Just how weird is our world? Well, it’s weirder than you know, and scarier and–well, who better to bring stories like this to your ears than Whitley Strieber?

Juanita Rose Violini spent ten years assembling her Almanac of the Infamous, Incredible and Ignored–stories that are too strange, too frightening or just plain too bizarre to be accepted. And yet, every one of them is true!

Listen as Whitley interviews her about some of the strangest things you will ever hear. A shipwreck on a lonely rock. The crew and passengers rescued. Then that ship goes down. Again, everybody rescued–and then something so impossible happens, you will never forget it. And THEN it gets even stranger!
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This week exclusively for our subscribers we offer Anne Strieber’s Dreamland Stargate talk. Listen as she tells the story of the visitors in a way you have never heard it before. First, it is routine for people to see their dead friends and relatives when they see so-called aliens.

Oops–the UFO investigators don’t like hearing THAT. But it’s true, and not only that, Anne understands why.

The Dreamland Stargate weekend was a remarkable experience for all. Now, you will begin to understand why.

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This Halloween season, most of the current horror flicks are a bore. Some of them are actually (unintentionally) funny. Maybe the problem is that Americans have too many real things to be scared about.

Pop culture guru Rob Weiner says, “The recent slate of horror movies is pathetic. They aren’t scary. There’s nothing that captures the imagination. It’s like Hollywood ran out of ideas. It’s a really sorry state of affairs [and] audiences deserve better.”
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As Halloween arrives again (and it’s time to put on that scary costume), it’s creepy to think that, just as cannibals are real, there are real vampires too (in the animal kingdom, at least).

Vampire Bats are the critters that most of us think about when we think about REAL vampires. They are found only in the Americas from Mexico down through Argentina. These bats feed exclusively on the blood of other animals. The common vampire bat typically goes for mammals, including domestic cows and horses, while the other two species prefer to feed upon birds. Human attacks are rare, but they’ve been known to occur. They can’t kill you, although their wounds CAN become infected.
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