Once again there are rumors that the United States government may make some sort of admission that there is an unknown intelligent presence here. Whether these rumors mean anything or not I do not know.

I do know this, though: unless we begin to address this phenomenon intelligently and make use of the knowledge that it offers us, we are going to continue on the current death-spiral of economic and environmental decline.

The situation we find ourselves in is not our fault. Nature, or somebody, made us without sexual seasonality. Therefore, we had too many babies. Therefore, we are out of room here on earth.
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A truly fascinating journey into the relationship between the brain and paranormal experience. Dr. Turner and William Henry discuss the brain as a tool of higher consciousness, and what so-called paranormal experiences actually relate to how the brain functions.

Dr. Turner is also involved in a project that is designed to document the near-death experience and prove that there is a survival after death.

Dr. Turner’s website is JohnLTurner.com.

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In a recent news anecdote, Jimmy Carter said that opposition to president Obama is centered in deep-seated, unacknowledged racism. On TV, one can see that the protesters are different from what might be expected: It’s OLDER people who are carrying signs calling him a “Nazi.” When we think about it, most of us are used to seeing young people in this sort of protest, such as the protesters in Iran who claim the recent election was rigged. What’s going on?
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On October 8, an asteroid exploded over Indonesia with the force of a small atomic bomb. This is the same day that earthquakes struck the area. The detonation took place twelve miles up and caused no damage on the ground, but had the object struck the surface it could have easily obliterated a city. Despite the fact that it was nine feet across, the asteroid was not detected at all prior to its entry into our atmosphere. Last week, another substantial asteroid flew past us between the earth and the moon, and was not detected until hours prior to its closest approach. Since July, large impacts have been recorded on Jupiter, in one of the rings of Saturn and possibly on Venus.read more