Did it have something to do with 2012? – Ancient Mayan palaces have been discovered with their contents mysteriously intact, suggesting that the occupants simply walked away one day, leaving their possessions behind. They knew a lot, but they didn’t know how to save themselves. Scientists now think that this ancient civilization was brought down by drought, but would this have triggered such a sudden exodus?

Archeologists who are still discovering these ancient sites find that they appear to be “frozen in time.” In USA Today, Dan Vergano quotes archeologist George Bey as saying, “When the team started exploring the hilltop palaces, [they] found tools, stone knives and axes, corn-grinder stones (metates) and pots still sitting in place. It was completely unexpected. It looks like they just turned the metates on their sides and left things waiting for them to come back.”

It’s almost as if they were all abducted or experienced a time slip. We hope to see some UFOs at our Stargate Conference in October (and maybe even meet some Grays?) Join us for an exciting 3 days filled with the kind of fascinating information you just can’t find anywhere else!

Art credit: Dreamstime.com

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