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There is a great deal more to Christianity than its modern leaders would have us believe. After a devastating personal loss, Jonathan Talat Phillips found his whole world–all of his aspirations and expectations–stripped away. In his desperation he turned to his Christian origins, and discovered a hidden and totally unexpected world of spiritual power and miraculous being.

Phillips tells us about the lost rites of the myster schools an the secret ‘electric’ meanings behind biblical symbols such as the serpent, dove and tree of life. He offers profound alchemical messages for personal transformation, and identifies where the potential lies for nothing less than an evolutionary shift for our world.

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  1. Are you folks going to post a
    Are you folks going to post a link to download this weeks Dreamland interview?

  2. yeah can’t play it..
    yeah can’t play it..

  3. Hey folks, sometime today
    Hey folks, sometime today would be great!

  4. Please post the d/l link
    Please post the d/l link while I’m still young.

  5. patience people… are you
    patience people… are you even subscribers?

    1. Yes I am. Thank your for
      Yes I am. Thank your for asking.

    2. Please see my comment on
      Please see my comment on dreamland for Friday’s show.

  6. wOw! Tempers are short these
    wOw! Tempers are short these days! Whew! LOL! There is a LOT of peripheral pressure on everyone right now to “Be the Change!!!” I guess some of us are having trouble with that. And if anyone is an example of change, it’s Whitley and Anne. I offer my apologies to the webmaster for my impatience earlier today. At the very least, it clearly shows that I’m an avid “Dreamlander”.

  7. Great quote from Whitley, “If
    Great quote from Whitley, “If you don’t know your listening to dreamland you’re too high.”

  8. Great quote from Whitley, “If
    Great quote from Whitley, “If you don’t know your listening to dreamland you’re too high.”

  9. I wasn’t looking forward to
    I wasn’t looking forward to this program based on how it was promoted but you blew me away. Great program. Thank you for the introduction to a real “Christian” that really gets what’s happening.

  10. To be fair to Mr Strieber, I
    To be fair to Mr Strieber, I feel that he was right to tame the readiness this young chap currently has to legitimise the taking of psychedelics. In my twenties I too enjoyed such ‘experiments’ but you do grow out of it in time and, without doubt, the adoption of other personal behavioural systems, meditation and unusual sleep techniques all easily brought more profound conscious experiences than ingesting D-Lysergic Acid 25, or Psilocybin ever did for me.

    Note also, that I too, took the whole ‘thing’ very very seriously at the time. How I chuckle when I look back at it now, and oh my goodness, the clothes and fashions that I used to wear too…!! Aye Caramba!!

    Younger people who are adamant that they want to legitimise psychedelic drug taking seem to almost invariably adopt increasing levels of eloquence in their attempts to promote drug taking. There is usually also a residual childish anger hovering in the background which manifests in some level of emotional outburst when challenged on such promotion. In this instance, it turned to a frustrated giggling.

    Pinchbeck is a classic demonstrator of this trait, in my honest opinion; though in his case, it does tend to express itself through outbursts of overt anger, which is, frankly, highly embarrassing to observe.

    Overall, a very interesting interview and I suspect that Jonathan will continue to explore interesting ideas via a wider range of behavioural systems as he grows and develops. Either that, or he will completely lose interest in this area and take up Bee-Keeping, Carpentry or something more relaxing, that is certainly a lot easier on mind and body.

  11. Interesting comments, Von
    Interesting comments, Von Hausenberg. In my 20s, I did ingest psychedelic substances. The one I saw the greatest amount of benefit from back then was psilosybin, I would say, I always had the greatest insights while on it, it didn’t last a really long time like LSD, wasn’t as harsh, and I felt fantastic mentally for weeks afterward. It really had a positive effect on my psyche. I tend to be wary of anyone who is too pushy about drug use, or is too against it, as well. Many people see great benefits from the careful and judicious use of psychedelics. Unfortunately, due to the drug culture spawned in the ’50s and 60’s, psychedelics fell out of legitimate research. There seems to be a return to that, however, and I find it encouraging. Psychedelics are nothing to play with, and they most certainly aren’t for everyone, but some people get immeasurable benefit from their use.

    I’d like to add that there seems to be this primarily western attitude that if you didn’t “earn” your enlightenment through many arduous years of intensive meditation and study, it is somehow suspect, ie, enlightenment through drug use. I think that psychedelics can be likened to a tool which can be used to repair or even form new connections in the brain. As I said before, it’s not for everyone, but just because it’s not doesn’t mean that no one can derive benefit from their (respectful and judicious) use.

  12. When I made my post Friday
    When I made my post Friday EVENING, I wasn’t angry, I wasn’t really even impatient. However, when we receive a notice on Wednesday about the content of Whitley’s interview for the week, those of us who ARE SUBSCRIBERS, may very well be under time constraints which limit us to very narrow windows of time where we have an opportunity to get on and download the interview so that we can listen to it when we get home, and we are really anticipating the enjoyment of listening to the interview over the weekend. If the link is not available during that limited time window, then it is usually Monday before another opportunity presents itself for us to do so and that can be very discouraging. So please excuse our apparent impatience/frustration/anger or whatever you want to classify it as and be mindful of making cutting remarks and tactlessly asking us if we “are EVEN subscribers”. I AM (have been for some time) and I DON’T appreciate the narrowmindedness of some others who think that because of our excitement or anticipation we are somehow at fault or must be put in our place.

  13. First, I’m wondering if
    First, I’m wondering if Dreamland is now only going to be only a half-hour from now on? The mp3 download of this interview was only 30:38.
    Second, I’m very disappointed in Whitley’s interview of Jonathan Talat Phillips. I doubt Whitley would quibble with Graham Hancock over the use of the term entheogens or try to insist Graham call them “drugs.” Drugs are recreational substances generally used to escape reality and/or party; entheogens are sacred substances used for an entirely different purpose – to delve deeper into the mysteries of existence. I thought Whitley truly did not attempt to allow this young man time to express his spiritual insights, instead forcing him into a discussion about reptilians and other peripheral subjects. I don’t know if it was because of the short time-limit of this show, but I felt Whitley did his best to make a caricature out of Talat.

  14. whitley I would like to tell
    whitley I would like to tell you that you and your website have changed my life for the better and I tell everyone that I can about you and your books and podcast. THANKYOU. keep up the good work .

  15. It seems to me Whitley is
    It seems to me Whitley is completely within his rights to state his view on such a controversial issue as drug (or ‘entheogen’) use on his own program. As always with his guests, he remained civil and respectful, while making sure everyone is aware of his own choice. Due to his life-long adventures with ETs and dimension shifts, Whitley has no need for consciousness enhancing drugs!

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