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There is a Matrix. It’s that simple. And we’re trapped in it. And that’s not so simple, but Sonia Barrett has some of the best ideas that are to be found anywhere about how to escape its power and become truly free. Sonia has learned to penetrate the Matrix and live in a completely new, completely empowered way. Listen as she tells Whitley Strieber about her journey and, above all, about the incredible empowerment involved. Sonia offers a realistic plan of escape that can help us disentangle ourselves from a trap that is not of human construction, and which enforces only weakness, fear and violence on mankind.

Whitley Strieber says, "I did one of Sonia’s consultations, which is available for subscribers to hear in the special interviews section of the subscriber area. It was, to say the least, a powerful and unforgettable experience for me. Deeply freeing."

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  1. I was unexpectedly overcome
    I was unexpectedly overcome with emotion in listening to Whitley’s consultation with Sonia Barrett. What a gift to us! The courage that it takes to be so open about that core part of himself, fills me with awe and gratitude. Thank you for your continuing heroism, Whitley. It matters.

    1. Nancy, I completely agree.
      Nancy, I completely agree. The mini-consultation blew me away –Whitley’s openness & Sonia’s insight –both have affected me deeply and I look forward to following up to gain more insight into relenquishing my own baggage b/c yes, I realize I’m carrying some but can’t really identify what it is or its origins. As for DeCosta’s criticism’s of Sonia Barrett’s ‘lack of command of the US English language,’ I guess he won’t seek a consult w/her & despite the level of fluency he expected, I ‘get’ the gist of her message. Unknown Country has done it again to advance our consciousness and understanding of why we’re on this earthly journey.

  2. Anyone else sense that some
    Anyone else sense that some of Whitley’s visitor experiences are, more or less, metaphors for his birth? Including his mother, maybe not unlike the woman on the face of ‘Communion’? He remembers the eyes glaring at him, and the glasses of the doctor at his delivery. (Hello, Grays!) His memory of his birth is not unlike some of his visitor experiences.
    I was actually going, “Whoa!” when he described the lights, the fear, etc. I can’t believe that Sonia did not bring this up and point it out to Whitley.

    1. I think this is a very good
      I think this is a very good point. I’ve always remembered certain very early moments, but this particular one became very clear when I was talking to her. I can clearly see how it has colored my whole life, and I am left wondering if our first moments are not much more foundational than we have so far realized. I’ve gotten a few emails from other people who remember birth moments, so at least I’m not the only one. My sense is that the glaring, angry face I saw then has been some kind of defining reality for me. (The reason it happened was quite innocent: my mother had endured a grueling, protracted labor and she was exhausted and, I assume, very upset when I was first placed in her arms.)

      It was a deeply freeing thing to revisit that moment in the vivid way that I narrate in the consultation, and I am wondering if, using hypnosis or something, more people couldn’t get back to the birth moment and find the same sort of insight. We aren’t even supposed to be able to see much more than vague images when we are first born, but I have to question that. The amnesia of babyhood, I am now thinking, may conceal the definitive foundations of who we are.

  3. A couple of years ago, whilst
    A couple of years ago, whilst driving one morning, I started to slip into a state of mild trance. In an instant, the tarmac surface of the motorway seemed to dissolve and I appeared to be driving on some kind of lattice framework. It was the damnedest thing I have seen whilst driving and only lasted for no more than two seconds at best. Listening to Sonia now, and other commentators on such areas, one really does have to consider that reality is indeed some kind of conscious, constructed artifice. Fascinating show, very worth a listen.

    1. I had a similar experience,
      I had a similar experience, only I looked down and saw my left hand, for maybe 15 seconds, as a blue lattice framework. It was darn strange and occurred during a period of my life when synchronicities were happening several times a day for about a year.

  4. Yes Whitley, we want you.
    Yes Whitley, we want you.

  5. Welcome home, Whitley. 😉
    Welcome home, Whitley. 😉

  6. James, after reading your
    James, after reading your post I anticipated having to slog through an inarticulate interview, but instead I found Sonia’s diction to be just fine, and I understood everything she said. Mind you, what she was discussing has been the main focus of my own search over the past few years, so that might have something to do with my own comprehension of the discussion. Otherwise, I found absolutely nothing “bad” or “vacuous” about Sonia’s presentation.
    Perhaps it might be a bit premature to shoot the messenger if one is having trouble comprehending the message?

  7. Somebody has deleted Jame’s
    Somebody has deleted Jame’s post, either James himself or somebody who works on the site. It was a bit over the top, admittedly, but he has a right to his opinion. Personally, I found Sonia an easy person to interview. Her responses are much more complex than is immediately obvious, though. If you listen, there is really a great deal being said, and said carefully.

  8. Gee, Whitley, how cool is
    Gee, Whitley, how cool is that!…to get to an insight that deep and significant. I don’t often enter into commenting on what I read or hear on the web, but I have to say that I have admired you for years for your boldness in talking about your experiences. I have listened to your show since I discovered it after my retirement on 1998. I enjoy your observations and conversations with those you interview. Thanks for being “out there.” My youngest daughter had close encounters of the 3rd kind and told me when she was young that she wasn’t from here (earth) and wanted to “go home.” That led me to investigate the UFO experience and basically confirmed what I had always believed from childhood. I can’t imagine what a vacant “spot” in my life there would be that you have filled with your books and radio/internet shows. Thank you for being there.

  9. When I saw how much official
    When I saw how much official lying is going on, supported by the media, I got very, very determined to get some truth out there. The lies are designed to make us feel small, helpless and afraid. The truth, when you hear it, leads to feelings of empowerment and fearlessness. That’s why I am out here doing this.

  10. Whitley,
    I’m a new subscriber

    I’m a new subscriber to, and I want to say that I’m really impressed with the material that I’ve found here.
    A few months ago, I picked up “Communion” at a book store to read with me on a flight beginning a vacation. I’d first encountered “Communion” in a library when I was a boy who desperately wanted to meet aliens. It was a bit over my head at the time, and after a few pages it got moved to a back burner in my mind. When I recently came across a copy, I picked it up, expecting light reading and an interesting story about aliens. To my surprise, I was deeply moved by its themes of spirituality and, almost paradoxically, humanity. I’ve since read “The Key,” which has spoken to me deeply, and, quite unexpectedly, found that it fits in quite neatly with my own understanding of the divine. I have also been working my way through the archive of “Dreamland” shows, feeling delighted and intrigued quite often as I do.
    I’m an ordained Priest in a religion that would probably be classed as Neo-Pagan, and which only has about 3,000 members worldwide. I was raised by atheists and have mostly intellectuals with advanced academic degrees in my social circles. While I can’t recall ever being openly laughed at, I’ve had the experience of losing respect from people when I’ve let them know what my beliefs and practices are. That said, I have overwhelming respect for the work you do, and for taking the incredibly difficult step of opening yourself up to public opinion to express what you clearly feel is a very important message. I consider myself honored, and feel my life enriched, for being able to begin to hear that message.
    You are making a difference in my life.
    Thank you.

  11. Wow, so much commentary this
    Wow, so much commentary this one has really struck a chord with people! Couple things…

    First, it occurrs to me now that Sonia’s message seems very similar to the Gurdjieff material, with this idea that people for the most part are basically asleep and need to break out of their patterns to wake up. Since Whitley was very involved with the Gurdjieff foundation, I’m wondering if he made that same link. And I wonder if her influences include those teachings.

    @Cosmic Librarian: Regarding your hand as a blue lattice… I once had a similar experience when I was doing a sort of meditation group exercise with an alleged Qi Gong master, where our objective was to “see” a hidden object behind a low barrier on a tabletop. I was deep in meditation and I did not see the hidden object, but during the practice I lifted my left arm (maybe to scratch an itch) with my eyes still closed and I very vividly saw my arm moving in front of me, in what looked like glowing BLUE energy. The movement was dead on accurate, very detailed and visual. And it was sort of translucent as I recall, a bit like an x-ray. It was so startling that it instantly blew me out of my meditation and I opened my eyes– maybe afraid to see beyond the illusion? Now it could be that I was seeing the body’s own internal positioning/self-awareness map, but I think it was more than that. Like if you close your eyes and move your hands in front of you as if you’re cupping a ball of energy, expanding and shrinking as you move your hands around it, you can very definitely sense the positions and “is-ness” of your arms and hands, but it’s normally a non-visual awareness. Now imagine washing that form awareness with a penetrating blue light and actually seeing it in 3D in your minds eye, and that’s about what I saw, just of the arm that moved. Looking back now, I just wish I’d kept my eyes closed and kept going with it!

  12. Whitley,
    Early on in the

    Early on in the consultation clip, while you were referring to circles, you mentioned the Ouroboros, the serpent who “..eats its own tail.” Later, while listening to the Dreamland interview, you asked Sonia “..who are we, really?” After she replied “Everything”, she paraphrased the reference of a dog chasing its own tail by saying “ a dog that eats its own tail.” This isn’t merely a “coincidence”, there is a connection. I don’t believe in coincidence: it is a Modern Myth.

  13. @BobInNJ When I had the
    @BobInNJ When I had the experience of seeing the blue grid-work in my hand, I had been deep in meditation. I do not remember to this day what made me open my eyes and look at my hand, but there it was. I did not see this in my mind’s eye, but with my eyes wide open. At that moment, my mind must have been wide-open too!

  14. Whitley, I’ve long felt you
    Whitley, I’ve long felt you are a “walk-in” who evolved elsewhere and volunteered to be born here at this time in human evolution to help us make it. That makes you a hero. It fits your conscious, traumatic birth memories–this was your first human birth! You weren’t sure you’d be welcome and interpreted those first impressions as confirming your worst fears. You were about to skip past this, but Sonia stopped you. She’s the most insightful counselor I’ve heard–she cut right to the chase. From her tone, she knew little about you, but listened intently to what you said (and how and when). I need to have a session with her and soon! Thank you for this rare and precious session.

  15. The day before I listened to
    The day before I listened to this show, I watched a video by Jay Weidner called “Artmind: The Healing Power of Sacred Art” , an interview with Alex Grey, which the discussion of seeing grids behind physical reality reminded me of. His art is quite extraordinary and indescribable, and he says he first saw it after tripping on lsd.

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