One of the world’s most renowned astrologers, Mahala Gayle, talks to Whitley Strieber about current planetary conditions from an astrological perspective. Her planet alert is an expert’s look at how Earth’s astrological situation affects our lives, and Mahala tells us what she anticipates for the immediate present in this insightful interview.

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We may be able to travel to that newly discovered Earth-like planet sooner than we think, since a physicist thinks he has found a way to travel close to the speed of light. reports that researcher Franklin Felber is making discoveries that will solve “the two greatest engineering challenges to near the speed of light: identifying an energy source capable of producing the acceleration; and limiting stresses on humans and equipment during rapid acceleration.”
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Not many people know that Oxford?the seat of higher learning in the UK?has a special museum dedicated to shrunken heads. These may have to be returned to South America for burial, and if this is the case, an artist has offered to have HIS OWN head shrunken and put on display after his death. In BBC News, Sean Coughlan reports that the Pitt Rivers museum has rejected Ted Dewan’s offer, despite the fact that Dewan is quoted as saying that “I shall?leave enough funding specifically to cover the costs of storage, shrinking, curating, and maintenance of the shrunken head in the Victorian display case.” To see how Dewan’s head would look if shrunken, click here.

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We know that smoking leads to cancer, but bad behavior in general?eating too much and drinking excessive amounts of alcohol?can bring on that dreaded disease as well.

In the Independent, Sadie Gray writes that obesity is getting so common in the UK that it has become a “cancer time bomb.” She writes that, ?Research has shown up to 40% of cancers, particularly hormone-sensitive types such as breast?can be prevented by adopting a healthy diet and taking regular exercise?” She quotes Dr. Greg Martin as saying, “There has been plenty of attention recently on the problems of obesity, but a lot of people still do not realize how closely obesity is linked to cancer. People getting fatter will lead to an increase in the number of cancer cases as surely as night follows day.”read more