We know that smoking leads to cancer, but bad behavior in general?eating too much and drinking excessive amounts of alcohol?can bring on that dreaded disease as well.

In the Independent, Sadie Gray writes that obesity is getting so common in the UK that it has become a “cancer time bomb.” She writes that, ?Research has shown up to 40% of cancers, particularly hormone-sensitive types such as breast?can be prevented by adopting a healthy diet and taking regular exercise?” She quotes Dr. Greg Martin as saying, “There has been plenty of attention recently on the problems of obesity, but a lot of people still do not realize how closely obesity is linked to cancer. People getting fatter will lead to an increase in the number of cancer cases as surely as night follows day.”

When it comes to the alcohol-cancer connection, Dr. Jian-Wei Gu says, “Scientists have known for a hundred years that there was a strong association between alcohol consumption and several types of cancer.” He cites a study from Paris in 1910 that showed that 80% of patients with cancer of the esophagus or gastric track were alcoholics. Alcohol consumption even seems to be a risk factor even for breast cancer.

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