It is about midnight here. This just came in from Anne. She is bringing deep material now. This feels very true:

There is much written about the importance of centering. It is important, because real centering is finding one’s true self. Mostly, it is assumed that centering has something to do with the body. Finding an inner place that is the center of one’s being.

However, there is another center that it is possible to find. This center is outside of time. When we find it, we know at once who we are, but we also know another thing, a secret: there is no “self.’ This is an idea only. An illusion. What we call “myself” is really a part of the body. It’s the personality. This resides in the brain. It is not the soul and when we die, it disappears.

Our true presence is in the timeless center. This center is at once our purest essence, our core truth, and is also all essence, all truth.

In all the universe, there is only one being and yet, at the same time, there are trillions upon trillions of them. God is called alpha and omega, the beginning and the end. It is the all that is also one, the “I am.”

I am is the center. To find it, we must approach it on a path that is not a path, because it is everywhere. In the center, one feels the most perfect, complete and absolutely true sense of self that it is possible to feel. I am, outside of time, outside of space, containing all that is.

This is the center we seek, the center that is everywhere and at the same time the purest, truest and most complete inner core of every single one of us.

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  1. Thank you Anne for using
    Thank you Anne for using Whitley to bring this knowledge once again into our conscious minds.
    And thank you Whitley for agreeing to and doing this.
    Some of us have been waiting for these changes to start for oh, so very long. Now they start. Now we awaken from our slumbers and can begin our work.

  2. Thank you Anne, and Whitley.
    Thank you Anne, and Whitley. We have much to do.

  3. It seems there is some aspect
    It seems there is some aspect or part of the individual that survives, at least for some period. Or maybe “some period” is irrelevant outside the time stream? Just wondering because Anne is hear as Anne. And many of us have had experiences with identifiable love ones in subtle and sometimes not so subtle encounters after they have moved on. Curious what you think about this Whitley.

  4. I have found Dr. Wayne Dyer’s
    I have found Dr. Wayne Dyer’s I Am meditation exercise/CD to be very powerful.

  5. We exist, but not in the way
    We exist, but not in the way we think we do. The “me” that we usually identify with is totally a product of the brain. As such, it will simply evaporate into the air when we die. But there’s an aspect of our consciousness that transcends matter. We’re inseparable from that, and you could therefore say it’s who we “really” are, though individual identity is totally irrelevant at that level. Is this what Anne was saying?

  6. Say what? Anne clearly still
    Say what? Anne clearly still has a sense of self, or she wouldn’t be able to write that, or Whitley able to recognize her. I am not doubting after death communications, btw.

  7. Powerful. Could have been
    Powerful. Could have been right out of the book by Nisargadatta Maharaj “I AM THAT”.

  8. Thank, you, Anne and Whitley,
    Thank, you, Anne and Whitley, for everything. This is truth in its deepest form. We are all the same being. Yes. Many blessings to you both.

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