Join Trish MacGregor for a reading from Trish and Rob’s new book, The Shift!

Just out of sight and mostly outside the awareness of mainstream media, a shift in consciousness is underway that’s beyond religion, politics, and science as we know it now. It’s an accelerated perception shared by millions worldwide: we are all energetically entangled. What affects one affects all.

Here in this sea of evolving awareness, we perceive intuitively, through the heart, and often experience astonishing coincidences or synchronicities. It’s here we might momentarily connect with a lost loved one, catch a glimpse of our future, or be nudged unexpectedly onto a different path. These wake-up calls alert us to a deeper matrix of reality.

Welcome to The Shift.

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  1. It would be no surprise if The Shift/Wake-up call were introduced as an important part of the Social Science curriculum in our schools, This was brilliant, the book must be as well!

    1. Thanks! This shift is going to co9ntinue into 2023, I think, with Pluto entering Aquarius on March 23,

  2. At the risk of being labeled here, democracy is at risk when citizens will be fired from their jobs or discharged from the military if they don’t get vaccinated. In the end, more people died that were vaccinated than were not; young males who didn’t really need the vaccination have developed myocarditis. The pandemic was about control and they, the powers that be, want you to know that.

  3. Thanks for the link. Do you have any for the pandemic as a control? Factual links?

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