30 years ago “Drew” read Communion and sat down to write Whitley Strieber a letter. In it, he described an hours-long ordeal with “pure evil” that tried to remove him from his body for unknown reasons.  The letter is shocking but, very frankly, nothing can prepare you for his actual testimony. You will listen and watch as a good man describes what it is like to be attacked by evil and to defeat it. Toward the end of the show, there will be an unexpected segue into a very strange direction involving something that has always been assumed to be a conspiracy theory fantasy, Project Blue Beam. When it comes up, the mystery of why the project may have been named Blue Beam in the first place becomes chillingly clear. It was a reference to something very different from the alleged objectives of the project, an actual beam of evil energy that is designed to deceive.

Listen carefully to this show. It is one of the few descriptions of the battle between good and evil as it actually plays out in a physical human life. Listen and reflect: Drew survived the attack. How many others have not?

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  1. Lacking Blue Beam’s conspiracist undertones (whereby the ultimate goal is ushering in world domination under a nefarious human elite), this basic notion of faking an alien threat to frighten the nations of Earth into peacefully uniting against a perceived common enemy from space was dramatically anticipated as early as the 1963 TV series “The Outer Limits” (in its brilliant episode entitled “The Architects of Fear”).

    1. I had always hoped that some threat to the entire population would unite humanity. Now, seeing how we handled COVID, I have no such hopes.

      On the other hand, a true, public, widely known disclosure of Their presence would be an unprecedented event, and maybe humans would do better. Maybe.

      1. I had always hoped that some threat to the entire population would unite humanity. Now, seeing how we handled COVID, I have no such hopes.-Elene

        Elene… You nailed it. My thoughts exactly. Will the alien favored nations become empires? Will thems align with more aggressive nations? Who will inherit the technology and the Treaty alliance?

        I shudder to think of all the disinformation , fog of war & propaganda….

        How foolish of my unicorns & rainbow fantasies of a united EARTH and we saw ourselves as earthlings and not Americans, Russians, Chinese … etc

      2. I don’t think so, Elene. Humans are geared to “unite” only in small groups. I believe this is an evolutionary biological setting.

        I do believe we could collectively choose to avoid large scale war (and are already doing so) but what good would it do to “unite” against “aliens” – we would still be in the war dynamic.

    2. September 27, 1987
      President Ronald Reagan

      “Cannot swords be turned to plowshares? Can we and all nations not live in peace? In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity,” Reagan said.

      “Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us recognize this common bond,” Reagan proposed.

      “I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world. And yet, I ask you, is not an alien force already among us? What could be more alien to the universal aspirations of our peoples than war and the threat of war?”

      I remember this speech so well, because my husband at that time and I looked at each other, stunned, and asked, “What did he just say?”

  2. Although I thought I was competent at understanding Australians’ speech, I was having trouble comprehending everything Drew was saying. Usually I just listen to these podcasts, but I found that switching to video in this case was really helpful.

  3. With COVID, a big part of the problem arose from conspiracy theorists proclaiming that the virus, the pandemic, and even the vaccine were actually all a huge hoax. They steadfastly denied its reality.

    If a genuine alien presence ever does make itself clearly known to the public at large, might we likewise see conspiracy theorists denouncing it as a fraudulent hoax, again denying its reality (“Blue Beam” being already on their minds)?

  4. These informal interviews are invaluable as records. Drew presents as credible, sane, and geniune, and when he recounts his experience, I believe him. I also can see it on his face and hear the trauma in his voice. As a non-experiencer of any of these sorts of phenomena, I appreciate these intimate interviews, and I wonder if any more “Communion Letter Writers” would be willing to let Mr Strieber interview them. There really is no website quite like Unknown Country.

  5. We come from the land down under. Got a Vegimite sandwich?

    1. “…Where beer does flow and men chunder…”.
      Probably because they’ve been eating Vegemite. The tinnies are used as a vain attempt to wash the taste away 😉

  6. Such a fascinating interview and I thank you for this. I thought a lot about it and compare Drew’s experience with, ‘PURE EVIL,’ to, (well sort of), a Ouija Board. Not knowing what part of the astral plane will enter in? Ouija Boards are, “Like a box
    of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

    The Ouija, also known as a spirit board or talking board.

  7. The Universe is tricky…maybe it’s not about good and evil, as much as it is about giving each of us what we need to wake up. As we know, some of us have awful experiences and some of us have weird, but not frightening experiences. And a great many people have neither. So, what’s up with that? Are they ‘window dressing’, without souls, simply illusions for the rest of us? Or, do they have experiences like us, and just ignore or blow them off?

    Lots of questions…

  8. I just subscribed because I happened upon Drew’s interview. I was just so captivated then the free podcast ran out. I couldn’t bare not to know the outcome! Since then I have access to other stuff that is just blowing my mind! Thank you!

    1. Author

      Thank you! The website was started by my wife Anne in 2001 and is a true labor of love. There is a great deal to explore.

      1. Off topic but I just heard you on weaponized podcast with George Knapp yesterday, and it was superb!

  9. Such a great episode of Dreamland. I’m a little unsettled though. Wasn’t there a notice last week that there would be no show this Friday? Though I don’t find any reference from Whitley or comment or question from other subscribers unless I missed it. Almost feeling like a bit of a time slip.

    1. Author

      there was no notice that there would be no Dreamland this Friday I don’t believe. The Whitley live that was last Thursday did not work and so there was a notice. This is been canceled. It’ll be back this coming Thursday. Hopefully it will work.

  10. Drew’s last experience; the benevolent ‘hiccup’, occurred in the shower. I wonder if the water helped facilitate that moment.

    1. Author

      that is a really interesting question. There is some very profound stuff about water that we don’t fully understand. I think that shows a real insight.

      1. I highly recommend a book by Masaru Emoto, ‘The Hidden Messages in Water’.
        “This book has the potential to profoundly transform your world view. Using high-speed photography, Dr. Masaru Emoto discovered that crystals formed in frozen water reveal changes when specific, concentrated thoughts are directed toward them. He found that water from clear springs and water that has been exposed to loving words shows brilliant, complex, and colorful snowflake patterns. In contrast, polluted water, or water exposed to negative thoughts, forms incomplete, asymmetrical patterns with dull colors. The implications of this research create a new awareness of how we can positively impact the earth and our personal health.”


        This book is magical and beautiful! There is also a documentary:


        “Water is life.”

    2. I also think that mirrors or maybe water’s reflective properties could play a role. One of the bodies might be momentarily confused.

  11. If anyone is interested, I’ve posted a transcript of this week’s Dreamland episode, on the Message Board…


    I only went through the first ten or fifteen minutes, as I ran out of time editing it…all of it is there, but the rest, I haven’t looked at. Anyway, I hope you might find it useful.

    It was created using the transcript tool in Microsoft Word on the web.

  12. I believe Drew is absolutely right– we have much more power (and freedom of choice) than we know. We have to be “tricked” into complicity in order for evil to get its way.
    I had a somewhat related experience when I was about 22 in which a very tangible presence of evil came into my room and seemed to try to possess me (for want of a better way to express it). I could see it, not with my physical eyes, but with my “spirit eyes” (again, for want of a better term). I saw the darkest darkness with a terrifying and extremely evil aura. The only thing I could see to protect myself was to imagine a golden light around me (a protective strategy that I have used through my life). On doing this, I found myself facing “the light” with the entity off to my side. I felt a secure and protective strength from the light. The thing then “pounced” and there was a struggle within me (between the entity and the light). I was passive in the struggle. It felt like the force of strong rapids in a river, with energy rushing through me. I had a sense that there was no contest– the light was so much stronger. Then the entity withdrew but it was still there in the room. A thought came into my mind that it was I, myself, that had fought and won the battle and also a sense of indignation and I started to turn away from the light to face the evil directly. Just at that moment I realized the danger and quickly turned back to the light. At the same moment, the evil pounced again. This time it was with even greater fury (and what felt like anger). It seemed to shake me. Then it gave up and withdrew completely and I was alone in the room again. At the time I took it as a spiritual message about the power of light (good) and how the only way to fight evil is to stay aligned with the light. This was long before I knew anything about UAPs or the Visitors but I believe the message was/is spot on…

  13. Really fascinating interview! Whitley did he say and did I miss it that he studied at the Monroe Institute or did he just learn the techniques on his own? I know that they have a lot of materials you can get to study. I want to go to The Institute for quite a few decades but just didn’t work out. Really fascinating about his wife laying on him and saving his life on a certain level. I wonder if they combined energies of both their bodies and souls blocked whatever was trying to hurt him?

    1. Anna, Drew said he learned the techniques after reading the books ‘Journeys Out of the Body’ and ‘Far Journeys’ by Robert Monroe. He also mentioned that he used the so-called ‘roll-out’ technique and also made reference to something called the 10 state…by that he may have been refering to ‘Focus 10’, which is a mind-awake, body-asleep state.

      Whitley said he met Robert Monroe.

      Also, Drew said the following…

      “…Anyone can do it, but it’s probably without knowing exactly what you’re doing. It’s probably not safe. If I’d been part of the original program by what was his name? Robert Monroe, Robert Monroe and safely ensconced within that university and with all the safeguards they had in place, maybe different.”

      See the transcript I posted…

      …although some of the auto-generated spelling may be off…Monroe / Munroe / Munro.

  14. Thank You Drew and Whitley for sharing these experiences! This possession/take-over experience is one I have heard others share … And I too, have survived several experiences with this myself.
    This experience is NOT that uncommon, but like too many things, it is not openly shared because of the potential ridicule, associated questions of personal sanity, or simply because of the high strangeness … Perhaps Drew can return and share HOW he fought back (and WON) against the “Pure Evil” that possessed 99% of his body.

    Whether or not it is meant to be … It is a True Spiritual Test!

  15. Whitley I was wondering when you said that you did white magic was that something that you picked up from some of your early studies? I know that you also mentioned some of the European people you had met female practitioners I guess you would call them? I did a little bit of research on Jack Parsons from JPL that was pretty dark stuff he was involved with. Sounds like it was a debate whether he killed himself or was murdered by somebody, big explosion.

  16. “Set up like a bowling pin” Truckin – The Grateful Dead
    The latest “Whistle Blower”

    I smell dis information, don’t you? For believers in the “extra-terrestrial hypothesis “this whistling blowing may seem like a great disclosure. I do not buy either. The ETH of UFOs relies on accepted science for proof, but the phenomena go beyond the modern laws of science.
    The young military intelligence officer is presenting evidence passed on to him by people who would ‘be in know about crashed saucers.” He was either set up with dis information or he is part of the scheme to spread bogus information.
    The government cover up comes from their lack of control over the UFO and paranormal situations.
    Nuts and bolts do not materialize from no place and re materialize from the same nowhere place.
    I know this old news.

    Phil j

    1. Author

      There are so many whistles blowing at present, which one do you mean? Can you name?

  17. Wow, amazing interview. I’ve finished “Them” which is also amazing. I need a next book recommendation! Any suggestions?

  18. I’ve had something similar happen to me with that dense energy that Whitley described as “evil” on my way to knowing what I call my Divine Soul, which Drew heard speak in the shower. This part of us is aware of our cosmic connection to all that is and is pure Unconditional Love.

    Thank you for sharing this conversation Whitley and Drew! I’m in the process of writing a book about how to be your most authentic self in an unauthentic world. Your most authentic self is, of course, the Unconditional Love of your Divine Soul knowing. The conversation triggered an idea on how to refine the message. Much appreciated on many fronts!

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