Robert Salas tells one of the most powerful and incredible UFO stories ever heard, and he can prove every word of it. Back during the cold war, you could not do anything more calculated to frighten the United States Government than destroy its ability to launch its Minuteman missiles. And yet, that’s exactly what happened at Minot Air Force Base, and not only that, IT HAPPENED TO ROBERT SALAS. He was actually on duty in a missile command center when he received frantic word from the guards topside that a large glowing object was hanging right outside the gate to the facility. And then the klaxons began going off.

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Whitley Strieber’s latest journal entry asks the question: “Will Obama Mean UFO Change?” (and what kind of changes may take place BEFORE he’s sworn in?) In his Journal, Whitley moves through a brief but fascinating history of presidential knowledge of UFOs, (including some presidents who vowed to shoot them down) then outlines what can be done now to further the process of contact. As always, the entry is provocative, exciting and totally original. Among other things, he mentions that the Reagans probably had a close encounter of the third kind before Reagan was involved in politics. He outlines a three point plan of action that could enormously advance UFO knowledge with only minimal disclosure from the government. Don’t miss this exciting new journal entry from more

Dozens of comedians from Berkeley Breathed to Chris Rock have taken a devastating blow from the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States. In anticipation of the outcome, Breathed gave up his popular Opus Sunday comic strip, running the last edition on November 2, two days before the election. In his concluding remarks on the strip, Breathed said on his website that Opus “sleeps in peace, dreaming of a world just ahead brimming with kindness and grace and ubiquitous bow ties.” Bill Maher, who has seen a good dozen attempts at Obama humor die the death on his HBO program Real Time, expressed the hope that Sarah Palin would linger on the national scene, giving him and others a desperately needed foil. George more

With Obama’s win, race is on all of our minds. It’s a fact that African-Americans have more health problems than whites. Is this due to genes, or environment pressures?or both? It could also be at least partly due to the fact that minorities get fewer diagnostic medical tests done.
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