There is a great deal more to Christianity than its modern leaders would have us believe. After a devastating personal loss, Jonathan Talat Phillips found his whole world–all of his aspirations and expectations–stripped away. In his desperation he turned to his Christian origins, and discovered a hidden and totally unexpected world of spiritual power and miraculous being.

There is a Matrix. It’s that simple. And we’re trapped in it. And that’s not so simple, but Sonia Barrett has some of the best ideas that are to be found anywhere about how to escape its power and become truly free. Sonia has learned to penetrate the Matrix and live in a completely new, completely empowered way. Listen as she tells Whitley Strieber about her journey and, above all, about the incredible empowerment involved. Sonia offers a realistic plan of escape that can help us disentangle ourselves from a trap that is not of human construction, and which enforces only weakness, fear and violence on mankind.

During the final days of World War II and on into the early 1950s, thousands of prominent Nazis escaped from the ruins of Germany. They were helped by a variety of institutions, including Russian, British and US intelligence agencies, the Catholic Church, and wealthy sympathizers and supporters. But where did they go? What did they do? And what poison have they left behind? And, above all, was Adolf Hitler among them?

Katherine Ramsland is an expert on many different subjects, and one of the most important is intuition and how we can actually use it! Here she tells us how to actually induce powerful intuitive insights to change your life. Unlike ‘feel good’ books, Katherine uses the latest research into how intuition actually works.