I’ve always said that medical doctors are my shamans, because physicians have saved the lives of my both husband and son once and my own life twice. I’ve even known people who have put off going to the doctor because they want to try a New Age type cure first who actually died from this. But I’m an open-minded soul (with all I’ve seen and heard, I HAVE to be!) and if a healer seems serious, I’ll give him or her a listen.

This happened to me during our recent Thanksgiving trip to Texas. I was having some strange stomach trouble and went to the doctor, who advised me, among other things, to give up all dairy products for two weeks. Well, don’t you know, we go to San Antonio and the first place we stop is one of our favorite restaurants, a kind of "dive" where they serve outstanding cheese burgers and greasy, cheese-y nachos. I was just finishing up the last nacho when I remembered that I wasn’t supposed to be eating cheese.

Then it seemed that EVERYTHING I ate or was offered had cheese either on it or in it: Eggs at brunch were covered with cheese, a delightful cheese plate was offered to us by one group of friends, homemade ice cream by others. I had pretty much given up when we visited the country house of an old friend and were offered a lovely lunch (with even MORE dairy!) and a chance to catch up with her three lovely grown daughters.

The oldest daughter is a bankruptcy lawyer who has always exuded an air of confidence and competence. Imagine my surprise when she confided to me that she has also become a healer. At first I wasn’t sure what I was hearing, but she went on to explain that she talks with a person first, to find out what emotions may be involved, then she "visualizes" the organs in the person’s body that are causing the trouble. I had a nice long talk with her. She isn’t a psychologist, but her mother is, and she’s clearly picked up lots of information from that source.

I explained that I thought my trouble might be the return of an old affliction that is partially caused by emotions (my doctor had diagnosed this as well). I had inadvertently "cured" myself the first time by handing the bill-paying chores over to Whitley. When I didn’t have to worry about finances, my symptoms suddenly disappeared–it was as if I went to one of those preachers who tells the people sitting around him in wheelchairs to stand up and walk.

My problems are different now–I tend to feel exploited and "used." Unlike my life in Texas, I feel as if nobody in California (where EVERYTHING is about business) likes me for myself–they only want to use me to get through to Whitley. I often feel like the ghost in the room–the one who is tolerated but not paid attention to. In meetings, I want to jump up and down in my seat, waving my hand in the air the way I did in elementary school, saying, "Wait, wait, I have a good idea too!"–or (in social situations), "Wait, wait, I’m an interesting person too!" This healer had a word for me: "retention." And she’s right–I’m keeping my emotions tucked deep inside because there’s nobody to share them with.

We talked for about half an hour, then parted. I appreciated her offer to help, but didn’t really believe anything would come of it. Then later that evening, I felt a sharp pain in the area of my body that had been bothering me. I had only felt tenderness there before, so this was something new. It only lasted for a short time, and then–I seemed to be healed! My symptoms all went away and I started to get well.

It’s just another of the many miracles that keep happening to me since I woke up from a coma seven years ago. It’s as if I shed my old life like a snakeskin and found a new world inside.

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  1. Anne,
    I never felt the need

    I never felt the need to put a comment on this site. I wanted to let you know I have been reading & listening to both of you and Whitley for the last 8 or so years. I see you as a totally different individual who views situations different than your husband. You also have you very own unique way of expressing your feelings and ideas. I know what it is like to be in a long term marriage and sometimes you get lost in the shuffle or feel like a shadow. I do not see you as just part of the deal or a bridge to Whitley. You should know I sometimes pop in download a few interviews and read Anne’s Diary and don’t always read the latest W’s Journal. Something to do with my mid life moods.
    I want to know you are appreciated for your exceptional personality. I am sure you have helped many others with your with your thoughts and life experiences. You were one of the first to help me deal with my BC ordeal & NDE experience aprox. 3 years ago by reading details about your coma experience. I hope you are healing from those thoughts you had previously about yourself and how you are perceived in other’s eyes. Everyday I learn something from this lesson of life. Thanks inspiring others and for expressing your unique & beautiful personality.

  2. Hi Anne
    You know what?? It’s

    Hi Anne
    You know what?? It’s probably time to dive into the Holiday Season
    and make sure you hear some elementary school choirs.
    Just seeing their beautiful faces so enlivened with love and music
    will bring you around el pronto!!!

  3. Anne,
    Just want you to


    Just want you to know that I totally agree with Looneymom. There are some days when Whitley says something on FaceBook that make me feel really bad about how unfair life has been for a man who has done so very much for so many people and there is nothing I can do to make it better. Then I remember he has you by his side and that makes me feel better. Your journey together through this strange and harsh reality has surely not been an easy one; but you got to do it together.

    I was reading Whitley before Communion was written. And while I had already been introduced to the UFO subject, Whitley absolutely opened my mind in ways even I do not fully comprehend. He has been and continues to be a hero to me. And since being introduced to you and your writings…I never ever think of him without seeing you by his side. Maybe you are taking a back seat to Whitley, but I do not think he could have come so far without you. Together you make an awesome and heroic force. You have my appreciation and my gratitude for all the support you have given and continue giving him. Plus, I really do like reading YOU! Be safe and enjoy the ride…

  4. Neat post Anne. I confess
    Neat post Anne. I confess that I too tend to want to pay more attention to Whitley…;)…(simply because he thinks just like I do).

    But I appreciate your contributions.

    And on that note, just from my personal experience: Medical doctors nearly destroyed my life six years ago. I went to eight different Drs who considered my condition at the time a “medical enigma,” and offered little to no effort to relieve severe pain. What they did do, only made me sicker and worse in almost every way. Alternative healing routes are what saved my behind from literal death (I almost took my life the pain was so bad and would not go away). I learned that doctors will always, now, be solely a very last resort for me. My experience seems to be echoed by many, hence the huge new world of alternative health and healing. What my 8 doctors did not know, that I had to learn on my own, I now find appalling. My condition was remedied via relatively simple analysis of the condition, and being active with exploring different avenues to resolve it. All I did was educate myself about things they should damn well know, but seem to be oblivious to. To this day my experience with doctors, having seen many more since then in an effort to find one I respect, has remained extremely disappointing. I remain shocked at the level of incompetence I have witnessed. As have the friends and family around me who have witnessed it. For example, just ask any doctor if they know what “colloidal silver” is. 80%+ will say “never heard of it.” (It’s only been used for countless decades now, and saved my life). How can doctors not know about silver technology that is completely destroying MRSA and other pathogens with ease in comparison to their pharmaceuticals??

    With trauma care, I’m thinking America is “the” place you want to be if you need it….but outside of that, I take care of myself.

    JUST MY experience. Thanks again to you and your husband for a great site.

  5. Anne,
    Thank you for your

    Thank you for your diary and your interviews. I never missed one since discovering this site. What I like best is the down-to-earth humor you bring to the subject at hand. You are truly a funny lady. You remind me of a truly funny gentleman, John Keel, author of The Mothman Prophecies. He, too, had a down-to-earth sense of humor (a seeming rarity in investigators of unusual phenomena). Unfortunately, he is no longer with us. He would have been a great interview for you. Alas, the great interview that never was.

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