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Conventional scientific wisdom has it that mankind originated in Africa and migrated from that continent throughout the world. This week on Dreamland we explore the competing theory that the origin of Homo Sapiens actually took place in Australia, not Africa.

Listen as researcher Steven Strong makes the case that the real story of the origin of modern humans might be very different from the one we have believed for the past hundred years.

He presents evidence that Homo Sapiens existed in Australia 40,000 years before they appeared in Africa, and that there were migrations of original Australians throughout the Pacific region, including settlements in the Americas.

In the second half of the show, Steven reports on Australian Original Peoples resurrection and initiation practices that Dreamlanders will immediately see are similar to those practiced by the ancient Egyptians, as reported by Freddy Silva on Dreamland a few weeks ago. 

Dreamland specializes in taking journeys to faraway places and times and exploring mysteries like this. This show will keep you on the edge of your seat as you contemplate the mystery of mankind’s mysterious past and what our deep ancestors knew about the journey of souls.

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  1. Thanks for your program. Good
    Thanks for your program. Good Luck I am praying for your work.

  2. Re: the brain size
    Re: the brain size thing…
    Fascinating discussion. It made me think of a transistor radio– i.e: how can we say that ‘bigger is better’? I have a large shortwave radio on my desk at home and I also have a small shirt-pocket receiver that works nearly as well, (the antenna is not as good as on the larger one).

    We actually cannot know how these ‘small-brained’ creatures, who were our progenitors, really used their intelligence/awareness in the distant past. We don’t know how their consciousness operated because it was soft tissue and is no longer available for study.

    We know parrots are very intelligent, having the brains the size of marbles. Possibly they are just more efficient.

  3. In the early eighties I spent
    In the early eighties I spent some time with elders and a “clever fella” in Alice Springs. The elder started talking about dreamtime and could form complex animal shapes from the campfire smoke, never seen anything like that again in my life. Many do not realize how they are so seamlessly in touch with the natural world – Super-Natural!!

  4. Whitley and Jeremy, thank you
    Whitley and Jeremy, thank you for these two fascinating interviews. 

    Our Hidden Past: Did Mankind START in Australia?
    Steven Strong

    The Experience
    Lehua Lopez: Madam Pele is Real

    I know this was posted one time before but it came back to mind after listening to these interviews. It is one of my favorite documentaries.

    The men of the Fifth World (full documentary)

  5. Oh, my…I have also
    Oh, my…I have also encountered a ‘Clever Fella’, way back in 2004 during meditation. I won’t go into detail about it, but there were so many synchronicities for me back then, including correspondence with a previous ‘Dreamland’ guest, Angela Micol, and a “Satellite Discovery” that I made about Uluru. So, my deja vu is off the charts right now! I’ve already ordered ‘Out of Australia’, and I will be contacting Steven directly through his website in the next few days with the full account of my experience with the Clever Fella. I hope to get some more insights about that experience! This interview actually added some insight too, and it also explained why a certain animal accompanied me on my little ‘walkabout’.

    Regarding animals and communication: Steven is so right that you do not have to go into the wild to have these experiences. I live in an urban setting, and I have wonderful communications all of the time, sometimes with my pets, and at other times with various other pets and wildlife within my neighborhood. I am blessed to live a neighborhood with a lovely private park, complete with a spring-fed creek, lots of trees, and even a small ‘wilderness’ area. (And there is also a well-hidden, paleolithic burial ground VERY close by as well. )

    In just the last few days, I had an interaction with a vulture, of all things. My uncle passed about a month ago, and a week ago yesterday he appeared to me in a dream and told me that he was going to give me a all on Friday. Hmmmm…Well, on Friday morning I took a walk down to the local park and noticed one, lone vulture circling overhead. I thought about how beautiful it looked in flight as it caught the thermals and glided through the sky. As I watched, it began a slow, clockwise spiral downward, and twice spiraled within inches of the ground on the trail in front of me, before again getting lift and gaining altitude, only to spiral down for a third time and land on the ground to the side of the trail, just a few feet away. He sat on the ground for about 45 seconds, looking right at me. He then gave a flap of his wings, cleared the trees and flew away. Of course, I remembered my uncle’s message. Besides being a fisherman, he was an avid bird-watcher, and what better way to say “hi” than by appearing as a bird associated with death—and also one that could appear quite ugly while sitting on the ground, but undeniably breathtaking once it takes to the sky. (Yes, there was a personal message there!) In addition, he spiraled down 3 times, giving his own version of the ‘3 knocks.’ Kinda cool…:-)

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