Whitley Strieber talks with Gary Schwartz about a crystal that came first into his life as a dream, then turned up in the window of a shop the next day, a crystal he has had with him ever since.

What do experiences like this mean? What is the significance of crystals? Gary Schwartz has some VERY enlightening things to say!

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Update: The conversation recorded in the YouTube video referenced in the story below is in a Brazilian Portuguese dialect, probably from the southeastern state of Minas Gerais. The taping is being done by an adult. The children shout about a UFO, and then there is a question about whether or not the object is a hot air balloon. The adult (a mother of some of the children) gets upset and loses the object. When she gets it back in frame in better focus, the arms of the object become visible and it is obviously not a hot air balloon. The woman says it looks like “a God damn huge spider.” Thanks to reader/listener Andreas Muller for this information. Keep reading for details.
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Art credit: Dana Augustine.

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