I have had communication from Anne today. She wants to contribute a new diary. Here it is:

I have been watching time slide by. I realized that I could see it. How to say this, though? Language is a memory for me now. Life and language. I remember Whitley. I see him. 

Here is what I have come to about people and time: you live in three dimensions because you cannot see time. In this state that I am in, I can see time. I see the reason for the universe, why it came about and why it is so joyous—why it is made of laughter (which we are meant to forget in life—me, too!) It is because there was a certain sort of disconnect—a surprise—that woke everybody up.

The physical world flowed out of that. It is a long journey into balance.

But from outside of time, it looks like a sort of burp in consciousness. I can hear Whitley’s mind as he struggles along. If I want to, I can hear anybody. I can see the crowds of wanderers. Many who die stay in time. We call to them but they rarely hear us.

Whitley begs me not to leave him behind, and it’s hard, frankly. It’s harder than I thought it would be. Did you ever see the play “Our Town?” We are sort of like the dead in that play, watching quietly. But if you turn around, it’s not like that play at all. You understand at once that everything is conscious, everything is alive, the stars, all of it, and nothing is forgotten, nobody is forgotten.

It’s pretty wonderful.

From Whitley: I ask her, is this me or you? She replies, It’s me, damnit! I’ve been trying to get you to do this for days!

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    Sorry, we lost the previous comments. We had to reload because there was some material in the text left over from word processing that was confusing the layout on the homepage.

    Why did this happen? For once, it wasn’t a hacker. It was me. Too many thumbs!

  2. I wonder if the time Anne
    I wonder if the time Anne sees is linear, i.e. there is a timeline of a series of events from past, present to future, or does she see time branching out, like the limbs of a tree, with various possibilities existing, with each of us taking a single path through a complex weave of time.

  3. She says that not all who die
    She says that not all who die escape time as such. My notion on that, from years of study and experiences of various orders related to what we might call the “afterlife,” is that there are several levels, possibly infinite, beyond our 3-dimensional rubric of reality (and ALL is reality, nothing “para”normal about any of it; it’s all part of science).

    Anne seems to have been, and be, a very advanced soul. Most after their departure from our level, who transcend higher into higher-dimensional space (again nothing magical there, but merely a process of science we have yet to explore…hopefully we will), go to what has been described in various terms over the ages but most notably due to its historical proximity to us now, the “astral plane.” This is a term formed from language alone, on our level of reality, of course. But the physics of this level(s) is rather similar to our own. Aging seems to mostly disappear–indeed many who die old in this life are regressed to the prime of their lives physically in this realm. “Time” moves faster there, but not by much. They too are “stuck” in a form of time as we are or its perception at least. Many of the physical elements we have here, they have, even down to workaday activities like living in homes, possessing bodies similar to those left behind on our level, even eating and drinking if they so wish. Otherwise, a rapid transition to higher levels outside of time or farther away from again PERCEPTIONS of time (if time itself is not real unto itself, but merely a perceptual illusion on all levels of the firmament), would be bewildering to most people. Frightening. They wouldn’t be ready.

    And Anne, as many others like her that are more advanced than them in wisdom and understanding, call them to the higher, more wondrous realms above.

    And, not surprisingly, they do not hear the call. As we so often don’t hear the call from those on the “astral” level of what lies beyond the veil.

    There is no “death.” Or, to put it another way, there is the perception of death, but it’s the initiation and transitioning to a higher level of the physical universe, in which Anne sits very much in the catbird’s seat with that wonderful old bird’s eye view.

  4. Based on my own experiences,
    Based on my own experiences, I understand what Anne is talking about. From my perspective over the last few years, there are fewer and fewer ‘ghosts’ of the dead lingering around. Some of them have healed themselves via some other lifetime in the ‘future’ and are no longer remaining in the time stream. ( I know, that’s a difficult concept to wrap your mind around…). Allowing a part of your soul to remain in any part of the time stream, dead or alive, is not always for the best good of the soul. Some souls are like Anne and have moved outside the stream of time, but check in occasionally, while others may stay outside of it for aeons, or never return to it all. A soul that is no longer in the time stream can choose to come back into the time stream via reincarnation, as a way to help others along on the path, but it can be risky for them, because once they are back in the time stream they may risk returning to the wheel, because of the physical body with its hardware of DNA ( while that ‘personality’ may be consciously aware, the ‘memory’ of why they came back may be subject to amnesia.)
    And, of course, I wonder about all that I have just written too. 🙂

    I’ve questioned the idea of of ‘going towards the light’ at the time of death. While people who have returned from NDEs remember it with wonder and comfort, what if that light not only comforts you after physical death, it also keeps you in the time stream? Thoughts, ideas on this anyone?

    1. As am beginning to understand

      As am beginning to understand it, most of what we do here drops away in the days after death. There is a gentle forgetting that leaves only the spark of essence, which has been changed in one way or another, depending on how we’ve lived our lives.

      That spark is what goes into the light. But if a person dies in a state of soul coherence, where the soul’s memory of body and life is rich from a lifetime of careful inner work and cultivation of a strong soul, then you are a much more complete being. This is what Anne is and why she can control her presence in the physical. She can enter it, leave it, whatever she needs to do.

      The ‘good’ side of the visitors want coherent souls, and helping others work toward that is what the remainder of my life will be about. The others–bad or whatever they are, it’s very complex–want us to live in ego, asleep to our greater being and die in incoherence. Why? Maybe so we can be exploited in some way, I don’t know.

      But I do know this: they are fighting me like hell over the new book. It’s war, real war. This tells me one thing: the book will help people find their way to soul coherence and dying into a greater life for individual and species. It is the next stage in evolution

    2. The idea of “heading towards
      The idea of “heading towards the light” is quite disconcerting after reading The Master of the Key and then Whitley & Anne’s description of what happens to you if you do. It’s common in most of the literature as well as scripted in various shows i.e.: Head towards the light M.F.! Thanks to you two lovers, I’m off my lazy butt and working on strengthening my soul again. Using my childhood memories as instructed.

  5. “Whitley begs me not to leave
    “Whitley begs me not to leave him behind….”
    That’s all that matters here. The rest, the unanswered questions, speculations about time. None of it matters. I only hear the pain, the sorrow, the fear because I know it, too. The absence of The One and the sensation of her drifting away, nothing else really matters when you are the one left behind.

  6. I don’t feel her drifting

    I don’t feel her drifting away at all. Far from it. What I feel is her challenging me to keep enough of my attention on the inner world to continue to interact with her, which is the most challenging and most beautiful experience I have ever known.

  7. She was the first person who
    She was the first person who ever truly loved me. I was a scary child. There were things about me that my folks did not understand. They tried hard, but I could often feel their fear of me. When Anne came along–forget it! No fear at all, despite all the weird stuff that happened. She just rolled with it. She had her man and he was hers and any ghosts, aliens or whatever lurking around in the shadows could just go stuff it!

  8. Anne is guiding you and you
    Anne is guiding you and you are guiding the rest of us. The two of you are still fighting for all of us who have benefited from your sacrifices. We’re all in this for the long haul and we wouldn’t have it any other way. As Joseph Campbell said, “Life is a wonderful, wonderful opera, but it hurts.”
    I love what Anne says about laughter. She is right to remind us of the obvious.

  9. We need this book. I need
    We need this book. I need this book!

  10. Such a hard place this is, I
    Such a hard place this is, I love and hate it almost instantaneously. Anne seems to have trouble explaining it in terms we understand. I always thought laughter was a strange thing, too much and we can be brought to tears, to little and it comes off as a nervous expression. It seems fitting that its a bridge that we don’t fully understand.

  11. I am feeling that Anne and
    I am feeling that Anne and the awesome goddess of Communion and Mother Earth (three forms of the same principle) are leading Whitley, and therefore all of us, back to the original truth of the sacred female, reawakened and screaming.

  12. When’s the new book slated to
    When’s the new book slated to be out? Looking forward to it!

    Whitely, I just recently discovered you and your writings. I blew through Communion, The Key, Supernatural (on Audible), just finished Miraculous Journey, and I’m midway into Majestic. Man, I’ve never read so much so fast in my life- you are truly a gifted writer, sir. So much inspiration, and in such an interesting milieu! Pure awesomeness- thanks!

    PS- I just got Night Church off Ebay, so that’ll be coming up next. Keep ’em coming!

  13. Returning home from work this
    Returning home from work this evening, I was fed up. A rotten and confusing week, littered with mixed messages from the universe that pulled me in so different directions.

    To top it all, I keep hearing thuds coming from inside a kitchen cupboard, like something has fallen over but there isn’t anything there, I checked.

    Sitting down to read the diary entry and the comments, my peace began to return. I’ll just tune out of the incoherent noise of the world and reflect on this shared insight.


  14. Whitley, it sounds like Anne
    Whitley, it sounds like Anne did not “go into the light”, as most do. I admire that, if that’s what happened. Would you say that’s true, and could you comment on it if so?

  15. I really can’t wait for this
    I really can’t wait for this book. My love died three years ago. I have had small but meaningful contacts with him, but nothing on the scale of the rich communion that exists with Whitney and Anne. I would love to have that. I believe most people would. I still grieve for him, and I would like to learn how to foster a clearer connection. Thanks for proving that It’s possible. By the way, I really enjoyed the joint conversation between Anne and Whitley broadcast a few weeks ago. Anne is really funny!

  16. Looking forward to your new
    Looking forward to your new book, Whitley. Your connection with Anne and the writing of this book — NO WORDS. Thank you for being there for all of us.

  17. Wow, Whitley, this is a very
    Wow, Whitley, this is a very interesting entry! Frankly, I am having a hard time digesting it, torn between that very powerful urgency to just deal with those things that I can see and feel and understand versus what is the esoteric and non-physical. There is a desire to connect between the physical and the ethereal, but man the physical, denying world really wants to keep you in it. Every day life, so full of what we believe to be soooo important, wants to take over and it is a real battle to accept the other side.


  18. Anne stated “I see the reason
    Anne stated “I see the reason for the universe, why it came about and why it is so joyous—why it is made of laughter…” wow.

    Talk about synchronicity. I was just listening to Paramahansa Yogananda’s Samadhi bliss poem when he practiced kriya yoga.

    “Spotless is my mental sky, below, ahead, and high above. Eternity and I, one united ray. A tiny bubble of laughter, I Am become the Sea of Mirth Itself.”

  19. Re; Comment about going into
    Re; Comment about going into the light by Cosmic Librarian, I have often wondered about that as well. You are the first one I’ve seen that has brought this up. Often thought that the tunnel of light may just be an umbilical to reincarnate. Wondered what would happen if this were bypassed.

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