I have gotten a message from my wife that I will post here in Anne’s Diary. Ever since Trump won the election, I have taken these messages seriously. In September when I asked her who would win the election she immediatley said "Trump." At the time, of course, he was way behind in the polls and this seemed impossible, so I discounted it. I then asked her, "What will he do?" Her answer was "not much," and now that he has returned to Obama’s foreign policy and seems to be having serious problems because of his connections to Russia, I am thinking that that might be true, also.

But this isn’t a political website and I don’t really spend much time thinking about politics. I mention this only to suggest that there is something valid and real in these communications. I would not advocate the idea of messages from those who have passed as something to definitely believe, but I do think that it is worth seriously considering that her statements come not from my imagination or my lonely grief, but from her as a vital, conscious presence.

So, that said, let me get to some beautiful material I just got from her. First, I felt her come very close to me. It was hard because it made me want her to much to be there again so that I could hold her in my arms and enjoy her physical presence in my life as I did every day for 45 lovely years.

She said, "We’re not the most intelligent species in the universe or the most advanced or the most accomplished, not by any means. In fact, compared to most, we’re rather poor. We don’t have wonderful minds. Our science is simple and pretty confused. We have trouble believing what is real even when it’s staring us right in the face, especially if that’s not what we want to be true.

"But we do have something that makes us special. We are lovers, and in this respect we stand out as a very remarkable achievement of our planet and its star. We humans are deeply, profoundly in love with each other. We have these wars all the time, but if you look at them across history–what they are–they’re lovers’ quarrels.

"We’re too dumb to be objective about our beliefs. We fight furiously for them even though evidence may be entirely lacking. Thinking isn’t our strong suit. Feeling is. That’s why, when Jesus came to us, he spoke so much about love. Love is what we do well. And remember, love is not just sentiment, it is the building block of reality. Even though we can’t understand it, this is what makes us so important.

"We are a species of lovers, but we are also very poor. Our material wealth is very low. The things we make that we think are wonderful are really pretty ordinary. But each of us has a little bit of love. We don’t have much, but it is all each of us has, and so this little bit is very important to us, as is our little life on this planet far away.

"So when you hate another or have contempt for another or reject another, remember that this person is all he has, and if you reject him, you are saying no to all he can give. When one human being finds love for another, it goes like an echo through all the worlds. That’s why we are here, our species, poor in mind and poor in wealth though we are. We are here as a beacon of love.

"Jesus came to us because we are so poor and so alone. He knew that all we have is this love for one another, and  also that in love we are NOT poor. In love, we are rich.

"Love one another. It’s simple. It’s all too easy to forget. But it is also all we have.

"That’s your valentine from me, Anne."

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  1. Wonderful.
    It’s an

    It’s an interesting observation of our species, considering that we’ve spent most of our existence struggling to survive and constantly engaged in killing ourselves and beating up the planet.
    Whitley, can you ask your wife a question: How are those on the other side able to accurately predict future events?

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day,
    Happy Valentine’s Day, Anne!

    Tom, from what we can tell, those on the other side aren’t part of the linear form of time that we take for granted, but rather access it in moments that don’t necessarily need to be experienced in order. They can flit between what we would perceive as separate pasts, presents and futures — all are essentially available for access to them at one moment.

    Also bear in mind that they also have potential access to *all* futures that could come, so they may witness one that those of us in linear time may very well steer away from, so one has to remember that any given forecast could easily fall through.

    Since Anne was reporting “Trump” just two months before the election, it had a much higher probability of happening, since the vast majority of elements needed for him to win were probably already in place — Anne was seeing an event that would be extremely hard for us to have steered away from.

  3. Re: “Not much”, that could
    Re: “Not much”, that could also mean Trump won’t stay in office very long.

  4. I heard an interview recently
    I heard an interview recently with Len Buchanan. He was highly involved with the CIA remote viewing program.
    When asked if there was a heaven, he said that he was raised Baptist. So his personal views are tempered by his upbringing.
    When he remote viewed the question of the afterlife he found that there definitely was a heaven or bliss of indescribable love
    He also found there was a “hell”. He didn’t want to call it that because that seemed too nice. He did not want to revisit or talk about that evil place ever
    Then there was an in between place and a place of complete oblivion.
    So whatever religion or atheistic view you have there is a place for you
    I like the love one myself.

  5. Be peaceful.
    We are peaceful

    Be peaceful.
    We are peaceful people.

    This song is sung over and over and we are left with a view from a bridge.
    Around us, pure light, sparkling with life and wisdom.
    These are the wisdom teachings.


  6. She has given me some more

    She has given me some more information on seeing the future. “We don’t see the future, we see only what already is. It’s not magic, it’s mechanics.” I also got a nonverbal thought that prophets and psychics who make future prophecies that are almost always wrong are working out of their egos, which are part of the brain system, not consciousness, which has no sense of “I, me, mine.”

    I think that what she is driving at is that the needs and desires of those of us in the physical distort an objective vision of reality. When those needs and desires are gone, more of what is inevitable can be seen. This happens automatically after death, but it can happen as well in life with the gentle discovery and giving up of those needs that is integral to inner search.

    The nonverbal part suggests to me that all of these prophets and psychics with spirit guides who are constantly writing books, appearing on TV, etc., are still filtering their material through their egos, that is to say, the system that the brain builds around the name we are given at birth. The ego is there to protect us and provide a means of social interaction. While it can see the future, there is also the distortion of ego stuff like desire, prejudice, belief, expectation, etc.

    In the afterlife, there is no ego, just a memory of “I” and probably many past “Is” as well. Without the filter of desires, hopes, expectations and so forth, the vision is more clear.

    1. Whitley, I totally agree
      Whitley, I totally agree about the ‘ego’ aspect of “seeing the future”. At the same time, many factors can change the outcome by sheer observation and awareness of the event down the road. Having experienced ‘knowing’ and visions myself, I can tell you that I am always reluctant to tell people what I see, but when I do, I only tell those that are closest to me. I saw Trump winning as far back as a year ago. I was very disturbed by it, because it felt very much like a ‘done’ deal—something that I have rarely encountered. The few people that I cautioned about it, totally blew it off as impossible. Some people have encouraged me to become a professional psychic (including a few professional psychics), but I simply cannot go there. It took me years before I was able to come clean with friends and family about my abilities, even though some of them were pretty aware of it before I admitted to it. I no longer keep it a secret, but I also want to avoid exploitation and the huge responsibility that goes along with it.

  7. Whitley, you ought to compile
    Whitley, you ought to compile a book with all these words of wisdom. Certainly on par with, say, Meister Eckhart.

  8. The linked minds. I think
    The linked minds. I think this may become more common, though not in the manner of contemporary herd-culture linked response.

    There’s work going on quietly to bring an end to somnambulence and consumer based soma.


  9. Anne; So simple, so pure and
    Anne; So simple, so pure and so true – you made me cry, but I thank you

  10. “They can flit between what
    “They can flit between what we would perceive as separate pasts, presents and futures — all are essentially available for access to them at one moment.”

    I agree Matthew Frizzell. We could also get a taste of this knowledge if we could reach enlightenment.

    This reminds me of the master Paramahansa Yogananda’s poem of his samadhi experience. In the poem he states that ” present, past, future, no more for me”… and he could see “thoughts of all men, past, present, to come”…
    Here is the poem in full: https://youtu.be/KymqxXl9QM4

    Thank you so much for your honesty Mr. Strieber. It cant be easy to tell the world about you intimate relationship with Anne. As others have stated, we all benefit. Namaste.

  11. I was just watching some
    I was just watching some youtube videos about Schnauzer dogs, (we used to have one). I felt the passage of time, of the distance of change, the change in heart over the years.

    The flower of youth, it’s so blinding, so numbing. We see so little in our reach for expression, both manifest and heartfelt. There’s so much perceived pain at that age and yet I look back now, through the shard of memory and it breaks my heart to review the happiness around me then.

    Now step in the Bella Luce, the visitors, the companions, call them what you will.


  12. “Not much.” Love it!

    “Not much.” Love it!
    Yes, that may be true, but no matter how you want to perceive this change in direction, there is a reason for it. It is time to make some changes and sometimes you have to break the old mold before you can even envision the form of the new one.
    We will survive and we will be stronger.

    “Love one another. It’s simple. It’s all too easy to forget. But it is also all we have.”
    TRUTH! Tears to my eyes.

    Read the original source: http://www.unknowncountry.com/diary/annes-valentine-you-we-are-lovers#ixzz4bWsldUE0

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