Homes, coffee shops and even entire towns are now being wired for internet access, but no one is investigating the possible health implications of this.

The massive power of the cellphone industry has prevented any serious research into their possible dangers in the US, but Britain has issued a number of warnings about them, mostly because of the work of the British Health Protection Agency headed by Sir William Stewart. This authoritative agency has issued warnings about cellphones, most notably that they can be dangerous to children and should be used by them only sparingly.
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In our most recent Insight, we share a recent communication about the future which may have come directly to one of our readers from the visitors. In her new diary, Anne writes about choices. Whitley talks in a sobering way about the future. In his new Journal, he writes, “The question of whether or not Dave Gaubatz is a rogue agent or an honest and truthful man is among the most important that can at present be asked. If he is truthful, then the fate of the world may well hang on what he has been trying to tell us since he found weapons of mass destruction in southern Iraq in 2003.” Never heard of Gaubatz? Don’t this Journal!

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