I recently heard about a presentation given by a researcher who described the work of quantum physicist Philippe Guillemant, who has proposed that the future is already realized and is "brought to life" by the influence of our observations and intentions. In other words, we create our reality and can control our future.

Guillemant theorizes that our intentions cause effects in the future that become the future causes of present effects–what we call "synchronicities." He says that that future has already happened and emerges from how we presently see things and what we intend to do in the future. He’s saying that the future gives itself away in the present, if we just know where to look. In order to see into the future, we just need to recognize the weak signals in our present that point to what is about to emerge.

I don’t understand this any better than you do (unless you, as an unknowncountry.com reader, are also a quantum physicist–and I’ve heard from some who are), but what interests me about this theory is that I LIVED it for a time after I woke up from a coma seven years ago. As I’ve written here before, my life was suddenly filled with synchronicities to the extent that it seemed like a jigsaw puzzle. I could almost SEE the next puzzle piece slipping into place.

I’ve returned to "ordinary" reality now, with only an occasional "miracle" or two to remind me of what I learned when my brain was still scrambled. But the biggest miracle–the one that may be the reason that the whole incident happened–was the fact that I was given the message to get back into contact with our goddaughter Amy.

It wouldn’t leave me alone: A voice in my head kept repeating insistently, "You must contact Amy, you must contact Amy, you MUST contact Amy." Finally I said (to whoever it was), "All right, leave me alone, I’ll do it!" So I emailed her Mom and asked for Amy’s email address. I got back in touch with her and discovered she was now living in New York City, which had been our home for many years. I got her in touch with some of our friends there and became kind of a scolding, second Mom to her.

Then her real mother came down with colon cancer and died. If it hadn’t been for that insistent voice, I probably wouldn’t have ever known that our old friend Dora was even sick, much less that she had died, but because of that nagging voice, that wouldn’t leave me alone, we were able to fly down to San Antonio and be with Amy and her sister Bridgid during their sad ordeal.

Those of you who are my regular diary readers already know this story, but I’m mentioning this in case you want to SEE Amy. We see her whenever we visit New York City, and sometimes she visits us, as she did recently, when we filmed her for our "trailer" for our new book "Melody Burning." I’m telling you this so you can click here if you want to meet our beautiful and beloved goddaughter (who is now our surrogate daughter).

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    Captian Piccard, Star Trek TNG– good series, will it be this exciting!—-I hope.

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  2. Strangely Anne, I do
    Strangely Anne, I do understand perfectly what Guillemant is saying, as this subject started to gel in my mind a few years ago as a cohesive concept:

    Everyone is familiar with the concept that there are theoretically an infinite number of parallel realities, but because we have finite minds, we tend to think of the concept of infinity simply as a “really big number”. However, it’s more than that: if you take 0.00001% of something that’s infinite, you still have infinity. That said, that implies that there are enough parallel realities out there to take into account for virtually ALL possible iterations that could possibly be imagined, no matter how numbingly mundane or unimaginably bizarre the differences might be.

    And the ONLY thing keeping us from experiencing these alternate realities appears to be our perceptions. Many of you reading this already know what I’m talking about, because many of us have had our perceptual focus slip off to other realities, literally, whether by intent or accident. Otherwise, we typically have mind-sets that operate in a causal fashion, hard-wired for cause-and-effect: we perceive or instigate a cause, and we expect a particular effect. When we shift to what might be termed a synchronistic mind-set (or perhaps state-of-being is a more fitting descriptor), we wind up with an effect like what Guillemant is describing: either our subconscious sees the pattern that will produce a certain outcome, or we wind up influencing the outcome through that mind set. I suspect what’s happening is that both effects are happening simultaneously, a knife-edge of consciousness that some of us have found that we can inhabit.

    I’ve found that the content of many of the resulting synchronicities aren’t necessarily of any import (outside of the personal meaning to the individual), but rather they’re an indication that more and more of us are starting to live in this state. Some are even learning to work with this state of being, and influencing the state of the reality they live in. One thing I can say for sure, is that if this effect keeps accelerating the way I’ve been perceiving it over the past few years, then whatever challenges the future throws us will be easily met. We’ll be a population that is well on it’s way to perfecting the art of blending the intuitive with the intellectual…

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