Since we last talked to Rand Flem-Ath about crustal shift, Earth’s magnetic pole has begun wandering dramatically, and earthquakes of unknown origin as well as unexplained booms have become commonplace. What does this all mean in terms of crustal shift? Could Earth’s crust be about to actually move on the mantle, dramatically changing the positions of the continents? If so, what would this mean and could we survive it?

Listen as Rand Flem-Ath tells us what his and Rose Flem-Ath’s research suggests happened in the past, and what, exactly, would take place if another crustal shift occurred.

This important interview is a ‘do not miss!’

Rand and Rose Flem-Ath’s website is


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The death of the greatest prophet in the Old Testament is shrouded in mystery. Why, and what does this mean to us today? Listen as researcher Rand Flem-Ath, famed for his discoveries about Earth’s crustal shift, uncovers the truth about one of history’s strangest and most important assassinations. A concealed story of betrayal, revenge and murder has been buried within the Bible for more

Biologists now think that that tiny creatures–from worms to insects–are much more important to the health of our planet than they seem to be. In fact, the fate of all life (including us!) may depend on them.

In the November 10th edition of the Observer, John Vidal quotes entomologist E.O. Wilson (who studies ants) as saying, "When you thrust a shovel into the soil or tear off a piece of coral, you are, godlike, cutting through an entire world. You have crossed a hidden frontier known to very few. Immediately close at hand, around and beneath our feet, lies the least explored part of the planet’s surface. It is also the most vital place on Earth for human existence.
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A UFO skeptic found this strange object on picture among a group he had taken of the Humboldt Mountains in New Zealand. He did not see it while taking the picture. It does not appear to be an airplane, and a lighter than air craft would be unlikely to be aloft in a mountainous region, due to unpredictable winds. This is a probable unknown.

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