I have long been amazed at how small occurrences can make such a big difference in life and in the course of history. For instance, on August 22, 1931, while an Englishman named John Scott-Ellis was trying out his snazzy new car in Munich, he almost ran over Adolf Hitler, who was crossing the street.

In his book "One on One," Craig Brown quotes Scott-Ellis as saying, "He walked off the pavement, more or less into my car," but Scott-Ellis was going too slowly to be harmed. "For a few seconds, perhaps, I held the history of Europe in my rather clumsy hands. He was only shaken up, but had I killed him, it would have changed the history of the world." World War II would have been avoided if he had only been driving  a little faster.

In the November 5-6th edition of the Financial Times, Simon Kuper talks about how we could have avoided World War I. The 19-year-old man who started that war by attempting to assassinate Austrian archduke Franz Ferdinand , Gavrilo Princip, was in the vicinity of Ferdinand because he had gone to Schiller’s delicatessen Sarajevo to buy a sandwich for lunch, when the archduke’s car suddenly pulled up. The driver had taken a wrong turn. Kuper quotes historian David Winner as saying, "No Russian revolution, Holocaust or European Union if only Princip had fancied a pizza."

In the November 5-6th edition of the Wall Street Journal, Timothy Snyder reviews the book "Hitler’s Hangman: The Life of Heydrich" by Robert Gerwarth. Heydrich probably wouldn’t have even become a Nazi if he hadn’t fallen in love with the Nazi anti-Semite Lina von Osten in 1931.

Heydrich was out of work and needed a job, so with Osten’s help, he got a meeting with Himmler. Although he knew nothing about Nazism at the time (he hadn’t even read Hitler’s manifesto "Mein Kampf"), he impressed Himmler "with a bogus knowledge of espionage that he had assembled from mystery novels."

Snyder continues by saying, "Himmler and Heydrich were quick to see the Jewish question as the area where they could distinguish themselves." Heydrich formed an organization "that shot Jews in large numbers in the summer of 1941."

After Heydrich and Osten married, they were posted to Prague, but his wife didn’t like living in the castle there, "so they moved to a manor house outside the city. He was assinated during the long commute that he took along the same route virtually every day.

"If Heydrich had not fallen in love with Lina von Osten in 1931, he would not have become a Nazi leader. If he had not heeded her wishes about living in the country 10 years later, he would not have become a Nazi martyr."

Quantum physicists say they are now sure that there are a multiple number of parallel universes. My question is: Did any of these occurrences happen differently in one (or more) of them?

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  1. What a terrific post, Anne.
    What a terrific post, Anne. The what if scenario isn’t just a great way to approach fiction writing, but life! There probably are a number of parallel universes where one or two events like what you describe took the entire reality in a new direction. Suppose we had never invaded Iraq?
    – Trish

  2. Very good article Anne!.
    Very good article Anne!. Reminded me of Frost’s “The Road not Taken”. We always have choices. Maybe one day we will get to see the other choices that were made in those other universes.

  3. What if?
    The ‘little book’,

    What if?

    The ‘little book’, that is written within and on the backside, is waiting for the Lord to take it out of the ‘right hand’ of ‘him’, who sits on the ‘throne’.


    I am waiting, for a ‘specific’ contactee, to take my ‘little book’, that is written within and on the backside, out of my ‘right hand’, of where I am sitting on the ‘throne’. You see, a prophet is never accepted in his own country. Therefore my ‘little book’, must be taken from my ‘right hand’ and my ‘throne’. Until then, John will continue to weep.
    Knock, Knock, Knock?

  4. Have you noticed how Bruce
    Have you noticed how Bruce Lee was born year of the dragon and changed martial arts? Or How Axl Rose from Guns N Roses was born year if the tiger and has reddish orangish hair and coincidently came up with the song Welcome to the Jungle based on an event occuring with a gang?

  5. I have often thought that the
    I have often thought that the end times will be more of a mystery than a revelation. The Scribes and Pharisees sought a sign and was given only one about Jonah. It is said it would be like Noah where life went on as usual, people marrying and given into marriage. It says Jesus will come as a thief in the night.

    1. Speaking of Jonah – how many
      Speaking of Jonah – how many people for instance, realize that the story of Jonah in the whale is actually prophetic? When one understands the coded terminology for the three, seven and nine days – one understands the Scriptures. It is then, that the Scriptures come alive to the reader. It is like observing the depths of the ocean rather than it’s surface. When one has the code words, suddenly, the depths of the ocean replace the surface.

    2. Oh Jonah (Jonas) before the
      Oh Jonah (Jonas) before the three days, how confused you must have been, ‘after’ the three days, when over 2520 years had passed. Oh Jonah – my leaper of time.

  6. Life is full of coincidenses,
    Life is full of coincidenses, if it wasn’t I would be surprised and worried. Everybody eats sandwiches, walks off the pavement, and wants a job.

  7. If his testimony be poor,
    If his testimony be poor, Osiris will write his testimony with his Great finger – not his Little finger.
    KNOCK, KNOCK, knock?

  8. I am the one that must
    I am the one that must ‘sound’ the ‘horn’.
    First you must understand the term ‘sound’, and the term ‘horn’.
    I am not giving you the answer on a platter. You must search and awaken.
    I am the ‘sound’ – we are the ‘horn’.
    Until then, our Lord will not come.
    KNOCK, KNOCK, knock?
    If you are interested, then find me.

  9. I disagree. Heydrich was a
    I disagree. Heydrich was a true believer, and had been part of proto-Nazi organizations before joining the party. He was the main administrator of the Final Solution before he was assassinated.

  10. For as Jonas was three days
    For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale’s belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the ‘heart’ of the earth.
    And after three days, he will rise again.
    KNOCK, KNOCK, knock?


    Etymologically, Robin comes from the Norman ‘Robert’, a form of the Germanic Hrodebert, and it originally meant ‘famous’ or ‘bright’, or even and more pertinently ‘to shine’. This is, and has always been, an indication of one who has achieved illumination or enlightenment.

    Robin Hood is therefore the ‘Bright Hood’, a similar name to the Naga serpent worshippers or deities of India, with their illuminated serpent or cobra hoods. As many have previously stated, there are strong links between the origins of Robin Hood and the Green Man, who is also the ancient Egyptian god Osiris (Eye of Horus).

    Robin hood, needs to sound the ‘horn’ for his merry men.

    As Robin Hood sounds the ‘horn’ – so too, King Arthur must release ‘Excalibur’ from the rock.

    Excalibur = horn = phallus = neck = nose = pupil = thirteenth tribe = Levi = collective consciousness.

    As our face has become three, our collective consciousness is affected thus.

    KNOCK, KNOCK, knock?

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