What part of their BRAINS do they use? – We all want to know (especially since the O.J. trial!) how juries make decisions: with their hearts or with their heads. How to find out? Study their brains!

A neuroscientist and a law professor have teamed up to have peer inside potential jurors’ minds to watch how their brains think about crime and punishment. Professor Owen Jones and researcher Ren

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Still with us today – It’s hard to believe that pirates are back in our world. In many ways, the Somali pirates bear a striking resemblance to those of the so-called “Golden Age” of pirates in the late 17th and early 18th centuries.

Piracy expert Eric Browne says, “Piracy requires certain circumstances in order to thrive, namely friendly ports, a ready market for stolen goods and/or people willing to accept stolen currency, disgruntled men willing to risk the possible consequences, and lax enough security to operate. Somalia, just like the colonial Atlantic and Caribbean world of Blackbeard and Black Bart, is thus a ‘perfect’ setting for piracy.
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Lynn Buchanan is one of the world’s great remote viewers, and he tells our resident psychic expert Marla Frees a story of seeing a beam of light that moved through time that you will never forget, that he considers the most extraordinary experience of his life. Then they go on to talk about how remote viewing works, and how we can all be trained, as Lynn puts it, “to hold a conversation with your subconscious mind so that you can ask questions and have them answered.” Then Linda Howe has more witnesses to bizarre alien operations in Ohio.

Marla’s website is MarlaFrees.com

Lynn’s website is CRViewer.com.
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Whitley Strieber has taken a remote viewing course from Lyn Buchanan, and that forms the basis for an unusual and illuminating discussion about how and why it actually works, and why it’s different from ordinary psychic activity. Among other things, Whitley asks Lynn what his team has been finding lately when remote viewing the future, and the story of how they found a sunken city in the Atlantic Ocean last year is reprised from Dreamland, with some VERY SURPRISING results. Do not miss this part of the conversation, it is completely fascinating.

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