Huge new craters are spontaneously opening up in the melting permafrost in northern Russia. Though the exact cause is as yet undermined, the sudden appearance of an enormous new crater surrounded by 20 little ones – within six miles of a major gas product plant – has put residents and scientists on high alert.

Professor Bogoyavlensky, deputy director of the Moscow-based Oil and Gas Research Institute, part of the Russian Academy of Sciences said, "It is important not to scare people, but this is a very serious problem. … We must research this phenomenon urgently to prevent possible disasters. We cannot rule out new gas emissions in the Arctic and in some cases they can ignite."
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There are rumors that something unusual has crashed into frozen Lake Winnipeg on the Jackhead Indian Reservation in Manitoba. Out There has not been able to confirm these rumors, and some very dubious YouTube sites are milking the story for hits. The attached video has few hits, and there are elements of the object that are familiar to us from authentic videos. Of course, they could be familiar to hoaxers, too. Out There’s take: something is may be happening on Lake Winnipeg, be it some sort of military operation, the recovery of a known object that has crashed, or the recovery of a crashed unknown.

Our photo experts are far from convinced by this footage:

Expert One:
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Here is a Japanese version of the recipe:

1st 1000 days: Subsist on a diet of water, seeds and nuts.

2nd 1000 days: Eat only roots, pine bark and a special tea made from the sap of the Chinese lacquer tree. (This is the source of the lacquer used on bowls and plates. It is excellent for repelling maggots and bacteria as well as for sealing human fate.)

Finally: Seal yourself into a cave, enter deep meditation, and await ascension.
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When in his final tweet as a presidential adviser, John Podesta said that he was disappointed that he had been unable to achieve release of still secret UFO files in 2014, the general media at first assumed that it was a joke. When his past record on the subject became clear and it was realized that he wasn’t joking, most outlets fell silent. The New York Times, the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal were all silent. And yet it’s major news when a man of Podesta’s stature, not to say his access to classified documents, says something like that.
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