The all-time classic Communion audiobook as read by Roddy McDowell. It joins Majestic and the Secret School in our growing collection of Whitley Strieber audiobooks. You can download part one from it from the Special Interviews section or navigate to Whitley’s Room and click on “Audiobook” in the subject cloud to the right, to find all parts of all three audiobooks. All audiobooks are Copyright ( C) Walker & Collier, Inc., and are available for your personal use only. They may not be uploaded to the internet. 

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  1. Thanks so much for the
    Thanks so much for the audiobook of Communion, I still have my original copy of the book..

  2. Me too and I also appreciate
    Me too and I also appreciate the audiobook.

  3. Whitley, thank you. I’ve
    Whitley, thank you. I’ve downloaded all four parts, but yet to listen. If this is anything like your other readings, there is nothing better than hearing your work delivered in your own voice, which by the way, has the odd quality of glazing the frightening material with a soothing sense of calm. I like the contrary duality. I still have my original book, too, saved with all your other visitor books, which I will never loan out or retire to donation. They are my understanding friends.

  4. Oops, just read elsewhere
    Oops, just read elsewhere that Communion is read by Roddy McDowell? I’m sure it will be good, nonetheless. 🙂

  5. Brilliant. Please post
    Brilliant. Please post ‘Transformation’! Thank you! 🙂

  6. Reading “Hybrids” right now,
    Reading “Hybrids” right now, and cannot put it down. Whitley, your work is truly the work of a master.

  7. Roddy McDowell…Nice…”Damn
    Roddy McDowell…Nice…”Damn Dirty Apes”:)

  8. Thanks for posting this,
    Thanks for posting this, Whitley.

  9. I liked listening to Roddy
    I liked listening to Roddy McDowell in this series. His voice is so expressive, with the material so artfully delivered. Thanks for your generosity, Whitley.

  10. I read Communion when it
    I read Communion when it first came out and have been obsessed with this topic ever since. Hearing it now is like reading a new version, I am interpreting it on a different level. Your concluding thoughts have had great meaning to me this time around. It is like you have channelled a message to us all. Thank you Whitley

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