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One of the very rare instances of mass abduction known took place at a UFO conference at the Coronado Hotel. Researcher Yvonne Smith has spent 19 years putting together the details of this amazing story. The corresponding details of multiple-witness memories are startling. As startling–at least–is the fact that the President of the United States was present on Coronado Island while the abductions were taking place.

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  1. a VERY interesting subject
    a VERY interesting subject with important witnesses.

  2. Another interesting show and
    Another interesting show and I was saddened to hear of Dolores’ passing but I send, just as everyone else will, my best wishes of good fortune to her wherever she is now.

    Again, troubled to hear that Mr Strieber received what is basically a crappy, bad tempered email about subscriber ads, but I’ve been subscribing for over ten years without regretting it for a single second. It’s just a few pounds a quarter and what Dreamland has opened up is of great value to me.

    I recall, back in 2002, when I had split up with my girlfriend, moved to a new and secretive village and felt quite desolate.

    Now, every Saturday morning is a sublime experience 12 months of the year; Dreamland with breakfast and then a long slow hot bath listening to the show and subscriber interview again.

    Please consider subscribing, even for a month at a time. I’m not made of money, just like everyone else. If my old car gets a serious fault, I’ll have to let it go and I doubt I’ll be able to afford another one, but will happily adjust to using my Bicycle even more than I do at the moment.

    Why not adjust to throwing a few pennies into the pot for once and stimulating new growth.?

  3. I look forward to Saturdsy
    I look forward to Saturdsy mornings as a subscriber. I get to hear two shows. The second usually better than tthe first. Best investment that can be made for what you gey. Thanks Whitley & Ann

  4. Haven’t listened to this
    Haven’t listened to this week’s shows yet as they were just downloaded. As usual, I can hardly wait to listen and learn. You and Ann have taught me so much. You have brought the beacon of light that brings real knowledge and understanding to the topics that bring the most meaning to my life. You had me since Communion my friend in spirit. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Worth every penny and you don’t charge much.

  5. Whitley and Anne, i have been
    Whitley and Anne, i have been a subscriber for years, (not sure how long and don’t care) . I am here for the ride however long.. You folks are like family and have truly given me many hours of deep thought. lots more i’d like to do and i’m just too busy to do, seems work is the only thing and my family gets the rest. Jus tdownloaded this week’s show and i’ll listen as soon as i can. No matter what you do or how much you charge, there are always those who whine and complain, to them i say ” sorry, life is tough for all of us” . I haven’t read the complaint , just these comments but, i felt it necessary to throw this in. So you whiners, if you don’tlike the station, change the channel…that is your right… Much love to two and all the subscriber family..The Buzz


    What if the Universe turned out to be a gigantic psychic mirror? Maybe we are actually staring – in these instances, like Narcissus did, at our own reflections? This idea intrigues me because we may find out that the effort, investigation, and research that goes on in this field, (and it is some of the best science — as Ms. Yvonne’s book demonstrates) we discover that we have been staring into our own reflection the whole time?

    This afternoon I had a conversation with a tree …

    So, I began to ask about how a human being could talk to something so foreign
    (read: alien) as plant matter. This tree had some new insights about my expanded awareness…
    I wonder if the whole time the tree was actually reflecting back on me my own thoughts and considerations, and I was essentially talking with my own echo!

  7. interesting!

  8. Oh no, not another complainer
    Oh no, not another complainer who expects to receive services for free! It pains me that Whitley has felt compelled to try to explain (again) that though the incredible information he delivers on Dreamland is his passion, he still needs to have money to support it and himself. Who works for free?? Does your church pastor, who no doubt feels a mission, or your doctors who love their work, or your schoolteachers who are devoted to teaching children, all need to work for free just because it is their passion? The same individuals who complain about this are probably the same ones who wouldn’t hesitate to pay heartily to see their favorite athletic events or rock concert or buy a new technical device. My goodness gracious, we are all so lucky that someone like Whitley offers as much free enlightened information as he does. So leave him alone! He does not deserve criticism from anyone whose priorities are skewed and is clearly not comprehending the message that this website has to offer.

  9. I agree Alicia. Whitley has
    I agree Alicia. Whitley has been through the crucible and he and Anne are still there providing the world with articles, essays, and interviews that are second to none! All that he has been through I’m certain that complaints like this are just pesky gnats and of little concern… especially since it looks like he was ‘set-up’ by someone in the U.S. government way back there in 1985.

  10. The rude person who told
    The rude person who told Whitley to “shut up” is obviously very immature. I am very upset about it. Whitley and Anne have worked hard to maintain this website, which is one of the most interesting on the internet. I don’t have a lot of money, but, I try to pay my subscriber fee when I can, because I don’t want to miss a thing!
    When I listen to stuff like this, I want to hear the truth, not science fiction. And Whitley has proved time and again, that this is his and Anne’s mission with Dreamland.
    I hope they keep this going for a very long time. And they will, with “mature” people who understand. Thank you Whitley and Anne, for making my day, every week.

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