Update: The conversation recorded in the YouTube video referenced in the story below is in a Brazilian Portuguese dialect, probably from the southeastern state of Minas Gerais. The taping is being done by an adult. The children shout about a UFO, and then there is a question about whether or not the object is a hot air balloon. The adult (a mother of some of the children) gets upset and loses the object. When she gets it back in frame in better focus, the arms of the object become visible and it is obviously not a hot air balloon. The woman says it looks like “a God damn huge spider.” Thanks to reader/listener Andreas Muller for this information. Keep reading for details.

Last July, a series of remarkable photographic imagesappeared ofunknown airborne objects that came to be nicknamed “drones”because of their complex structure and seeming lack of crewspace. The photographic images of the drones were claimed byvarious individuals, but the people claiming to have createdthem uniformly ignored the extensive eyewitness testimonyfrom named witnesses that was assembled byLinda Moulton Howe. Videos ofthe strange devices also appeared on YouTube and other video sites. Investigation or open admission by the creatorsrevealed that all were computer generated graphics. Now,however, avideo hasappeared from Brazil that may show oneof the devices in flight over the city of Sao Paolo.

Due to the low resolution of the video and the distance ofthe object from the camera, this cannot be determinedwithout doubt, but at this time our investigators believethat the video is authentic.

On January 3rd, Whitley talked about drones with Art Bell on Coast to Coast AM. You can read Whitley Strieber’sjournal entry abouthis own sighting of one of the objects. And on this week’s Dreamland, you can hear a drone report from Linda Howe.

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