Dr. J. E. Hansen, head of NASA’s Goddard Institute for SpaceScience and their lead climate scientist, is warning that sea levels could rise fifteen feet over the next hundred years. He says that the scientific community’s fear of saying this publicly is threatening our ability to act before it is too late. Sea level rise will cause a continuous catastrophe starting much sooner, as one low-lying area after another is submerged, and storm surges become steadily more dangerous.
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This is the Unknowncountry Subscriber Chat Transcript for May 19th, 2007, with Psychic Medium Marla Frees. Whitley participated in the chat as well. (Note: you can contact Marla directly by writing to whitley@strieber.com. Put the word “Marla” in the subject heading., and include your phone number and the reason why you want to consult her. We will forward these emails to Marla and she will reply to you directly.

Q: I was given Communion years ago from my husband’s co-worker who had been diagnosed with multiple personality disorder. I remember wondering which experience would be more frightening. Are “split personalities” common with people who encounter the visitors
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We lead off with Linda Howe this week. She has an interview with an eyewitness to the mysterious “drone” that has been causing so much controversy. Unless this witness is an expert actress, the drone is real.Ed Haslam was a dynamite Dreamland guest on May 7, 2005 (interview available to our paid subscribers)and now Jim Marrs interviews him about how the unsolved murder of a doctor, a secret laboratory in New Orleans and cancer-causing viruses are linked to Lee Harvey Oswald, the JFK assassination and the horrific epidemics of cancer and bizarre diseases that now haunt our world.

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