Famed Atlantis Rising publisher and expert on our lost past Doug Kenyon joins Whitley to discuss how lost civilizations and their knowledge are affecting our world to this day. Prior to the interview, Whitley updates us on the ongoing UFO/UAP disclosure process and makes the point that, while the US government has admitted that the objects that appear in our skies are of unknown origin, we have no idea how long they have been here or how whomever controls them may be interacting with us, our planet and our solar system. If they have been here a long time, then established sciences like archaeology and biology need to revise the way they look at the past and what they look for. For example, human biology needs to be revisited and our DNA needs to be seriously analyzed to determine whether or not we are a designed or natural species, or a mixture of both, and archaeology needs to take a look at structures and artifacts that have been explained away, but may now have a very new explanation.

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  1. I haven’t listened to this interview yet, but just had a very big synchronicity. I just viewed a very compelling video,’ Secret Files on The Eye of The Sahara & The Lost Ancient City of Atlantis | Richat Structure Africa’:


    The ‘secret files’ are classified by the CIA…I will definitely be listening to this interview later!


    1. Great find Cosmic…would be interested in your take on Clif High in the last few months. He moved over to Bitchute from YouTube recently to avoid censorship.

  2. Personally I think much of the current wave of disclosure is really interservice rivalry between the Navy and Air Force, driven by the Navy’s hard feelings over the Air Force being given the lead for the Space Force. Note that all the footage being released was filmed by the Navy, none by the Air Force or the Army or NASA or any other agency, even though other agencies surely must possess such footage. Also note that some of the footage shows a craft that can apparently operate in the ocean as well as the air. This looks very much to me like a rather desperate play on the part of the Navy to wrest the Space Force away from Air Force control, by positioning themselves as the only service branch that can address potential threats capable of operating in the air, in space, and under the ocean. I spent years working for DoD contractors and saw Navy / Air Force rivalry firsthand, and how petty it can be.

    1. I would think that it’s most likely because the United States is primarily a naval power, but I have had no experience with the military either so you would know more than me. Nonetheless, I’m certainly curious as to what is going on with this whole space force thing.

    2. This makes a lot of sense to me.
      Let us hope NASA jumps in and releases some evidence to balance it.

  3. Charlie Freak has a whole other history of Hitler. Because-the winners wrote history.
    It would be interesting for you to invite Charlie on your show. He also has info on Jesus and flat earth. It would be an interesting conversation to see where you both find common ground . It would, certainly, allow one to ask more questions about the world we inhabit.

    Another interesting discussion would be with Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot….especially about the Et’s, World Government, COVID.

    It’s always easy to interview those we agree but we need to also include those that may not in our world of ET knowledge etc….Do those of us in this Alt knowledge…do we even agree and what can we learn from each other who desire for the world to know the TRUTH. Please consider this, Whitley.

  4. Another synchronicity…I have some of Barbara Hand Clow’s books, but haven’t thought about her and her ideas in quite a while. Yesterday I had some correspondence with a friend in the UK about ideas for guests on his upcoming podcasts about consciousness—and I made sure that he knew about Barbara Hand Clow. So I guess that I shouldn’t be surprised that she was mentioned in the interview with Doug Kenyon!

    When human evolution was discussed, especially the human proclivity for reproduction (to our detriment, at this point) I was reminded of a book from the early 70’s, ‘The Naked Ape’ by Desmond Morris. Morris discussed human sexuality and its evolution extensively, and how so much of who we are as physical beings, from the sensitivity of our outer ears and skin and lack of body hair, to the placement of our primary and secondary sex organs, make us a true ‘breed apart’ from other primates and other animals as well. We were made for sex, as well as a higher intelligence. So, what gives? While having higher intelligence and a highly developed sexual nature are not mutually exclusive, they do make for one highly complex creature, and one that is capable of so much more. It’s actually amazing! ‘The God Code’ by Greg Braden goes into what appears to be ‘intelligent design’ behind our DNA, and I feel that we will be finding out more about that in the not too distant future. While people are pursuing ‘disclosure’, perhaps they should not be looking for it via UAP’s/UFOs—but in the very nature of who we are and how/why we got here.

    1. I remember reading ‘The God Code’ by Greg Braden just after it was released and recall clearly the sense of fascination and awe it generated. I’ve always wondered what kind of text we might get, if we translated our so-called ‘junk’ DNA base-4 sequences into ASCII.

      That might make a rather interesting read… Or at the least, a cool series of word squares to try your hand at when it’s raining outside.

      It could also take divination down an interesting path.

      In a way, it reminds me of the last chapter in ‘Contact’, ….SPOILER… where Dr. Eleanor “Ellie” Arroway finds that message hidden in one of the transcendental numbers.

      1. Sherbet, I feel that we really need to cultivate that sense of fascination and awe—they are so important because they are great at diffusing fear of the unknown, and they also keep us humble.

        Sagan really nailed so much in ‘Contact’, and the movie of his book nailed it even more in a way that the average person could understand. He showed the magic of science, and how science even has great difficulty with things it can’t explain. Hidden messages are only hidden if you don’t bother to look for them. Many answers are in plain sight.

    2. Cosmic, If I may ask, what is the name of the UK show? Maybe we can access it here in the States.

      1. Babel, Carroll, Sherbet, and anyone else that is interested, go to the message board:
        Unknowncountry Free Message Board >History and Mythology> Alternate History> The Richat Structure in Mauritania and ties to myth of Atlantis

        Whew! Can you tell that Mercury started its retrograde phase a couple of days ago?

        1. Well, goodness me, that video was interesting, Cosmic. I am definitely going to look into that more.

          I’m sure it must have been mentioned before but I can’t help being struck by the similarity of the Eye of Horus, to the Richat Structure. Also, if you bring it up on Google Maps and turn it upside down, the two bits that stick out from underneath the eye, that in some depictions are represented as ‘touch’ (1/64) and ‘taste’ (1/32)…


          … look to me as if they are depictions of the mountain ranges beneath the Eye (to the North)… The one stretching from Atar to Choum and the other parallel to it, North East of Twajeel. I also wonder whether the typical swirl, or spiral on the main line underneath the eye (in most of the Eye of Horus depictions), might also represent a flow of water, as it would flow down a sink hole.

          There is even a flick coming off the end of the Eye on the map.

  5. Above I posted a link to a story, that recounts the lifting of heavy blocks of stone, by creating a resonance cavity in the air when blasting a series of strategically placed trumpets (at various frequencies) towards a fixed point. It sounds weird, I know. But it suddenly came to mind that Linda MH has repeatedly posted on Earthfiles, reports of loud trumpet-like sounds from around the world.

    A connection maybe? Maybe the sounds, whatever the source (HAARP?), are creating a focused, ultra low pressure zone… to do what though? Lift a heavy object? Force something to lift off the ground? To destabilise / modify the weather? Hmm.

  6. Here is a 9 minute video in regards to, ‘The Emerald Tablets.’ Are these tablets the REAL DEAL OR NOT? If they are indeed real then of course there is that matter of correct interpretation. With that said here is the short video.

    Hermes Trismegistus – Priest-King of Atlantis


    1. Carolee, I have read them, and own a copy as well of ‘The Emerald Tablets’. And oh, my gosh! This is weird. I just noticed that the link to the The Richat Structure’ that I posted up above is wrong! It should be this link:


      And if you read my comment of this video on YouTube a day or two ago…well, have fun with this one! Mine is the second comment, I believe, posted below the video on YouTube.

      All I’ll say is that things are highly strange for me recently.

  7. When you take into account the popularity of the “Star Wars” series and others like “Star Trek”, it really seems like there is a genetic memory of sorts of mankind once living in a higher technology past civilization. I even felt the same way once many years ago after seeing one of the Star Wars movies in the theater. It was almost like a glimpse of something that once was that I haven’t seen for a long time, and afterwards felt like this was the way things naturally are and we were somehow left behind. Hard to explain, really.

  8. Posting this again…If it shows up more than once, my apologies!
    Carolee, I have read them, and own a copy as well of ‘The Emerald Tablets’. And oh, my gosh! This is weird. I just noticed that the link to the The Richat Structure’ that I posted up above is wrong! It should be this link:
    And if you read my comment of this video on YouTube a day or two ago…well, have fun with this one! Mine is the second comment, I believe, posted below the video on YouTube.
    All I’ll say is that things are highly strange for me recently.

    1. Cosmic, I just watched, ‘The Richat Structure’ video. AMAZING, thank you for posting it. Do you remember what you posted in the comments? I did glance through but there are sooo many comments and did not see your name.  

      1. Cosmic Librarian
        2 days ago
        You might want to read ‘The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean’, regardless of if you believe they are ‘authentic’ or not.

  9. At the very end Whitley and Douglas talk about Sound generation. As per usual a little spark appeared in my mind, (the real reason I come to this site).

    How can sound generated by our little throats affect a 120 ton rock? Originally, my thoughts were that some resonance was established in the stone, but, so what? Resonances occur constantly all around us and the effect is microscopic, if at all.

    But, what if we are looking at this backwards? The resonance is established within ourselves and not within the object we are trying to affect? There may be an underlying force that tunes our awareness to the object being focused on. Therefore we don’t propel the object to do our bidding. Rather we utilize our consciousness to modify the whole nature of physical spacetime in a way we desire.

    This technique could be additive, –many individuals using an acoustic technique in concert wouldn’t necessarily add to the sound volume, but would possibly add to the psychic intention of the group, i.e.- Xendras.

    Now.. let’s consider the Great Pyramid at Giza. It has been shown that it is a very, very precise model of the Planet Earth. Why such precision? Some have stated it was designed to show future generation how smart the Ancient Egyptians were and make us think about who they were. WRONG! It is a tool (an instrument) to facilitate a psychic resonance in those who would choose to utilize it for ‘God Knows’ what purpose..

    Believe me it is still functioning :0

    1. I have spent a lifetime in all forms of Ultrasound ,Medical, Engineering, Drug delivery…

      It is all frequencies all on the spectrum…and beyound

  10. Babel, Carroll, Sherbet, and anyone else that is interested, go to the message board:
    Unknowncountry Free Message Board >History and Mythology> Alternate History> The Richat Structure in Mauritania and ties to myth of Atlantis

    Whew! Can you tell that Mercury started its retrograde phase a couple of days ago?

    1. Many Thanks, Cosmic. I’ve posted my thoughts and observations on the Richat Structure in an above comment but it only appears if I’m logged in.

      1. Me too, Sherbet…which is why I opted for the Message Board. There’s mischief afoot…

  11. Firstly, its SO good to see those old familiar names. Thanks so much everyone for chiming in. “Emerald tablets” hit a nerve with me… egyptian and all. I had to comment on this as well. I listened to the interview in the car as I was travelling… shouting at the radio!! “YES! SOUND !! It can create gravity traps. I wrote a short ditty on that called “The Djed: Confessions of a Crystal Master.” It tangled Fourier up in his travels in Egypt. Its there… in the Book of Ani (I smirked while typing… book of Annie). I hate to give it away… Look at the color of the seated deities. I remember a glimpse of past life… seeing an emerald/dark green tablet as an acolyte in Egypt… It had instructions to shadow step(grain of salt time: I cant lay that on the table and point to it) Fourier tinkered with the sine wave…. a tool that can be used to convert color into sound. Its chords.
    Sorry folks, I just posted to Whitley’s Space and ive been at it since 2am.
    Im a bit scattered. Yes, sound. Vibration. Thats how the Egyptians(even pre-Khemets) cut those smooth beautiful stone caskets for a lack of a better term….Im struggling with vocabulary now…
    Im running out of gas. So, YES!
    (figuratively pulling to the shoulder ) I know it looks crazy. I need to stop now.
    Pardon the lack of focus.
    gobekli tepe

  12. ANCIENT ORIGINS HAS POSTED SOME SPECTACULAR ARTICLES OVER THE LAST FEW DAYS……. Simply my opinion but if anyone wants to imagine what MASTER HERMES/THOTH appeared as physically, take a look at these first two articles.


    Elongated Skulls in utero: A Farewell to the Artificial Cranial Deformation Paradigm?


    Did Stone-Age Giants Live in the Champlain and Hudson Valleys?



    Anubis and Xolotl: The Remarkable Resemblance of the Death (((Dog ))) Gods.


  13. Author

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    That said, thanks for these links! There is fascinating stuff here.

  14. This is awesome vindication. After years of being made fun of .. My hope is we will see ourselves as EARTHLINGS and not a collection of waring nationalities. We will realize that the big blue marble is all we have to live on so we better take care of it.

    But then what? will the super powers race for the alien technology in order to have the advantage over other nations.
    It will most likely take baby steps over a generation before real change happens…

  15. Stanton Friedman clearly describes why using our science to determine if it is difficult or not for distant races to get to Earth is not a valid POV. Even if Extra-Terrestrial intelligence uses other dimensions to travel through, there is no implication that they originated in those dimensions, though some sort of intelligence may have. The sheer number of stars with planets, combined with very solid witness cases (Such as Travis seeing two species) indicate that a large percentage of the interaction is with other intelligent species. Logically many of them would use reconnaissance drone devices.

    Of course statistically the singularity happened billions of years ago in a distant galaxy. But note the repeated report of the ‘ship’ seemed alive. It is possible Grays are manufactured AI clothed in the nanotech of biology.

    Many more possibilities exist, but in my humble opinion, the Extra-Terrestrial species theory would account for the majority of what we encounter. There seems to be a lot of energy discounting this.

  16. Sound is the key to healing. Originally pure or just intonation was the nature of music. The new 12 tone equal temperament scale is mostly out of tune (dabbled with for hundreds of years and achieved around 1900). It allows some amazing musical experiments (such as classical, jazz, and rock), but is dis-empowered from the natural sound of harmonics. The 4th and 5th are close to harmonics (3/2 and 4/3); The M2nd is close to 9/8, but 8/7 at 231 cents is a stronger harmonic. The m7 is close to 16/9, but at that level we are into weak harmonics. The Thirds are just out of tune. The 7/6, 7/5, and 7/4 beautiful harmonic tritones are completely missing, as well as many fine quarter tones.

    Pure or Just intonation is the key to healing music and empowered sound!

  17. Love Doug Kenyon’s work. Book ordered!! Another great show Whitley – Thank you.

  18. Author

    Thanks, all! Doug is wonderful researcher and interview.
    Starting tomorrow: Grant Cameron: Beyond the 60 Minutes UFO Segment.

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