One of the very rare instances of mass abduction known took place at a UFO conference at the Coronado Hotel. Researcher Yvonne Smith has spent 19 years putting together the details of this amazing story. The corresponding details of multiple-witness memories are startling. As startling–at least–is the fact that the President of the United States was present on Coronado Island while the abductions were taking place.

Yvonne Smith’s website is You can get the Coronado Incident wherever books are sold.

Uri Geller and Whitley Strieber share many colleagues and friends and have deep knowledge of one another’s experiences. In this mind-bender of an interview, Whitley asks Uri questions that others simply don’t have the knowledge to ask.

As Whitley shares friendship with the scientists who studied Uri at the Stanford Research Institute, he doesn’t come to the interview with the usual basic questions. He knows that Uri is no clever stage magician, but, in fact, possesses some of the strangest powers ever observed in a human being.

Rick Strassman did some of the most important scientific work into the hallucinogen DMT in history, and now he’s back with an explanation for the strange otherworldly but consistent visions that his test subjects reported seeing.