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Uri Geller and Whitley Strieber share many colleagues and friends and have deep knowledge of one another’s experiences. In this mind-bender of an interview, Whitley asks Uri questions that others simply don’t have the knowledge to ask.

As Whitley shares friendship with the scientists who studied Uri at the Stanford Research Institute, he doesn’t come to the interview with the usual basic questions. He knows that Uri is no clever stage magician, but, in fact, possesses some of the strangest powers ever observed in a human being.

In addition, a few days after the interview was concluded, Anne Strieber had a classic ‘Uri’ experience, which she describes in her current diary.

Uri’s website is You can get his free newsletter on it, his free “Little Book of Mind Power” and watch the “Secret Life of Uri Geller,” also for free.

The book “the Secret Life of Uri Geller” by Jonathan Margolis is available on Jonathan Margolis is a regular writer for the Observer, the Guardian, the Daily Mail and a contributing editor for the Financial Times Magazine. The book tells the amazing Uri Geller story in a frank and unbiased manner.

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  1. After you read this book,”The
    After you read this book,”The Secret Life of Uri Geller” by Jonathan Margolis
    you should really get Mr. Jonathan Margolis’ first book about Uri, “Uri Geller, Magician or Mystic”. It provides as it were a first volume about Uri’s life. It portrays a real human being who happened to be zapped by a light as a child.

  2. A key aspect in all this sort
    A key aspect in all this sort of thing is, –consider the source…the following quote does it for me.

    “Geller has bent my ring in the palm of my hand without ever touching it. Personally, I have no scientific explanation for the phenomena.”
    Dr. Wernher von Braun (NASA scientist & father of the Rocket – U.S.A.)

  3. Here’s a scary thought,
    Here’s a scary thought, Geller doesn’t bend the Spoon. He bends the world around it.

  4. wow, excellant explaination
    wow, excellant explaination of stories over the years…

  5. When I first encountered the
    When I first encountered the Unknown Country site I learned very quickly that becoming a subscriber was a must. I have never regretted that decision. This site is s gem.

  6. My father interviewed Uri in
    My father interviewed Uri in the late ’70s in Perth Australia… Dad remembers that there were journalists… And he remembers Uri showing them a spoon and then later a bent spoon – but not the process of bending… NOT THE PROCESS OF BENDING… Why not?

  7. Because we love mysteries…
    Because we love mysteries… As do I… and I have listened to Uri doing live shows wherein if you play along you can stop your watch etc… It never works… Tools for your mind? By an Oscar winning director? lol!!! Bring on the Myth Busters!!!!

  8. What a wonderful program!
    What a wonderful program! Thanks, Uri and Whitley!

  9. Hi, this is a general comment
    Hi, this is a general comment in response to all the programs on Dreamland.

    A heart-felt thank you to Whitley, Anne and Linda Moulton Howe, for their immense contribution and commitment to contemporary knowledge and their courageous content delivery, putting front and center the fledgling unveiling of human experience in all its strange and beautiful forms (and sometimes terrifying!) – no matter how outlandish it may seem and feel at times. In this world of shifting shadows and seemingly bottomless obfuscation, this program sheds some light into this darkness. Listening here, I am constantly challenged to open my mind, or at the very least reconsider what consists for consensus reality.

    Whitley, your interview style is so wonderful, refreshing, compassionate and consistently professional, every time, no matter the subject matter or the person being interviewed – like journalists should be. Both you and Linda Moulton Howe should be given so much more consideration and recognition for the tireless work you do. In another, better enlightened age you would be recognized along with Murrow. Sending you the very best wishes and thanks.

  10. I couldn’t have said it
    I couldn’t have said it better, Mr. JP Kent.

    It’s “school”, of which I never want to be done.

  11. Seems to me a good question
    Seems to me a good question for Uri, since he can find oil so easily, is:
    “How much oil is actually left in the Earth?”

    Great interview Whitley and Anne.
    Thank you.

  12. 100 years from now, they will
    100 years from now, they will speak of the giants that walked among us.. Surely Whitley and Uri will be among those whom people will speak of not in the shadows of the twilight but in the full splendor of a new renaissance. I thank you both for a superb interview.

  13. Why would you carry two
    Why would you carry two Blackberry devices just because you get 300+ emails a day? It’s not like two devices will make reading the email any easier. Similarly why would you carry seven guns? I doubt that it is possible for one individual to use that many weapons in a gun battle, seems like it would be a hinderance. A primary with with an extra magazine is probably all you need, since most self protection scenarios never last that long.

  14. Yes, this was an enjoyable
    Yes, this was an enjoyable interview and I was impressed by Uri’s honesty. His ups and downs reflected perhaps that having such abilities must be kept deeply hidden and used subtly.

    I was troubled to hear that Mr Strieber had received some self centred abusive mail. Quite remarkable that some people can be so unkind.


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