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Dr. Janet Elizabeth Colli is a licensed psychotherapist who is open to treating close encounter witnesses. She is trained in and experienced with transpersonal psychology, the branch of psychology that deals with altered states and non-ordinary states. She is also a practitioner of EMDR, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, which is a treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder.

Whitley Strieber begins by describing his own first hypnosis encounter with Dr. Donald Klein, and Dr. Colli explains what Dr. Klein was doing to help him. 

There follows an absolutely fascinating discussion with a professional psychologist who is open to the close encounter experience. We learn what she thinks of the experience and how she treats close encounter witnesses.

In recent months, some of the abuses carried out by non-professional "abuction researchers" have come to light, which is why Whitley Strieber recommends that close encounter witnesses consult only with licensed professionals.

Dr. Colli says "I think that at this point in our history, we are being intruded upon. We are being challenged to crack open our indiovidual psyches and our collective psyche to come into a more harmonius relationship with beings that clearly live in a higher order of reality, in the sense that they can see us but we can’t always see them."

Don’t miss this powerful discussion with Dr. Colli who, like Dr. John Mack, is an open-minded professional of a kind that we need more of in our community.

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  1. Just listened to your
    Just listened to your interview with Janet Colli. You are one very brave and open human being. It’s a pleasure to be a member of this group.

  2. Whitley, I am empathizing
    Whitley, I am empathizing with the pain that you are going through. I guess you are so vocally out there telling other people’s stories, that sometimes I forget how much you struggle day to day even just to do something so simple as sleep. Thank you for your honesty. I think the most frightening bit for me is that I feel alone in this and like a crazy person most days. That is a gift that you bring to all of us. You are helping all of us — you included, bless you — find a way to heal ourselves and turn these experiences into something good. Missed you last week at the chat. Hope you are well. This was an extremely amazing interview. I too, plan to see out this woman’s assistance in my healing journey. Thanks so much.

  3. Hi Whitley
    This was a great

    Hi Whitley
    This was a great show. I just sent a private email to your comments@dreamland email about CIA study in Austin, San Antonio and El Paso Texas! Please take a look.

  4. It takes a brave person to do
    It takes a brave person to do this in PRIVATE, and you have done it in public, so kudos to you. I hope you will continue your therapy. You’ll be glad you did, speaking from personal experience.

    We’ve all been subjected to trauma by various events in recent years. Here’s a video I made about the big one:

  5. Dr. Colli has written a book,
    Dr. Colli has written a book, SACRED ENCOUNTERS, that is profound and wonderful. It leaves me wanting to experience what she describes as “unity consciousness.” If I were an experiencer, this is who I would want to work with. I believe that at the fundamental level of “soul consciousness,” we are all one.

  6. Whitley:
    I grew up in San

    I grew up in San Antonio at the same time you did and attended Tolar’s River Ranch Day Camp. I might have encountered you many times, totally unaware of what was happening to you. I graduated from St. Mary’s University in 1969 and later returned to work at Southwest Research Institute, unaware of its connections to Dr. Strughold’s Schlool of Aerospace Medicine and the primate facilities at Southwest Foundation just down the hill.

  7. This makes me think of the
    This makes me think of the Part-One of the investigation you guys did into abuse by the government, to which we never saw a Part-Two. Assuming people were uncomfortable with hearing it?

  8. Hi Whitley,
    Your comments on

    Hi Whitley,
    Your comments on the book Betrayal trauma, and the false memory syndrome foundation got me thinking; when I was in the UK in the mid 80’s 2 doctors created a massive scandal, and disrupted or destroyed dozens of families; because they were using a very suspect technique to check for signs of sexual abuse, and found them, again, and again and again; and it never occurred to these true believers their technique might be wrong.

    Certainly abuse happens, and demonstrably false memories have been implanted, in this very delicate area we need strict protocols and unbiased professionals, but of course, that’s not always what we get on either side of the divide. Blessings, BB.

  9. Listening to this interview
    Listening to this interview reminded me of why I am part of this community. When I read Communion back in the 1980s it affected me profoundly. Two themes – wanting to understand my paranormal experiences, and relating to Whitley’s experience of “body terror” – keep me coming back to Whitley and this community. Thank you, all.

  10. I listened to this a week ago
    I listened to this a week ago and I’m still stunned…………I don’t know if I should cry or what.
    Whitley , I cant believe the things you’ve put up with and the things that have been done to you….and by whom? Thats what keeps me coming back. I want to find out WHO has done these things. Not just to you , because you’re not alone. But someone needs punished….You’re a strong man. Thank God you still have Anne by your side also.

  11. Some of us (many of us?)
    Some of us (many of us?) suffer in silence. Thank You Whitley for being a voice, and suffering the slings and arrows for being (dare i say) our Voice! Blessings to You and Yours! So very many of us have been victims, and crippled by this, AND so many of us are thought of as being less than fools… even by our own friends and family. It breaks the heart knowing how many could not stand the thought of breathing another day living with this thing, and decided not to…..

    Your words and sacrifices lend strength enough to take another breath.

    Blessed Be to You and Yours.

  12. Enlightening interview.
    Enlightening interview. You’re a hero to us all Whitley!

  13. I’m with you “Samuel Black” –
    I’m with you “Samuel Black” – I haven’t slept properly since a very young child. It’s only until recently (now in late 30s) that I am unravelling the reasons why. I dare not speak to friends of family about these things, either. I suffer in silence, like so many others. I would not know what a good nights sleep would even feel like anymore. I wake up feeling like I’ve been hit by a car pretty much every morning. I dream constantly and not only participating in my own dreams and being many characters in the dreams, but also sitting above them observing and analysing them. Very very exhausting. I am totally aware. I know I am being interferred with and I know I am constantly being watched. Yes I sound like a crazy person ….. Hence dealing with it all in silence, within myself. I suffer severe depression from it because I don’t know what’s wrong with me, feelings, emotions, anxiety, wanting to run away. I pray constantly to be taken home. I don’t know why I do this. Oh yes, I do sound like a crazy person.

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