While the 60 Minutes story on the UFO/UAP phenomenon that aired on Sunday, May 16 was nothing new to us experiencers and followers of the UFO disclosure process, it means that the general public and the popular media are no longer in a position to comfortably ignore or deride the phenomenon. Along with the stories that have appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post, the New Yorker and many other mainstream media outlets, 60 Minutes’ first in 50 years UFO story means the landscape has changed. The idea of an unknown presence being here is being normalized.

But what does this mean for the close encounter witness community? As the public deepens its engagement with the phenomenon on their level, we need to do the same on ours. With this in mind, Dreamland will be running a series of shows with guests who are not just engaged in research into the phenomenon, but also WITH the phenomenon.

We’re starting this week with veteran UFO researcher Grant Cameron, who is not only among the most skilled, professional and knowledgeable researchers in the field, but who also has a personal relationship of his own with the phenomenon and a deep commitment to all of us reaching the new level of engagement and understanding so essential to our playing our part in finding a place for mankind in the future.

This intense interview is literally filled with information, pouring out second-by-second with Grant’s energy-filled delivery. Listen, take notes, listen again.

To get Grant Cameron’s book, click here.

Please note that the show is audio only this week due to a technical issue. The YouTube video feed contains the audio show.

Please note that the interview that Whitley refers to in the show was removed over a year ago at the request of the guest. Apparently Whitley was not aware of this.

Next week: Jacques Vallee and Paola Harris on their new book Trinity: The Best-Kept Secret. Research into a UFO crash that took place in 1945. (This show is riveting and convincing. Don’t listen to the debunkers of this book!)

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    1. Author

      I did not recall that the guest asked for this to be removed. I think that it was only up for a few days. I am so sorry.

  1. Wow, what a great show. When I first saw a ufo-uap, I felt that it knew that I was watching it and that was quickly confirmed when it flew directly over me and hovered.

  2. What a great interview. I have already downloaded Grant’s book. When I retired in 2015, I decided that I needed a research topic to keep my brain engaged. After a lifetime of random, disconnected paranormal experiences (the wow effect) that did not include UFOs/UAPs/visitors (to my knowledge), I decided on “consciousness”. After joining this site and reading countless books, I have concluded that it is all about consciousness. So glad to hear Grant’s similar take on the interconnectedness of all nonordinary reality experiences. I also have been puzzled as to the why Whitney choose 3:00 a.m. as one of his meditation times. Now I know the reason behind this meditation time slot.

  3. Neil Young’s “After the Gold Rush” has long been one of my favorite songs.

  4. Author

    I am reading Bernardo Kastrup’s More Than Allegory. It explores the idea that many religious myths are actually true, and how our inner storytelling is responsible to creating the apparent concreteness of the world.

    The foreword is by Jeff Kripal, my co-author on Super Natural.

    A really new look into the nature of consciousness and reality.

    1. Bernardo Kastrup’s books are great. His “Why Materialism is Baloney” is a great book clearly explaining how MIND is the foundation of Reality, which I’m sure most of us intellectually understand, if not fully grokked. Such books are everywhere nowadays, but he does the best job of explaining this in my opinion.

  5. Whenever I hear Grant speak I’m always impressed. Yes, our government is not controlling the narrative here. Grant called the visitors Ultra-terrestrial…..I think? That means?

  6. Whitley,
    A wonderful interview filled with really interesting ideas. Can you clarify two key points:
    1.) What is the Message the Visitors want to give us, besides the danger of nucelar weapons to the Universe?
    2.) What are you talking about when you seem to say that our consciousness is attached to the Earth and the Solar System? What entraps us here? How do we get released? Where do we go once we are free fromt he Solar System?


    1. I’d like to hear more about this too — the idea that if the planet reaches the point of not being able to sustain human life, our souls will be stuck waiting here until Earth is again able to support human incarnation.

      It’s a truly horrifying thought, although I suppose there’s a kind of rightness to it. I guess I always imagined that if the Earth went down the tubes, my soul would just reincarnate somewhere else. But I suppose that’s just a symptom of modern/technological thinking, to regard the Earth as just another piece of hardware — if we wear this one out, we’ll just get another!

  7. I know that I am not an “experiencer”, just a long-term fascination with the subject. A few days ago I was hypnotised to a state of “super-consciousness” and the ineffable love I felt there caused me to weep with joy. Listening to the last third of this interview inexplicably caused me to weep again! This is one the best interviews that I have heard on this show.

  8. The audio equivalent of drinking from a fire hose… I might listen to it again on half-speed, providing I have 3 hours to spare!

    Seriously though, what a fabulous interview.

    1. I whole heartedly agree. Grant has such a fast delivery and will go off on tangents that at times it is almost impossible for my mind to keep up. I don’t know if Grant checks back and reads these comments, but I would greatly appreciate if he could slow down his delivery to allow a deeper dive. Maybe cut out caffeinated products the day of the interview (Ha Ha just kidding)
      Rickety Man

    2. I haven’t heard this interview yet, but I have been listening to Grant for years, and also been involved in his ‘Rabbit Hole’ meetings too. I know what you mean, but I just do some minor adjusts to my brain ‘speed limit’ to match his. 🤣

      …And he is so busy now that he has no time for ‘Rabbit Hole’ meetings —which is totally understandable because so much else is speeding up now.

    3. “The audio equivalent of drinking from a fire hose…”

      Ain’t that the truth! Gave me quite a chuckle. Thanks. 🙂

  9. Lawyers in Love by Jackson Browne:

    God sends his spaceships to America, the beautiful
    They land at six o’clock
    And there they are, the dutiful
    Eating from TV trays, tuned into happy days
    Waiting for world war three
    While Jesus slaves

    AND Before the Deluge.

    Check them out.

  10. I listened to this show on my last working day of six. Few hours off tomorrow then straight back into a 14 day working shift. Frankly I don’t feel burned out, I just feel numb.

    Last Sunday night/Monday morning, a ball of cloudy white light with blue streaks flew into my bedroom while I was lying on my right side. I saw this happen from a viewpoint just above my body. I also saw that at least 4 people/souls were involved with this intervention. Initially I thought they were inside the ball of light. In retrospect, I now feel that my late Father was in there too. I say that because I saw the ball of light slowed down as it neared my spine and I saw gradations of images of people behind the ball.

    This happened very fast so please forgive my fragmented take on this. The ball energy hitting my spine was like a carbonated effervescent thought frazzling my nervous system with light, if that makes sense. Nothing heavy, just light energy..

    Before you ask, my working life is like a dream. I travel around Europe, sometimes in dangerous areas, sometimes in areas in the news, and what I do for a living occasionally impacts on large numbers of people. No, I am not anyone important or secret, nothing like that. It’s just what I’ve found for work.

    I’m Joe Average, but a Brit. I am NOT English so let’s get that out of the way now. Scotland is not in England. Grow up. Ireland is not in England either. Blow up? Sorry, comes with the territory.

    Equally, Saints aren’t all good. I’m neither a good nor an evil person. You cross me and you’ll know about it. I am, however, patient and fair, just like the Goddess, who sees EVERYTHING. None of you can hide from her.

    Daily working life for me is being in ‘constant contact’. Wise words at the right time, a hint that someone is lying to me, a warning about an incident later in the day.. I believe this is resonance with our Family Earth.

    We are not singular beings but one soul with a happy go lucky nature that tries to save all but often gets missed. I love you all very much and I sit here, having been home a few hours before rushing out again to a problem area and I, of course, wonder what the next few days will bring. Yet though, I hear my Mother, my Sister, my Love remind me that the wheel of time is full of life and has a wheel of humour to match its sense of impeccable timing.

    My senses tell me that there are too many people in the World and that a terrible virus is coming. I, personally, will not be taking any vaccine any time soon.

    Whitley, I’d like Tom to get in touch with me. He’ll remember my old Shoutcast server. He just loved Portishead. I’m struggling right now to hang on to a sense of identity and the first name offered to me was Tom’s. I am losing track of this transport. You’ll know what to do. Just a chance to touch base and say hi and perhaps assist reflection in order to bolster moving forward.

    Booked several days off in July to go to Glastonbury and get free from people.



    Nick Berghaus.

  11. A big WOW interview and wish it could have gone on for another hour. SPEAKING of TRIANGLES…….

    So far, the only crop circle to appear in England.

    “Flattened plants of oilseed rape, within this new crop picture, do not show any obvious signs of mechanical crushing. Their yellow flowers remain intact.”

    “We saw that this crop circle, the first in England, Stanton St Bernard, on May 10, 2021, brought an octagon in rotation, with 16 triangles that resemble a pinwheel pattern.”



  12. Nick’s post just vanished… ? How odd. I don’t think it is possible to delete your own post, so it must have been censored. But I did not find anything offensive in it. How strange. Unless someone reacted to his saying very briefly in passing, he wasn’t going to take the “vaccine”. (More of an afterthought, not really part of the main post) But why would that be censored? Who would do something like that?

    My comment to him was going to be:

    14 hours a day, 6 days a week? How long are you going to keep that up? I can’t imagine that you can still be piloting aircraft, with that much stress? Be good to your self.

    1. My post wasn’t taken down. Maybe your cache needed refreshing?

      I’m not advocating that others should or shouldn’t take the vaccine. I just don’t want it. I was warned 12 years ago about people coming round with a vaccine and that ‘everyone is scared of them’.

      Personally, I’ve had Covid twice. It’s a real virus but for me it was just a bad cold followed by severe exhaustion.. I caught it in Switzerland and believe me, Switzerland was open for business despite this ‘pandemic’.

      Anyway, enough of that.

      I’m not an airline pilot by the way. Yes, I am a qualified pilot but that’s a hobby nothing more.


      1. The site’s automated security initially flagged the post and sent it off into limbo, but I’ve restored it. I’m not sure what issue it had with it (Bot works in mysterious ways) and most of the time flagged posts are actually okay, but it’s far safer for us to manually vet the flagged posts than to allow harmful ones to slip through.

        1. That’s fair comment Matthew. I occasionally accidentally upset people but I’m not interested in deliberately aggrevating anyone.
          Life is enough of a minefield for me without going looking for trouble.

      2. I did not interpret that you were advocating or not advocating anything. Only that you simply expressed your personal preference. If we can’t do that anymore, then, what is the use of bothering with posting on a website? Best wishes to you, Nick.

        Not that it matters much anymore, but it has been stated that your post was restored. I have refreshed my cache, yet I do not see what you originally wrote.

          1. Good to hear from you anyway Babel.

            Peace to you my distant compadre.

  13. We listened on the back porch with the crickets and frogs and raccoons. Entertaining and inspiring, for sure. Yes, it’s not so much about the lights in the sky as the contact, but the lights are the first sign of the presence for many, so I hope they continue. It’s a great first step for the masses. Was for me, decades ago.

    Whitley, you said that Grant’s website is under construction. I can’t seem to find “Presidential UFO”, so, has he taken it down? If so, I’m curious as to why.

    The message in the music…yes. Wonder if folks would appreciate a forum on this site dedicated to sharing our favorite message music? One of mine is the album “To Our Children’s Children’s Children” by the Moody Blues.

      1. Thanks for the link, Cosmic Librarian. I heard the story about this from another Moody Blues fan at the Ozarks UFO Conference, years ago. Nice to see the story in print form too. So, yeah, they are the quintessential band for the message, aren’t they?

  14. Holy Moly! Feels like I was in a race car for 1 hour and 39 minutes! Wow! What an incredible show! Definitely need to listen again. Thank you Whitley and Grant. So much information to digest.
    One of the best shows ever! Anyone feeling high energy inside?

  15. Great interview but man does Grant talk fast! I could use some of his energy. ‘Contact Modalities’ is a very good summary compilation of the various ways we can make contact with the ‘other’ or higher aspects of Reality.

  16. I just wanted to leave my 2 cents. I’m an experiencer as well but this isn’t about me. On a very rare occasion I will get information. Nothing like a scientific equation, thus far anyway. For example I once asked as if somebody was listening “Why don’t you tell me more? Why don’t you tell me who you are?” Immediately as if I was answering myself the message came in “You have a big mouth. You will be crucified.” It was an oddly satisfying answer. What I am really getting at is that on an other occasion the message came about Nuclear weapons. “Its not as much that they can ruin the Earth, but more that they can discombobulate what should be the eternal soul of which is so precious to the creator.”

    1. Sounds like something mentioned in ‘The Key’…

      “Q: How can the guilt of nations be lifted?
      A: Harry Truman made the decision to drop the atom bomb even though he knew the Japanese were ready to
      surrender. The notion that he did it to save American lives was a fiction. He knew very well that you
      would never have to invade. But he chose to kill and derange souls, anyway, in order to frighten Stalin.
      He killed Hiroshima and Nagasaki to save Western Europe. The price was this: innocent eternal beings
      were destroyed in the atomic fire for geopolitical reasons.”

  17. “It’s not as much that they can ruin the Earth, but more that they can discombobulate what should be the eternal soul of which is so precious to the Creator.”
    Wow very deep Atlantean!

    I believe the Creator is in all of us. That is what all as one means.

  18. Amazing interview! I actually enjoyed the fast and densely data packed verbal onrush . Wow.
    So much new information on the subject.

  19. Why does the government keep disclosure secret:

    1. They know it deeply and deals have been made that bring harm to our people. ( Hybrids,Cattle Mutilations,Abductions)
    2. It looks bad for national security if they can’t control the airspace.
    3. Societal Disruption…hierarchies,power,religions
    4. Alien technology race between nations of earth

    That’s all I got….

    1. Mainly because they don’t really know or understand it either, and they don’t want to admit it.

      1. I often wonder if with increased consciousness we may tend to see heightened human resonance.

        If you have a vested interest in responsible governance of large numbers of people then increased human resonance may very well make the task more difficult.

        Human resonance is unfortunately usually used to bolster directed energy in populations and rarely anything else.

        I’m not blaming those in governance, rather pointing out that such a responsibility comes with exigencies.

        Best advice I ever heard on this, from, I believe, an accomplished Sufi practitioner, was ‘Remain deeply hidden..’


  20. I love this show! Grant Cameron is always so entertaining in the way he delivers his insights and knowledge about the UFO situation. Whitley’s rapport with the guest is, as usual, most satisfying and impressive.

    While the slow drip of disclosure has become tiresome and annoying for some of us, the fact that it’s happening at all is something of a relief, if not a little puzzling. I mean, the Pentagon doesn’t ever seem to release anything to the hoi polloi without an agenda. Are they really just coming clean because the ET or extra-dimensional presence has become impossible to deny, or is the current disclosure part of a larger plan to brace us for a fake alien invasion? It’s hard not to go down a conspiracy theory rabbit hole right now because a lot of us can tell that our government is definitely up to something and we can only speculate on what that might be. I’m pleased that the UFO/UAP thing has made it to 60 Minutes. But, seriously, I don’t know a single person outside the UFO community or paranormal world who really gives a crap or even believes any of it. My non-believer/non-experiencer friends and family think this is all about MSM desperately trying to increase their dwindling viewership by broadcasting lame bs. I actually know people who still believe the weather balloon story about the Roswell incident. One thing is certain, though. This is a pretty interesting time to be alive. The show goes on.

  21. Great interview! Just a thank you to both Grant and Whitley. A lot of information shared.

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