My experience  now is very different from what it was at first. Right after I died, I was an exact replica of myself when I was alive except that I wasn’t sick and I could walk. The first thing I did was show Whitley that I could do that again. I knew that he was grieving terribly, and I wanted him to see that some good had come out of it.

Now, I am myself, not Anne. Anne is very much part of me. I know and understand her, what she was and how and why she lived as she did. Anne was a wonderful life and I’m very glad and very lucky I had that energetic transformer. I love my Anne and I tell Whitley that I’ll always be Anne for him.

I no longer experience subjective, or sentimental, love. I am in love with reality. I am part of the joy of consciousness. I am me and all being both at the same time. Objective love is the energy that created the universe and that sustains its expansion. There is a quest for knowledge going on. Everything seeks to be known. This desire is objective love. It loves all knowledge, not just the things that are pleasant or nice. It loves and desires the dark, too.

This is because, if all knowledge is to be found, then the bad must be loved, also. Remember always that the dark is what enables us to find the light. Without the dark to reveal the stars, we would not know that they were there, for example.

Objective love is not like romantic love. Romantic love is fixed on details—the way the beloved looks and acts and thinks. Objective love is not fixed on anything. It glues reality together and so is present everywhere.  Once you know that, you know God.

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  1. I’m sorry, I accidentally

    I’m sorry, I accidentally damaged the file and had to restore it, thus losing all your lovely comments! I am so sorry.

    I’ve tried and tried to get the new website finished, but I just cannot get traction with the developer. It has been a year since I paid him and he doesn’t have time to work on it. I’ve even hired somebody to help him, but he doesn’t give the man any instructions. So we go on with this kludgy old system.

    1. I would say that is seriously
      I would say that is seriously remiss of the initial developer to start the project without the time to complete it. Sounds like they are almost intentionally dragging their feet. If they are unable to complete the project in a timely manner, how about discussing providing the code as-is, so that your new dev can take over completely and take the project to resolution? IMHO, if the new person is good enough (they may need some additional time to figure out the code) but then should need minimal input from the initial developer to get it completed.

  2. This is the comment I was

    This is the comment I was making in response to your posts, when I caused the error:

    These moments when this happens just astonish me. That it even can happen is amazing. But it is happening and it surely feels real to me.

    When this one came, I was sitting on a porch at about 10PM enjoying the evening. I wasn’t really thinking about Anne, although she is never far from my thoughts. Very suddenly, she was present. She just enveloped me, exactly as if she had rushed up and thrown her arms around me.

    I said, “Oh, Anne,” and then she started talking. I grabbed my laptop (I’d been working a few minutes before) and took it all down. When I read it over, I thought to myself how succinct and beautiful and wise it is. It was the first one since March and I was very glad to see it!

    I had the impression that my wife has become a powerful soul. I felt that she is in deep service. There was such a feeling of the sacred, so deep and so moving. How grateful I am that we found each other, and even more so that our marriage continues!

    I no longer worry about whether or not to believe she still exists. She does. In fact, we’re writing a book together, which I may have mentioned elsewhere. I am no channel, so it’s slow going. I have to wait and I often miss what she’s saying. Then it suddenly clicks and bang, we have another chapter! It’s about how everybody can have the same sort of link with their beloved dead that we have with each other.

    She says, “Mankind is a species divided, not between the sexes but between the living and what are called the dead. It isn’t natural and it isn’t necessary. We can become whole. ” This is her mission now, and therefore mine, too.

  3. My original comment:
    “I wish

    My original comment:
    “I wish to know you as who you are now, but damn, I sure do miss Anne!”

    Regarding the new site, I wonder if you signed a contract with the developer, guaranteeing certain things at certain times. If not, I don’t know what course of action you can take to get him to move on it. Maybe we all can sign a petition!

  4. I’m sorry you are having
    I’m sorry you are having trouble with the website developer, but just wanted to say thank you, once again, for the extremely valuable information from Anne! Love to you and Anne and everyone here at the website.

  5. I find it interesting to
    I find it interesting to compare Anne’s description of her current (eternal!) self with the presence sensed by C. S. Lewis, in an encounter described in his book A Grief Observed, of his deceased wife Helen Joy Davidman. Unlike Anne, who communicates with her own still earthbound husband through the personality she most recently took on, Joy seems to have contacted her husband in the form of the transformed, whole self described by Anne:

    “Just the impression of her *mind* momentarily facing mine. Mind, not ‘soul,’ as we tend to think of soul. Certainly the reverse of what is called ‘soulful.’ Not at all like a rapturous reunion of lovers. Much more like getting a telephone call or a wire from her about some practical arrangement. Not that there was any ‘message’ — just intelligence and attention. No sense of joy or sorrow. No love even, in our ordinary sense. No un-love. I had never in any mood imagined the dead as being so—well, so business-like. Yet there was an extreme and cheerful intimacy. An intimacy that had not passed through the senses or the emotions at all.” (C.S. Lewis, A Grief Observed)

  6. It loves and desires the dark
    It loves and desires the dark is a little troubling. I kinda of understand it, but other after life experiences relate this as well. I know I’m reading into it but is there any consequence for being dark or dare I say evil?

    1. This bothers me, as well.
      This bothers me, as well. When there is so much suffering in the world, as in animal and child abuse, and so many perpetrators inflicting that suffering without interference (even if apprehended and punished their vileness is not undone), it’s tough to make sense of the whole “God is love” POV. If there is a Supreme Deity, it seems supremely willing to see the objects of its love going through Hell….

  7. I think that some of you,
    I think that some of you, including Whitley and Anne, may enjoy this short story, ‘The Egg’. It’s ‘on topic.’ It also echoes many of the ways in which I have come to understand things, based on some of my experiences remembering other lives…

  8. I can vouch for “The Egg”
    I can vouch for “The Egg” being a quite wonderful but all too short story, that has an interesting twist at the end – well worth the couple of minutes it takes to read. I first found it after listening to “The Martian” on Audible, then trying to find other works by Andy Weir. Or was it the other way around?…Anyway, I loved both, for quite different reasons – and both are narrated by the talented R.C.Bray, which make them well worth the credits, if you happen to have an Audible account. If not, you can get a similar effect buy reading the story yourself, with an internal voice that sounds vaguely like Morgan Freeman 🙂

  9. I think that we misunderstand

    I think that we misunderstand the dark, especially what Anne means by it. In life, she was very aware that the dark of the womb was the place where we all begin, and also that women (womb-men) are universally feared and oppressed by all kinds of male dominated cultures and social institutions.

    She was a deep feminist and also a profound teacher. She knew how to challenge us to look anew at our deepest selves. No question in my mind, she is doing that here.

  10. One people. One
    One people. One reason.


  11. My two cents is that as
    My two cents is that as humans we have a difficult time stepping back and looking at the whole picture of sentient understanding. We tend to focus on the immediate, 3-dimensional details of good (the light) and bad (the dark). I think Anne has stepped away from this and looks at the whole of light and dark. It is a whole picture. Light/dark, yin/yang, enormity/singularity, etc., all dependent on both parts. Understanding this will draw us down the path toward understanding whole love, or “oneness.” The dark is just as important as the light. Without both there is no balance, no “one.” I didn’t at all read that she wants to experience the taste of “dark” for its ill purposes; I think what she’s saying is that understanding both light and dark is about understanding completion, or whole love.

  12. Just came across this entry,
    Just came across this entry, Anne’s words really resonate with me and there is a familiarity with the way she refers to herself, how Anne is a part of her. There are times in my life when I certainly feel that way, sort of detached from my physical self. I catch myself looking in the mirror trying to wrap my head around who this person I’m looking at is, not like I don’t recognize myself but there is a sense of detachment–lack of recognition. A sense of ‘this is who I am now, but not my true self’ if that makes any sense? Anyway, just wanted to share my thoughts on this.

  13. I too resonate with Anne’s
    I too resonate with Anne’s wise words. Thank you for this post Whitley. I have a difficult time trusting any one who is not in touch with their deeper levels of psychological motivation – all of us have light and darkness inside us …and coming to terms with our internal yin/yang of wholeness is a legitimate path to self realization. “Know Thyself ” a very wise man said. Tibetan Buddhist teachings and Jungian studies both can lead to profound understandings of the wisdom to be found in our own darkness and when brought into the light of conscious understanding may open one to having compassion for those who are either afraid of personal exploration or have given into their own demons.

  14. Hey Whitley,
    Can you please

    Hey Whitley,

    Can you please explain exactly what you’re trying to do with the new website?

    I’ve put many websites up… some that were quite complex. I’ve been a UC subscriber for a long time and I’m familiar with this site’s structure. Offhand this should not be so complicated.

    Feel free to reach back to me via my email if you want.

  15. Oh yeah Anne it’s not our
    Oh yeah Anne it’s not our Earth name that is particularly consequential. My name is shabd and that is the name of myintent forum in the afterlife. Call on me. Haha colony in the afterlife. And Whitley call on me here. I need help sorting this stuff and I have lots of gifts. pieces to the puzzle. Your name was given to me in Dreamtime…. did you have anything to do with that, Anne?

  16. Chrislimbhindudist is how I
    Chrislimbhindudist is how I am. A part of me is you we’re all part of the plan.

    Christ taught us how to walk, to love all other lives
    Muhammad allows us to protect the children and the wives

  17. Buddha teaches emptiness
    Buddha teaches emptiness awaiting the Divine call

  18. Yoga shows us all the time,
    Yoga shows us all the time, how to merge with all.

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