memories, so much mirth, such joy, frivolity; so much laughter.

    I never did quite work out why those young women laughed so much. Maybe there was a nitrous oxide leak nearby? Yes, that would have been it.. 0,0 ..

    Moving on, happily.


    1. Appreciate your thoughts. I live on a volcano on an island of volcanos. Throbbing land energy is perpetual here.

  7. I found this monologue to be worth my time. I enjoy your realness. Your style is not Whitley’s. Your narrative through line is long and I easily lose track of it. Rather you share with us your present thoughts on, well, whatever this is. I share your take on some things and would enjoy more material. For example, our understanding of what being human is limited and most humans are complicit in destroying earth. I did pick up your recent book as a result of this podcast.

    1. Thanks for picking up the book!

      As far as the show goes, I think it will come into focus in the next installment. I didn’t get into why I’m talking about all this nonduality stuff in the first place but it will make sense, promise.

  8. Yes do more shows! Very worth it to me!.
    All great directions to ponder.

  9. Thank you Jeremy I really appreciate your point of view and take on the visitor phenomenon. Being both an experiencer and nondual spiritual practitioner I too, have come to the conclusion that the visitors are not so much aliens as ruthless teachers holding up a mirror to show us what we are really like underneath our personas. Stick around there are those of us who enjoy your company.

  10. Author

    Very enjoyable show, Jeremy! Reminds me of the reason that Anne thought so highly of you.

  11. Thank you Jeremy. Not sure I understood all of what you said but I am looking forward to hearing more.

  12. My relationship with the “experience” has been subtle. I’ve seen stuff but nothing as physical and tactile as witnessed during abductions. I have stayed because Whitley hasn’t wavered from the truth of climate change and Jeremy has also beaten that drum. Did people notice that he talked about it here? Why we continue to ignore the deadly subject of climate change is mystifying. It seems to me that Jeremy called it out here. Why do we continue on the road of chaos and self destruction through actions such as racism and environmental destruction? Aren’t they the same? Exploitation, refusal to acknowledge we are all living beings, living in the same space? We have to identify as connected and we can’t without addressing these issues.

  13. Jeremy,

    This is my first time hearing you speak and I think you have a most engaging manner as well as a lively and intelligent mind.

    I’m glad Whitley brought you onto his show as you offer us a truly questioning voice. You want to know, like I do, what’s going on, and you’re willing to alienate people in order to wake us up. So, break a few eggs, fling some ideas on the wall and see what sticks. Opening minds, breaking beliefs and paradigms moves us forward. It opens us up for new ideas to arise and fall away as we try to understand the nature of our reality.

    On that, what is reality, I think it’s different for everyone but I can say for myself that strange things have happened to me all of my life.
    I’ve woken in the middle of the night to pee only to find a grey standing over me, it’s face only inches from my own. I have been on a craft pregnant with twins telling the tall white woman to stop taking me, that I feared loosing my babies because of the stress it caused me. I have no answers for these and many other experiences, so please tell me what you think so I can consider it and see if it rings true for me.

    I want this conversation because I’m a seeker, if only for myself, to understand the world as I find it. I need to hear from others such as myself who don’t know, but are open and intelligent and searching for answers like me. I appreciate you and your efforts, as I know putting yourself out there comes at a cost. For myself, I’m writing something which I hope will be worthy of being shared with others, that my experience may help someone else understand their own reality. And maybe there are no answers to be found while we’re here, I can accept that, as long as I have the mind to seek answers, it’s enough.

    I look forward to hearing more from you.
    Best regards

    1. Aloha! If I may ask about this:

      “I have been on a craft pregnant with twins telling the tall white woman to stop taking me, that I feared loosing my babies because of the stress it caused me.”

      What is the context of that memory? Did it come through hypnosis, a dream that you feel was more of a flashback or out of body experience, something along those lines–or is it a consciously-remembered event that happened like every “normal” wake-state event happens? (Or something else?)

      What were you doing before you ended up on the craft?

      If you don’t feel comfortable answering, I understand. And thanks for your kind words either way.

      1. Jeremy,
        I’m happy to reply.
        I was being taken during my twin’s pregnancy in 1998-99.
        I was on bed rest due to preterm labor and early bleeding. The babies were IVF due to 5 years of infertility treatments for secondary infertility, ie I had a 13 year old son no issues.
        This particular memory began while I was fully awake and conscious. I got out of bed to use the bathroom. I noticed by the window next to my bed the yard was lit up and I assumed it was daybreak.
        I went to the bathroom and looking out the bathroom window I saw that the light seemed to be confined to my yard. The sky above the tree line was dark.
        I retuned to my bedroom window which was larger and I stood looking out into my back yard.
        A tall locus tree behind our house was glowing. The trunk of the tree was a blue/white column of light and the canopy was a spinning array of colors, green, blue, white and yellow. I stared in disbelief, because this was too fantastical and I was fully awake and then the familiar buzzing began around my lips and soon covered my face and my body. This was where part of my conscious mind cut out and I was floating up the tree trunk within the light shaft.
        Next I was walking through a curved hallway with beings I didn’t look directly at, one on either side of me.
        On my right I noticed open doorways. The rooms were dark and when I glanced in I saw silver tables and countertops along the wall. There was a dim blue light coming from a source along the floor.
        I was led to a large room, the size of a gymnasium and there I saw a long line of people. I was led to the end of this line. I was becoming agitated because I was thinking “I’m on bed rest, I shouldn’t be standing in a line for who knows how long.”
        I followed the line of people with my eyes to the end where four tall white human-like beings were standing. They seemed to be handing something to the people waiting in line. There was between myself and the beings tall silver shelving which when I concentrated on it, I saw “backpacks “ arranged on the shelves. I thought, “I don’t know what this means. I don’t know why I’m here.” I was becoming frantic to get back to bed.
        I broke out of the line and I walked directly over to the tall white beings. I stood in front of one of them and my mind told me she looked like Marie Osmond. She, I felt she was female, had over large eyes and I was captivated by her gaze. Her skin was an impossible white, almost glowing in its whiteness, and I began to think in my mind at her, “These are our babies, not yours, we put them there. You’ve got to stop taking me I’m afraid I’ll lose them from the stress you’re causing me.” When I finished I just kept staring into her eyes waiting for a response. I became aware again of the buzzing feeling in my body and that’s all I remember.
        The stranger thing was that at this time I had not yet consciously acknowledged that I was being abducted by aliens. It took my older son telling me that he got up to go to the bathroom one night while all this was going on that he saw three tall white beings outside my bedroom door. That made me think. At the time I was telling no one about what was happening not even my husband, not even thinking about it myself. For gods sake, when the blue light came into my room I told myself it was the light on the VCR and fell back to sleep.
        Last year I tried hypnosis with Laurie McDonald with some interesting results. I wanted to see if I could add to my real memories any more information. I did have some insights and possible memory retrieval but I’m leary of this modality. All that I’m telling you here does not include retrieved memory.
        I also should mention I have a fully awake memory of tall skinny beings putting something into my nose in 1995 soon after our trip to Maui where much high strangeness occurred. For several days my nose drained and I told my husband I thought a spider had crawled into my nose because what I first remembered was a long segmented finger pressing into my nose while I was paralysed. The finger looked like a spider’s leg. I had sinus films done two years later and there was a small white thing the size of a grain of rice in my right maxillary sinus right where I thought it would be. It was seen by myself, I was an X-ray tech at the time, my husband, he’s a radiologist, and one of his partners was also present. I tried last year to get this film but was told everything is digital now and those records are gone. I wonder if it’s still there and could be imaged.
        My children have also had experiences starting when my daughter was three or four and was crying about a funny owl in her window and the little men who came into her room and took her out through the wall. This was a highly stressful time. There’s no terror worse than being taken than your child being taken.
        My father also in his last years told me he believed he was from the stars that he never felt he belonged here. He also told me he’d been having psychic experiences all his life and had told no one. They used to call my dad Dirty Harry because his name was Harry and he looked like a blond Clint Eastwood. Imagine my surprise when my dad came out with this stuff.
        Thank you Jeremy for listening, and for putting yourself out there. I’m enjoying reading your book right now.
        I’ve been trying for years to write about this stuff in a meaningful way that could add to the cannon of this genre and it’s so hard. Even being a trained writer I founder to put it all together. But I feel I must so I persevere.
        Best wishes to you.

        1. Thank you for that. The spider-leg-like fingers remins me of how me ol’ broadcast partner, Jeff Ritzmann, described them having seen them up close. He had A LOT of what I think the average person would assume are straightforward experiences, which he always remembered, too, yet he came to believe that none of it was straightforward. He was once shown a panorama of, I forget–either the moon or the universe, something spacey. He stood in awe of its beauty. One of the beings said telepathically, “You think this is real?” Meaning, “What are you an idiot? You think the universe is real?” lol

          That was his first clue.

          I would add to that the further surreal element that they had to have known what his response would be before he even said it. So, the visual, the scoffing at his naivety that isn’t naivety because what else would he think, and they know it–All of that is for something. It’s a play, so to speak.

          Do you get that sense? Because your experience here sounds outwardly straightforward. Does it feel that way to you now or is there something nagging in the back of your mind that it isn’t?

          1. I’d like to know what’s up with ‘blue light’?

            I know that blue light is causing a problem from many of the devices being being used today. Blue light is also known to affect us physically and can disrupt sleep.


            To top it all off, I never thought much about it until the 26th of June. I had a dream and heard the words “Double blue light 52″. I remember nothing about the dream but those words, and the words did not go away, they kind of hung around after waking up.’The next morning I read a posting by a subscriber under the ‘Headline News’, ‘A Neuroscientist Loses a 25-Year Bet With a Philosopher: The Root of Human Consciousness Remains a Mystery’ where he referenced a ‘Bashar’ video he had posted a day earlier. I’m not into ‘Bashar’, but I was curious and located the video that was referenced in another thread that seems to have disappeared from this site. I watched the video, and what caught my attention was mention of ‘Bashar’s’ Blue Light Technique’. Huh…In no time at all, I found a video about the technique, a ” method of realigning the electromagnetic field of our body and brain to have better health, and a more rarified and ethereal experience.” (

            On the one hand, blue light is not deemed by medical experts to be beneficial, and may cause harm to the human body. On the other hand, “Bashar” says blue light (of the metaphysical kind, not ‘real’,) is to make one healthy. In addition, blue light is often mentioned in abduction experiences.

            JudyGold and/or Jeremy, and thoughts or feelings about this?

          2. Though it’s been many years, I can still recall staring into those eyes waiting for some kind of response.
            And I got nothing. After expressing my concern in a very emotional way she just stared at me. There was no sense of understanding, acknowledgment or compassion, just blank stare. It wasn’t scoffing but it was cold. And It bothered me.
            She just looked at me as if waiting for me to be done acting out, as if I were a misbehaving child.
            I suppose I was, I’d gotten out of line after all, I wasn’t being compliant.
            Also, that’s where my memory ends. Actually,
            everything seemed to stop after I told her off. As far as I could tell, the visitations stopped completely. Or maybe I just didn’t remember anything anymore. (Then a couple years later my daughter’s talking about funny owls and little men.)
            As I’m considering it now, in light of what you just said “That it’s all a play” and though I’ve never been one who thinks life is just a projection or a matrix or a hologram or a play, I don’t have any explanations for what was happening.
            It’s possible that everything was a projection of my own mind, everything I perceive could be that.
            If she was a projection of me, what would I want her to say? As I was waiting for her response, maybe she didn’t give me one because she wasn’t real as in she wasn’t other.
            Sometimes I wonder if everything is consciousness playing with itself. And we are part of consciousness obviously. If we meet this consciousness in another vibrational field, one where I’m obviously not in control, except I did get out of line, it still begs the question, what is this consciousness we’re meeting with, what aspect of ourselves is it and why is it fucking with us?
            (Sorry for the curse)
            Your friend’s experience of them scoffing at him, insinuating that none of this is real – who are they and are they real?
            If we’re interacting with a consciousness that lives next door and some of us are genetically able to perceive them, they obviously have the upper hand in that they seem to know what the deal is and we don’t. I don’t even have a chip or a chair. Like, wtf was I doing there with my ignorance and naivety. I didn’t feel scoffed at but I didn’t feel understood either.
            It’s very confusing.
            What pulls on me is the fact that I told them to go away and they did.
            Now 24 years later I’m wanting to initiate contact. I want some answers. So who’s crazy now. Lol

          3. My apologies for dropping the f bomb I forgot this isn’t private.

          4. Aloha 🙂
            Upon reflection I realised I didn’t answer your question.
            Do I think this is real?
            I think it’s as real as any other experience I’ve had.
            You said, “All of that is for something.”
            I think it’s meant to wake us up to a greater reality.

            That’s my short answer.
            My longer answer would include the experience I had at the end of a silent retreat where a warm wind blasted through my back out through my chest dissolving me into tiny grains of golden sand.
            It would also include a shared death experience I had with a friend hovering over her hospital bed beside her as her family gathered to remove life support and having my dream confirmed in detail by the minister at her funeral.

            I wonder if the alien experiences are not separate from these experiences but are on a continuum, that all of this is meant to wake us up. If so, despite how many extraordinary experiences I’ve had, I only have the vaguest sense that our normally perceived reality is anything but real. Rather I wonder if we are simply experiencing different realities on different frequencies.

            My son recently said he thinks everyone has their own frequency and are only able to understand life on that wavelength.
            I’d assert that some people have an ability to perceive other frequencies and so have a wider perception of reality or realities.
            So in this sense, it’s all real.
            Or nothing is real and it’s all here for us to experience, learn and grow as best we can. Either way we’re still only a summation of our experiences.
            We’re all walking through a dark room with nothing but a candle to enlighten us.

          5. @cosmiclibrarian – I dunno anything about blue light. You can guess what I think about Bashar.

        2. For the love of all things right in this world, please consider being my guest on the show. We would have a dynamite conversation. You could be anonymous if you like.

          1. I’d love to talk with you and I’m not too shy of doing it in a public forum. I’d prefer my first name only. If I ever get this book done it won’t have my real name. I don’t want to be known if you understand what I mean.
            Also, you’d have to tell me technically what I’d have to do but I have two grown sons who are tech savvy and one is in the music business and has microphones and stuff. That’s my technical term.
            So that’s a yes and it sounds like fun.
            I’m very happy you asked.
            Thank you!

        3. Thant’s fantastic news! Please write to me at:

          We’ll set it up from there. You really only need a microphone, cam if you’re going to be on camera, and headphones. I’ll tell ya more when you email me.


          And anyone reading this who wants to contact me, suggest a guest, or what have you, feel free to email me at that address as well.

          1. Idky but my email to you bounced back as address not found…lmk your thoughts on this. Thanks

        4. Apologies about that. I just emailed you. Please check your inbox or spam folder, if my email isn’t there, whenever you get a chance. No rush.

  14. Jeremy, we’ve been on the same page for quite awhile, and I hope that others are listening and really paying attention.

    Remember the giant bunny in my bed when I was 4 that we discussed on ‘The Experience’? I remembered that only a few years after that incident that I fell in love with the play and movie, ‘Harvey’ when I was about 7 and saw it on TV. ‘Harvey’ is about a man, Elwood P. Dowd, and his relationship with a ‘pooka’, a 6’3′ white rabbit named…Harvey. Of course, no one can see Harvey except Elwood, which causes problems, and eventual awakenings, to his family and others. I’ve seen ‘Harvey’ (the movie) many times, and even did scenes from the play when I was studying theater arts. So, that big bunny in my bed scared the dickens out of me at the time, but I didn’t carry that fear forward, which made all the difference.

    “Well, I’ve wrestled with reality for 35 years, Doctor, and I’m happy to state I finally won out over it.”
    – Elwood P. Dowd

    And I never did get to have that discussion with Lehua…

    Mitakuye Oyasin!

    1. I thought it interesting the Jeremy used the phrase “Going down the crazy rabbit hole”!

      Remember there was a giant rabbit in the Stephen Spielberg TV series ‘Taken’, that lead one of the children off to play outside.

      And of course there is Donnie Darko.

      1. Oh, yeah…and in some forms of mysticism, the rabbit/hare symbolizes the active side of alchemy.

        1. “…and in some forms of mysticism, the rabbit/hare symbolizes the active side of alchemy…”. Thanks Cosmic, that’s very interesting.

      2. SHERBET UFO…….I am totally stunned as I am just now reading your comment regarding, “TAKEN.” On June 30th, I sent the e-mail below to my niece: The mini series simply popped into my mind and I was wondering if she had ever seen it.

        Steven Spielberg Presents Taken, ( December 2 to 13, 2002).

        Taken is a sweeping sci-fi adventure that weaves together the story of three families over three generations and their crucial roles in the history of alien abductions. Set against the backdrop of actual history and UFO lore, Taken creates a powerfully emotional and evocative tale of mankind’s encounters with extraterrestrials.

        1. Carollee, That’s an interesting coincidence! It’s a great series though and it sprang to mind initially when Jeremy was talking about his carnival experience, as there is a link to that kind of thing in Taken…where one of the Visitors keeps appearing in the guise of a cigarette smoking circus traveller type, just before the abductions.

  15. I agree. I haven’t been a fan in the past, but this podcast was excellent. I feel like it showed another part of Mr. Vaeni I hadn’t seen before. Very insightful. Kudos!

  16. Excellent program Jeremy Vaeni, I hear you and appreciate your honesty, integrity and ability to directly challenge the parts of us that are sleeping. You are the Zen teacher with the stick gently bringing us back to this moment.
    As a licensed therapist trained in clinical hypnosis, I support your information that hypnosis is not used for memory retrieval. Hypnosis does access our subconscious mind and experience, and maybe helps us access a greater source of information.
    Another point you make that I’ve observed over the years: we, like the Unknown They, hold up a mirror for each other.
    What do you see? What do I learn when I listen to you?
    I look forward to next month. Thank you, Whitley and the Unknown Country members.

  17. Jeremy, after watching the entire video, I find myself thoroughly disappointed…that I didn’t get to see your water-stained T-shirt. Ah well, maybe next time. Now, I have nothing to criticise, other that the imperfect audio balance 😉

    Anyway, on the theme of the whole circus thing and how this intelligence can sometimes manifest as an aspect of that…I thought it interesting that you described ducks as having ‘clown feet’. Nothing more in-depth than that, other than the carnival experience may have still been in your mind.

    Thanks for re-encapsulating some pertinent experiences and pandering to our inherent nature in wanting to sit around the camp fire, listening to stories…before staring into the flames and loosing ourselves.

    On the subject of consciousness, I was listening to an interview recently, where there was a discussion on what differentiates intelligence from consciousness, or self awareness. The suggestion was that an intelligence processes information linearly, whereas many feedback loops of information are required to generate a sense of self. Well, that feedback is clearly an internal process, in the form of constant re-evaluation, but I just wonder if this ‘other’ intelligence we have been talking about, may just be a natural extension of that…but feeding back from what we perceive to be an external source, rather than merely internal…with the sole goal of pushing our level of consciousness up the slope and further away from mere intelligence.

    You mentioned that “us not waking up, is them not waking up”…the word ‘midwives’ comes to mind. Which reminds me Jeremy, have you read ‘Childhood’s End’ yet? I still think in our case the Earth may be the midwife on a far deeper level than we can fathom. Talking about the intelligence and us being one, I think we can safely throw a conscious Earth into that melting pot.

    Finally, how is it possible to permanently loose oneself and still function as a human, within our constructed society? Is there still a sense of self remaining, after coming back from dissolving the ego?

    1. I was a bit confused by Jeremy’s comments about ducks, as if they are somehow inept at being themselves, or not very well designed. Ducks, at least wild ones, have been doing quite well in a lot of parts of the world, for a very long time. They’ll continue to do so unless we manage to destroy too many of the wetlands they depend on. Their feet are perfectly adapted to swimming, and they actually fly quite well. Why insult ducks?

  18. Also They probably went to Whitley so that it would be easier to doubt him. If they had gone to C. Sagan, there would have been less room for doubt. They wanted it to stay doubtful, at that point in time at least. (As Whitley himself recently pointed out).

  19. I was tempted to push “stop” a quarter way into your offering Jeremy, because you were saying everything I didn’t want to hear! But I thought it only fair to give you a chance as I’ve heard you speak before, some brilliant insights. I didn’t like to hear that “aliens” aren’t real, or that we, upon death of this body, face annihilation, but I persevered until I dimly comprehended some of what, I think, you are trying to convey. I will give you another chance to help me understand the totality of your current understanding.

    1. We don’t face annihilation on upon the death of the body. My impression was that Jeremy was saying that’s what we fear, rather than that’s what really happens. But I’m not certain.

  20. Great episode. Appreciate your unique viewpoint.

    I hope others can notice their resistance as it comes up, and push past it to get the full message.

    Hope you carry on.

    Also, loved your book “I am to tell you”

  21. Jeremy, yesterday while reading my current summer issue of VENTURE INWARD, this quote from John Van Auken felt really important for me . “FEED THE SEEKERS.” I thought of your self interview. It really does not matter if you touch one person or a thousand, what matters is helping anyone ready to be awakened. Keep On Keeping On.

    John Van Auken…….
    Throughout my long career with the Edgar Cayce organization, I have been motivated and guided by my mantra
    “Feed the seekers,” which was developed from Jesus’s
    “Feed my lambs, feed my sheep.” Whenever I was weary
    or a bit lost, this mantra always recentered me.

  22. I like the term Whitley uses for the whatever they are, Visitors. It succinctly describes what they do, visit us, without making assumptions about who or what they are or why they are here.

    1. Agreed. The Visitor description broadened my perception of what all this might be.

  23. Just a quick Happy Independence Day to all Americans. Sitting this side of the pond I can confirm that Brits don’t have a national holiday anything like your Independence Day.

    We do, after all, spend most the the year bickering with our fellow Brits, be they Scots, N Irish, Welsh or English about how history both tore us apart yet also brought us together. Go figure.

    Anyway, I hope you all have a grand old time.


  24. I loved this and I hope you continue the conversation. I’ve enjoyed each time that you’ve guest hosted more and more. Too tired to respond thoughtfully tonight but I wanted to log in and post encouragement while it’s hot.

  25. Right on, Jeremy! So much good stuff here. And so good to learn more about you, your experiences, and where you are coming from. (I think some of us have struggled with making the adjustment to a different style from Whitley’s.) It really helps to get to know you better… Looking forward to more from you.

  26. Wonderful, honest and thought provoking! Thank you Jeremy! Really touched me.

  27. I just listened today and really appreciated this one very much. You brought up excellent points and I really hope you’ll be doing more shows like this! Been listening a long time, first time commenting because I want more like this 🙂

  28. Your content is fascinating, and if Whitely is not paying you, he really should be doing! On the next one please do let us know the real purpose of humour because I am working on my standup – actually, you could you just whisper it so only I can hear. Thank you, Matthew of England.

    1. Ha. I wish I could help you with your standup. If you’re going for an Andy Kaufmann type getting booed off the stage on purpose thing, I can definitely help you there by accident. Otherwise….

      I wasn’t griping about not getting paid. When I first joined UnknownCountry in 2015 with The Experience Whitley was all about coming up with ways to compensate me, get advertisers, etc. I said no thanks. I was sure I’d sell more books than I could on my own and ultimately wanted the ear of a large audience to bring a different line of questioning to than maybe they were used to. And oh, yeah: I wanted to work with my childhood hero! That was compensation enough then.

      Now, I’ve whittled my motives down to having the ear of an audience even larger than that who has been reprogrammed since 2017, by conspiratorial decision or natural group-think circumstance, it doesn’t much matter, to put on blinders, treat this as alien and human foreign enemies, and trust the military to tell us the truth. Countering that narrative on a show as big as Dreamland could maaaaaybe have an impact on ufology at large.

      If I get run out of town by listeners with pitchforks, that’s actually fine. But I’m not gonna let people stab at me unconsciously. I think I said it out loud in this episode and a bunch of people snapped out of it, which is totally heartening. I didn’t expect that. I expected the middle finger all around.

      Oh. Lastly, no, I didn’t talk about humor in the next installment. Sorry about that.

  29. It seems to me most of religious mythology can be explained by the visitor experience, everything from punishing star gods to the Virgin birth of a hybrid God-Human. Certainly, if Djinn and Demons can be seen as wild, untamed spirits, rather than adjunct of evil, our whole history can be seen as a jumble of misperception, mythology, and bits of perceived truth.

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