A worldwide outbreak of liver disease of unknown origin is affecting young children around the globe, and has sent medical experts scrambling to uncover the cause. These cases of hepatitis, an inflammation of the tissue in the liver, are primarily afflicting children between 2 and 5 years old, withread more

Astronomers have discovered a type of stellar nova called a “micronova”.  Although they release a fraction of the energy emitted by supernovas, micronovae can still burn through ten quadrillion tons of stellar mass in a single eruption. “We have discovered and identified for the first time what we are callingread more

We welcome Jeremy Vaeni back for one of his occasional specials, and this one takes us deep into…Magonia!   Emma Woods is the  experiencer who famously broke off ties to David Jacobs before he could feature her in his upcoming book because she realized he was going off the railsread more