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Baseball season is almost over, which means that football season will be here soon. NFL players have a short burst of glory which they often suffer health problems from during the rest of their lives. These are big guys, and for them it’s a job, so they often gain weight on purpose in order to mount a more intimidating defense. More than half of all professional football players are considered overweight or obese. Since weight gain often leads to heart disease, are these men headed for trouble in the future?
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It’s about time for people in the Northern climes to say goodbye to the butterflies for the winter. How do these delicate creatures manage to migrate such long distances? It turns out they have a G.P.S. in their antennae.

Every fall about 100 million Monarch butterflies migrate to the south. On BBC News, Judith Burns quote researchers as saying, “North America’s Monarch butterflies use a 24-hour ‘clock’ in their antennae to help navigate the [incredible distance] to overwinter in Mexico.” This “clock” is located in their antennae, not in their brain.

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A new, previously unseen ring has been discovered around the planet Saturn. In 1973, it was discovered that Jupiter also has a series of rings around it and the most amazing thing about this is that it was first discovered by a psychic.

On the Paranormal Review website, Roy Stemman reports that Ingo Swann, one of creators (along with physicists Hal Puthoff and Russell Targ) of Remote Viewing, viewed the rings, which were confirmed in 1979 by NASA Voyager images.
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